The Vurtedions are a peaceful race whose homeworld is located in the Amgine Sector.


The goverment of the Vurtedions is led by a democratically elected president and council. Their main goal is to explore, much like the Federation. They have a strong interest in science.

The justice system is similar to Earth's.


The Vurtedions are technologically inferior to the Federation military-wise, by about 70 years. Their scientific level, though, is around equal, showing that is where they concentrate their resources on. However, with the war with the Dergrad they have had to concentrate on developing their

Alien relations

The Vurtedions are quite a peaceful race but are paranoid about meeting new races. This is mainly because the first race they met were the Dergrad, who have taken it upon themselves to conquer several Vurtedion planets. They mourn the loss of resources to developing weapons when they could be enhancing their scientific technology.

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