Where Loyalties Lie

Where Loyalties Lie was a mission carried out by the Tryfan-class USS Horizon, NCC-825002, between stardates 11.0601 and 11.0801.

Mission orders

To: CO, USS Horizon
From: Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet & Head of Starfleet Security
SD: 11.0601

The Horizon is to run a blockade of Starbase Omega due to the Dominion threat. This blockade is to be done covertly without the knowledge of anyone on Omega or the rest of Starfleet unless they are trying to evacuate suspected Dominion operatives.

Good luck,
Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet & Head of Starfleet Security

Senior staff

CO: Lieutenant-Commander Tergin
FO: Lieutenant Suven
OPS/2O: Lieutenant Jason Munro
CSciO: Lieutenant Theophrastus Hamelin
FCO: Lieutenant JG Jarek Malaar
CSO: Ensign Arkanis
CEO: Lieutenant JG Fred Bordak
CNS: Lieutenant Pol Canon
CMO: Lieutenant JG Zachary Comstock
Bartender: HoloCyrix (civilian)

Mission summary

compiled from situation reports by Nick del Pozo

The USS Horizon met discretely with a Melbourne class cargo carrier, in the Loloya system. The exchange of the Horizon's mission pods began.

As Lt. Hamelin began planning to create a device to find the psychic presence of Lt<jg> Malaar, the Moropa FCO becomes increasingly frustrated at his non-corporal state, trying his best to get the attention of various crew members, generally to very little result. Eventually he attracts the empathic attention of Lt. Canon, and through a joint psychic and technological effort, the free-floating ghost version of Malaar is reintegrated into his physical body.

The meeting of senior staff continues, with LtCmdr. Tergin presenting Lt. Hamelin and Lt<jg> Malaar with the Distinguished Service Medal; a small reward for saving the galaxy from ultimate destruction.

Continuing, the Horizon's current mission is outlined. Not entirely comfortable with his orders, Tergin outlines his plan for the Horizon to initiate a blockade of SB Omega. Jamming transporters and communications, and to open fire on any ship attempting to stop them. Plans for the operation, including the theft of a Sun Dancer class ship are laid out, but Lt. Suven interrupts, unhappy with the unfeasibility of the Horizon alone being able to maintain the blockade.

Lt. Suven outlines an alternate plan, more covert in nature. The Horizon crew is now involved in an elaborate process of scanning SB Omega, the surrounding ships, and communications.

Also, Hamelin and Malaar are to be dispatched in a runabout before the Horizon's arrival at Omega, for the purpose of tampering with an automated relay station. Ultimately this will channel communications to the Horizon.

Even though the staff, and in particular Lt. Hamelin feel uncomfortable, and even suspicious of the nature of the current mission, they proceed, albeit cautiously.


After the briefing, in an attempt to gain the trust of Lt. Hamelin, Lt. Suven offers to mind meld with the CSciO. Lt. Hamelin is unsure, to say the least, but agrees, if only in the name of scientific analysis. The meld is an intense experience for both participants, ending with Hamelin, if not entirely convinced of Suven's earnestness, at least willing to take a chance. Hamelin is called away, to proceed with his assigned mission before the matter can be further discussed.

Meanwhile, the powers that be, back at Omega are becoming increasingly suspicious of the Horizon, and its activities. LtCmdr. Tergin is contacted by the new Squadron Commander, Commodore Power, curious about the latest discrepancies around the Horizon.

Lt. Suven covertly assigns Lt. Hamelin a task to be carried out on top of his current mission. He is to scan for anything that may lead to a spy aboard the Horizon. Hamelin, sworn to complete silence, is not happy with the arrangement but agrees to carry it out. Shortly after, Hamelin and Lt<jg> Malaar set off for the relay station in the runabout Adventurous.

Bordak finally emerges from his cocoon after thirteen days, somewhat larger than when he went in. Suven informs him of the Horizon's mission, and though, like many of the senior staff, he has great doubts, Bordak is intent on participating.

Elsewhere, Pol Canon, expecting a visit from a Klingon officer is instead gunned down by a changeling operative. The changeling quickly assumes Pol's form, and prepares itself to masquerade as the ship's counselor.

Aboard the Adventurous, the mission proceeds as planned. Hamelin beams inside the relay station, with the intention of adjusting the course of transmissions, but finds someone is already aboard. A Vorta, not entirely pleased with the interruption.

To make matters worse, outside the relay station, Malaar is intercepted by a ship seemingly of Jem'Hadar origin. The approaching ship almost immediately begins an offensive strike against the runabout.

Back on ship, the changeling is not going entirely unnoticed. Both Bordak and HoloCyridian encounter, although they are not totally aware of it, the Horizon's intruder.

At the relay station, the Adventurous is relentlessly followed by the Dominion ship. Finally cornered, the commander of the ship reveals himself: Commander P'Ghal. In the face of unbeatable odds, Malaar sacrifices the runabout, and beams to the Dominion ship…

As the Horizon finally arrives back at SB Omega, LtCmdr. Tergin, receiving news of Hamelin and Malaar's situation, sends Lt. Suven to recover the two officers.

The changeling which had taken Pol's place is found. The perpetrator is dealt with. Around this time, LtCmdr. Tergin is contacted by the newly appointed Commodore J.M. Power, about the nature of the current division inside of SFSec, and Omega itself.

Lt. Suven takes an SFSec ship to rescue Lt. Hamelin and Lt. Malaar from their Dominion captors. Suven successfully frees both officers, though they are yet to escape the Dominion ship.

It is also now seriously apparent that the ship they are on, and by therefore by speculation other ships under Dominion control are equipped with trans-dimensional warp technology. The Dominion ship must be destroyed.

Lts. Suven, Hamelin, and Lt<jg> Malaar hide, waiting for an opportunity to strike against the Dominion Jem'Hadar soldiers, and their supply of Ketracell White. They agree on a quick and simple plan, but before they can move to action, they are discovered by a cloaked Jem'Hadar.

Back on the Horizon, counselor Pol Canon, having recently been treated after his encounter with the changeling, convinces a few fellow crew members to join him in a holo adventure. In the sprawling metropolis of Megacity, Peter Morgan (or Pol), otherwise shrouded in mystery as the Golden Condor, moves out to combat his nemesis, the Black Dynamo (being played with gusto, by Lt. Munro). And so the story begins, some participants invited, others not so much…

Meanwhile, as the Golden Condor spreads his wings to defeat Evil, the Morgan estate is visited by Cyridian Brakos, a devastatingly beautiful woman, of a HoloCyridian nature. Brakos stays long enough to taunt Morgan's fiancĂ©e, Lily Lilac (in more mundane affairs, Sonya McNair), before speeding away, to initiate a secret plan…

What is Brakos's secret? Will the Condor defeat the Dynamo? Tune in next week…

As Beaver SC Commodore Michael Power prepares for a 'tour' of the Horizon, he meets and briefs the new security officer for the ship, a huge Muahijwe going by the name of Ensign Arkanis.

A communication arrives at the Horizon, ordering any ship in the fleet that comes in contact with the USS Cochrane, currently charged with the destruction of the USS Media, to take the senior staff into custody, by force if necessary.

On the Dominion ship, Lt. Suven, Hamelin, and Lt. Malaar are held, again, at the mercy of the evil traitor, P'Ghal. Before they are led back to secure quarters, Hamelin manages to take P'Ghal's communicator by a combination of brute force and slight of hand.

The three officers quickly get out of their 'cell', and make their way to a cargo bay (or a remarkable likeness), seeking a way to transport off the ship. Making use of the Dominion's powerful cargo transporters, they flee the ship, and beam to Suven's awaiting shuttle.

Back at the Horizon, Lt<jg> Bordak uncovers Ensign Chelt's very dead body, and takes a 'changeling' who had taken his place into custody. In the brig, the prisoner reveals himself to be an Allasomorph, one of the shapeshifters in the employ of the Founders.

Commodore Power and his entourage arrives on ship, welcomed by LtCmdr. Tergin, and Lt. Munro, who in Suven's absence, masquerades as the ship's XO. Power, being marginally impressed by the additional security measures integrated aboard the Horizon, begins his tour.

Meanwhile, in Megacity… As the Golden Condor and the Black Dynamo clash into combat, there is an out of chapter appearance by the Green Dragon, throwing the whole program awry. To make matters worse, now the program won't end, let alone freeze… As the Cyridian-like villainess heads towards the Morgan Estate, to kidnap Miss Lily Lilac, the Golden Condor and the Black Dynamo form an unlikely alliance… As the heat builds on Megacity, the program is ended, and the officers go back to stations, buckling down for the Commodore's tour.

Commodore Power begins his tour of the Horizon, terrifying many of the relief workers, and psyching out the senior staff.

Ens. Arkanis, the new CSO, meets with several of his crew mates, and is filled in on the current situation of the Horizon by Cmdr. Tergin.

Meanwhile, Lts. Suven and Hamelin, and Lt<jg> Malaar head back to the Horizon.

The USS Horizon, through their intricate web of communications monitoring, learn of Admiral Bagamibatoo's death. Their mission imperative seems to become even more frenzied. The Horizon prepares for the worst.

The senior staff gathers to discuss their next move. Lt. Munro, Lt<jg> Malaar, and Ens. Arkanis are assigned the task of capturing the USS Sojourner-Truth, while the rest of the staff continues with their own operations. As a last action, as the crew is filing out, LtCmdr. Tergin assigns counselor Canon to OPS.

The team assigned to storm the Sojourner-Truth rendezvous after the meeting, and together, they hatch a plan of attack. Meanwhile, counselor Canon seeps into his new, albeit temporary, role as the ship's Operations Officer.

LtCmdr. Tergin is made aware of the presence of the USS Katana, who looms ominously in the background, and also of the newly commissioned USS Artemis, currently residing in the Gaia Fleetyards.

Lt<jg> Bordak meets, and talks with Lt. Canon, the ship's counselor. Amongst other things, Bordak reveals that he is the 'Tyx-ytan', the Chosen One.

The USS Horizon initiates contact with the USS Artemis. LtCmdr. Tergin, perhaps in an effort to draw heat from his undercover operatives, about to take on the USS Sojourner-Truth, offers help to complete the construction of the Artemis. The Artemis, however, declines, and has soon departed; out of range, and no longer a threat.

Lt. Munro, Lt<jg> Malaar, and Ens. Arkanis regroup, with the help of some of the ship's soldiers, now dressed in mustard colored uniforms. The covert team leaves the ship, and gains entry to the Sojourner-Truth. Once inside, the group splits into tactical splinters, Munro, Malaar, and Arkanis heading to the bridge.

Maintaining the facade of engine testing, the Sojourner-Truth slips out of the Gaia Fleetyards. Just as everything seems to be going according to plan, for once, the officers from the Horizon are faced with a new threat. One of the crew aboard who might of been one of the enemy, just so happened to be one of the enemy…

LtCmdr. Tergin, already well aware of the threat posed not only by the changelings, but now also by the clones, is informed of a way of taking care of the clones. It only takes a small while for two such clones to land themselves in the Horizon brig. Tergin moves in to investigate.

Aboard the USS Sojourner-Truth, Lt<jg> Malaar has a run in with the changeling, and is left almost dead by the experience. He is rescued by Ens. Arkanis, who ultimately kills the changeling with a phaser blast. Arkanis is left anguished by his use of the rifle, a great sin amongst his people.

Malaar wakes later, in a sickbay, to learn of his timely savior, and also of Arkanis's current mood, which is not so good.

Back on the Horizon, a small space craft, a freighter of indefinite origins, appears on sensors, ignoring hails. As the bridge crew ponders the intent of the freighter, another ship enters the play. This time, a Federation starship, the USS Fenian. As communications with the Fenian are established, the freighter, up until now passive, opens fire on the larger ships.

As LtCmdr. Tergin orders a tachion burst readied, sensors pick up multiple transports to the Fenian.

The USS Fenian, previously in communication with the Horizon, is boarded by Dominion agents. The raiders are taken care of, not without some casualties. The attacking freighter bears down on the USS Horizon, initiating a suicide run in the light of its situation. The collision is deterred by a combined effort, from both the Horizon's and Fenian's tractor beams.

After the delay, LtCmdr. Tergin orders the tachyon burst. A new ship is discovered, incidently housing the Horizon's long time foe, P'Ghal. The Romulan traitor destroys his own ship, but not before escaping, via a long range transport.

The Horizon loosens its guard. As the mission finally slows to a halt, life continues to move on. With a sense of pride for his crew, LtCmdr. Tergin settles down for the inevitable paperwork that accompanies such victories, no matter what form they take.


Lieutenant-Commander Tergin: promoted to Captain
Lieutenant JG Pol Canon: field-promoted to Lieutenant

Awards received

Outstanding Unit Citation

Shafer Star of Service for Counsellors: Lieutenant Pol Canon

Wingman Award: Nick del Pozo
Meritorious Service Citation: Geoffrey Winder
Fleet Commendation: Jonathan Illingworth
Terraformer Award: Jonathan McCalmont

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