USS Regulator

The USS REGULATOR, service number_ is a __ class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2408. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr Tomo-Kwihnai Male ?
FO Cmdr. Arnold Spelling Male ?
OPS/2O LtCmdr. Davis Dal Starian Male Damorkin
CSciO Lt<jg> Talea Takonya Female Talsuran
CMO ? Cassandra Cassidy Female ?
CSO Ensign Crosis Male Borg?
CEO ? Lexa Zar Female Trill
FCO Ensign Mirok Male Romulan/Human (Native American)

Special Notes

  • Special Shields have been installed on the USS Regulator.
  • There is a dedicated Medical Holosuite.

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0101 to SD:08.——

The USS Regulator responded to the Federation Research Outpost 2841 after it failed to check in at a scheduled time. It is near the Cocoon wall, as known as The Veil, and sometimes the energy storms interfere with communication. It is a classified Grade 1 Top Secret facility investigating methods to artificially create an opening through The Veil located in the Jawanda System of the _? Sector. No power, no life signs, and no equipment were found upon investigation, and only 18 out of 24 crew were accounted for, albeit deceased. Sentient plant life was discovered when a transmission pulse sent from the empty outpost. The USS Regulator requested that a contingent of Marines from SB Omega to be sent to the outpost as they followed the transmission to its recipient. The Hell's Angels responded as requested. [1]



Personnel Transfers

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