Waving the Flag

Waving the Flag was the first mission carried out by the Threin-class USS Horizon, NCC-396001, between stardates 16.1206 and 17.0411.

Mission orders

To: Captain James T. Burke, CO, USS Horizon
CC: Admiral Tergin, Fleet CO, Emerald Fleet
From: Fleet Admiral Erin M. O'Connor, Fleet CO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 16.1128


The USS Horizon, NCC-396001, is hereby ordered to proceed to the Seeffoc Sector to make a series of diplomatic calls on the various non-aligned worlds of that sector. Seeffoc Sector's importance, and the importance of those worlds, should be self-evident. Lying between the Telmarc homeworld and the Portal it is of prime importance that this sector remains outside Telmarc's influence.

Attached to these orders is a summary of what is known by Starfleet of this sector's warp-capable worlds. Unfortunately, there has been no systematic exploration of the Seeffoc Sector in several years, so much of the information may be outdated.

Be advised that Task Group 9.11, headed by the USS Yorktown, has been assigned to patrol the Telmarc borders in this sector with the mission to serve as a 'trip wire' should Telmarc forces continue their advance. It is expected by Starfleet Intelligence that Telmarc will take several months to consolidate their gains at OP 721. Losses inflicted upon Telmarc's fleet during the fighting were heavy and until new construction comes on-line, Telmarc is not expected to mount any major offensive.

Good luck,
Fleet Admiral Erin M. O'Connor
Cocoon Fleet Commanding Officer

Senior staff

CO: Captain James Burke
FO: Lieutenant-Commander Abi Seldon
OPS/2O: Lieutenant Nova'Song
CMO: Lieutenant Ingel Rademach
CEO: Lieutenant JG Stan the Man
CSO: Lieutenant JG Vymora Einicrox
FCO: Ensign Epona O'Leary
SOCO: Lieutenant Arkanis
SOXO: Lieutenant JG Nathan Cady

Mission summary

Not yet written.

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