When Giants Once Ruled

When Giants Once Ruled was a mission carried out by the Threin-class USS Horizon, NCC-396001, between stardates 18.0506 and 18.1104.

Mission orders

To: Captain James T. Burke, CO, USS Horizon
From: Admiral Tandro Landi, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 18.0402


Welcome back to the present. I see you are continuing the habit of your predecessors, of ending up in the most unexpected times and places. Perhaps during your next mission you will stay a bit closer to home.

In 2411, the Tryfan-class USS Horizon, NCC-825002, was sent on a mapping mission of the Tass sector. This mission was cut short when Captain Garn correctly gave priority to an incoming distress call. The Horizon was given new orders later that year, and the exploration of the Tass sector was never concluded on the scale originally intended. One reason was that initial scans showed little of interest in the sector.

It now seems the Tass sector may hold more secrets than we believed. A small team of the Woodland Foundation, led by Dr. Naestra of Caldonia, found a stasis field on a young M-class planet. This planet is the second planet in the Athel Loren system, in the sector's south-eastern quadrant. It houses a wide variety of flora and fauna, which the researchers were cataloguing. No sentient species are present.

The discovery of the stasis field was reported to the Woodland Foundation's office on SB Omega. Two days later, the office received a follow-up communication, announcing the team's intentions to enter the field and discover what lies behind it. When the team failed to send a progress report the next day, and hails from the office on Omega were not answered, Starfleet was asked to help.

Captain, I am sending the USS Horizon to Athel Loren II. Professor Arahan, who heads the Woodland Foundation in the Cocoon, will accompany you. Your orders are to locate the research team and, if necessary, rescue them. At your discretion, you may assist the Foundation in the exploration of the stasis field and anything else of interest that has been found.

Please remember that this is the Foundation's research project. Professor Arahan and Dr. Naestra are in charge of the scientific aspects of this mission.

I have attached an addendum with some more information on the Woodland Foundation.

Good luck,
Admiral Tandro Landi
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer

The Woodland Foundation is a civilian research organization, operating throughout the Federation and sometimes beyond its borders. They are independent from Starfleet, although a certain level of cooperation does exist. In particular, Starfleet provides the Foundation with easy access to most of its resources. Examples are the lease of office and laboratory space on starbases and outposts, use of advanced sensors, computers and other scientific equipment when not used by Starfleet personnel, and transport of research teams on Starfleet vessels. Starfleet has also donated a number of older science vessels to the Foundation, which will be serviced by Starfleet personnel as needed. In return, the Foundation shares all of their findings with Starfleet Science and sometimes conducts research at the specific request from Starfleet Science.

The Foundation has an office and laboratory on SB Omega and are looking into the possibility of opening a similar setup on Deep Space 101. Professor Arahan, a Caldonian, leads the Foundation's work in the Cocoon.

Senior staff

CO: Captain James Burke
FO: Lieutenant-Commander Nova'Song
CSO/2O: Lieutenant-Commander Vymora Einicrox
CSciO: Lieutenant-Commander Kallesin 'n Galeda
CEO: Lieutenant-Commander Davis Porter
CMO: Lieutenant-Commander Kelsi Biaret
CNS: Lieutenant-Commander Gendry Lockhart
OPS: Lieutenant JG William Greyhawk
FCO: Lieutenant JG Epona O'Leary
astCNS: Ensign Lucy Freeman
MCO: 1st Lieutenant Jim PetersonArkanis

Mission summary

written by Geoffrey Winder, compiled from situation reports by Ruud Visser and Nina Sch├╝tz

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Lieutenant-Commander Nova'Song: promoted to Commander

Awards received


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