The Veil

The walls of the Cocoon are made up of an extremely dense material similar to what would be found within a black hole, but the Cocoon is not as impenetrable as that would suggest. These walls are more commonly referred to as The Veil and there are multiple theories as to the formation of this region of space. [1]

Background Information

The shell consists of normal interstellular matter: ice crystals, dust, hydrogen atoms. This shell is very similar to both the Dentri Nebula and the Ogano Nebula. While both the Cocoon and the Dentri Nebula contain a well defined boundary wall with a protected center, one major difference is that the Dentri Nebula's wall density is only 1/10 that of the Cocoon's. [1]

The density of the matter is not consistent at all points within the Veil, causing a pattern of gravitational wavefronts. An area of extreme thinnest, allowing a ship to pass through was discovered in the Portal Sector of the Alpha Quadrant near the Bajoran homeworld. This Portal into the Cocoon is the only known entrance and is protected by the Federation Starbase Omega situated on the opposite side of the Portal in the Gaia Sector of the Cocoon.

The Viel is completely impenetrable at warp and suicidal at best without impulse drives and shields. [1] The warp fields attract every charged particle within a million kilometers. Vessels are unable to create a subspace field as all of their reactions slow tremendously as warp is approached. Navigation has to be more precise as the slowed reactions leave less time to react to objects within their path. [2]

There is a build up of polarization fields within the walls that set up massive energy storms. The ship acts as a lightning rod and attracts the discharges. There are some indications that the ionization discharges that occur during these storms are causing small subspace anomalies within the wall itself. The lightning activity seems to increase as the thickness of the wall increases. [1]

Speculation on Formation

Cooling Nebula

The first hypothesis is that the barrier was in fact a cooling nebula and holding matter from the surrounding space. The disturbance was completely localized and the barrier had no effect on the systems or planets located near it. Conditions inside the barrier were fairly consistent indicating a stable energy system. [1]

Convergence of Gravitational Forces

The second hypothesis, and most likely senerio, is that there was a convergence of gravitational forces in this area of space that contributed to the concentration of material in the wall. The collecting gravity anomalies have passed through the rotation of the galaxy, leaving the charged particles to expel during the violent energy storms. The inner systems were then formed by solar winds. [1]

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