USS Olympus-Mons

The USS Olympus-Mons, service number NCC-825099 is a Tryfan class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2420. [1]


Current Crew Complement - 2421

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr. Darr'chuh Male Mov
FO Lt.Cmdr. Kallesin 'n Galeda Male Android
CSO Lt. Rick Rescola Male Human
CEO Lt. Reeko Blackadder Male Human
CSciO Ens. Allynda ilm Warraqen Female Akkadian
CMO Ens. Vanessa Adan Female Human
FCO Lt<jg> Daniel Trilone Male Human
CNS ? ? ? ?
OPS ? ? ? ?

Former Crew in 2421

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
FO Lt.Cmdr./Maj. Ma'kauran Female Kentren
CNS / 2O Lt. Ro Jarrod Male Bajoran

Additional Crew

Department Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Helm Pilot Ensign Jeffry Lehr Male Human
Engineering General Tech. PO Jenkins Male Human
Engineering Junior Sensor Tech. Ensign Tiffany Saunders Female Human
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?

Civilian Crew

Position Character Name Gender Species
Lounge Host/Bartender William Winder Male Human

Special Notes

Original Crew Complement - 2420.0121

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr. Darion Greymaukin Male Human/Brekkian
FO Lt.Cmdr. N'Borga Vandenbergh Male Human/Vulcan
CSciO/2O LtCmdr. Kallesin 'n Galeda Male Android
CMO LtCmdr. Reetaw'agah Female Reestee
CSO Lt. Rick Rescola Male Human
CEO Lt<jg> Reeko Blackadder Male Human
OPS ? ? ? ?
FCO ? ? ? ?
CNS ? ? ? ?
  • Note 1 [1]

Mission Summaries

SD: 20.0121 to SD:20.0901 TIME EATER MISSION


To: Commander Darion Greymaukin, CO, USS OLYMPUS-MONS
From: Admiral Michael J. Bennett, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 20.0121


The OLYMPUS will join the USS DEMORA-SULU in reaching and then
exploring the currently unnamed sector beyond the Armstrong and Degrad
sectors. While you are obligated to give any assistance you can to the
SULU as she will be attempting to establish a Federation colony, your
primary mission is to explore fully the sector. Seeking out new life
forms and making peaceful first contact with new civilizations has
always been Starfleet's goal, and you and your crew are expected to
bring the Federation directives deeper into the Cocoon than anyone has
gone before.

Good luck,
Admiral Michael J. Bennett
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer


JOINT MISSION: USS Olympus Mons and USS Horizon

FO(aCO) LtCmdr. Ma'kauran
20/OPS LtCmdr. Kallesin 'n Galeda
CMO LtCmdr. Reetaw'agah
SEC/TAC Lt. Rick Rescola
CEO Lt<jg> Reeko Blackadder
CNS Ens Ro Jarrod

CO Cmdr Nova'Song
FO LtCmdr Joshua Ryan
OPS Lt Sandra Tyme
CMO LtCmdr Kelsi Biaret

CIV Zadie Lane-Malaar
OLYMPUS-MONS CO LtCmdr Darr'chuh


Mission Summary:

The USS DEMORA-SULU left a probe behind to scan and relay the gravitational data of a planet approaching its Roche Limit. The DEMORA-SULU proceeded with its projected survey of the sector as planned. The USS OLYMPUS-MONS was en route to rendezvous with its new Commanding Officer and eventually the DEMORA-SULU when the planet reached its Roche limit and exploded ahead of projections. The gravitational effects contributed to formation of an anomaly by way of what is known as Spaghettification. A Wormhole-like anomaly drew the starship into a Negative Matter dimension. OLYMPUS-MONS' situation was complicated by the discovery that a D-warp shuttle with the new ship's counselor aboard found its way through the portal, suggesting a way out.

Arriving at the designated rendezvous point the new Commanding Officer of OLYMPUS-MONS discovered the anomaly and reported OLYMPUS-MONS as Missing and the nearest starship was routed to those coordinates to assist. OLYMPUS-MONS First Officer LtCmdr Ma'kauran held command responsibility during the crisis. Normal sensors were ineffective, yielding very little data on that region of space or a possible route back to normal space. A probe was lowered outside the shielding to attempt a scan before destruction of the probe by negative matter bombardment. Data collected gave a grim picture of the situation. Micro particles of negative matter were impacting OLYMPUS-MONS continuously and eroding the structural integrity. LtCmdr 'n Galeda estimated with a high degree of probability that the hull would rupture in seven hours at present rates of bombardment. Scans also detected signs natives to the negative matter space. The crew then suspected this might be an attack upon the vessel. Counselor Ro had experience with numerous "Wormholes" through his studies on Bajor; further data supplied by the CSciO supported to the possibility of using three D-Warp Shuttles to form an escape portal between negative space and normal space. Computer models confirmed the best configuration of the shuttles to allow passage of the Tryfan-class starship.

HORIZON arrived on the scene and scanned the Anomaly. A civilian aboard recognized it as a snare made by a race known as "Time Eaters." Their intent was to use it as a gateway from their dimension to ours. Commanding Officer Nova'Song, previously aware of these "Time Eaters" began operations to adapt HORIZON's weapons to close the anomaly and destroy any enemy using it as a launching point for invasion. The intent to convert our entire known universe and its timelines into their native negative matter universe required immediate, decisive action.

Similar 'Webs' were sighted in two additional timelines; one ten years in the future and another thirty years in the future. Cpl Allison Mason, and Pilot Jeffery Lehr were
present at the Thirty-year Web Attack while LtCmdr Ma'kauran, Chief Engineer Blackadder, Ensign Ro and Pilot Lehr were at the Ten-Year attack. Pilot Lehr was the sole crewmember to cross all three timelines. The effects of the Time Eaters defeat took a heavy toll upon Lehr who experienced greater pain at each successive, and (to the Time Eaters) simultaneous, attack across time.

The D-Warp Shuttles EXPLORER, ESPIONAGE and JUGGERNAUT were dispatched to form a "Gateway" back into normal space. LtCmdr Ma'kauran gave orders to proceed with their plan unaware that HORIZON was approaching the transdimensional conduit prepared for an attack. LtCmdr Darr'chuh joined Nova'Song in the planning and execution of the attack with the full knowledge his new command might be sacrificed. The fate of the Federation and all aligned worlds weighed on his decision to comply but as any good officer would, he gave his best to aid in the destruction of the threat. As HORIZON lined up for an attack run the D-Warp Shuttle EXPLORER was sighted returning to Normal Space. Commander Nova'Song ordered a delay of the attack while OLYMPUS-MONS emerged. All seemed in favor of Federation Forces until the enemy took hold of one D-Warp Shuttle as an anchor. Three enemy vessels which appeared to be shrouded in smoke passed through the portal held open by EXPLORER while it was in their grip. The trailing smokeship then took up the anchor position as EXPLORER sundered its connection to the other recovered Starfleet vessels. Despite the proximity of friendlies, Cmdr Nova'Song had to order destruction of the anchoring bogey. In those few seconds, the crew of EXPLORER was retrieved, one by OLYMPUS-MONS through use of Marine Extraction Gear and two by the lead enemy ship. The severed connection between shuttle warp fields led to console overload aboard ESPIONAGE in the wash of EXPLORER's destruction. JUGGERNAUT was recovered with only minor damage. Ensign Juxanna Rae, one member of the ESPIONAGE crew, was killed in action. Another, Corporal Allison Mason, suffered plasma burns to the face, arms and chest. Their third, CEO Reeko Blackadder, sustained multiple fractures, compound as well as closed. The three man crew were brought aboard OLYMPUS-MONS leaving both ships free to finally attack, as the two missing EXPLORER crew had by then been recovered. After primary weapons proved ineffective, HORIZON took out the second smokeship with a weapon variation prepared for that eventuality. When no variations had an affect on the lead vessel, Lt Sandra Tyme beamed off HORIZON into the TimeEater's ships with a nearly infinite Menger Sponge to close the web and stop all attacks across the various timelines. She had planned to activate the device at the cost of her own life, but CEO Blackadder of OLYMPUS-MONS encountered beings who called themselves the equal opposites of the Time Eaters. They gave him knowledge from the future to rig the device for remote detonation, allowing Blackadder and Tyme the needed seconds to beam out prior to detonation. Collapse of the Time Eater's Web closed anomalies across time and, it is suspected, several anomalies in the DS101 region as well.

HORIZON was instrumental in defeating the Time Eaters. It is believed the Time Eaters are vanquished at present, but the true future has yet to unfold.

Vessel Damage Report:

3 fatalities
6 seriously injured
34 with minor injuries

extensive damage of minor severity to most of the hull plating
destruction of certain delicate external instrumentation
most replicators destroyed through power reroute
strain to various systems, primarily Structural Integrity,
Inertial Dampening, and Shield Generation

OMEGA D-Warp Shuttle EXPLORER: Destroyed
OLYMPUS-MONS D-Warp Shuttle ESPIONAGE: Heavily Damaged
OLYMPUS-MONS D-Warp Shuttle JUGGERNAUT: Minor Damage

limited smokeship weapons' fire damage

END Mission 1 Brief [1]

SD: 20.0901 - Lt. Reeko Blackadder - Zefram Cochrane Medal
SD: 20.0901 - Jeffrey Lehr (npc) - Zefram Cochrane Medal
SD: 20.0901 - Allison Mason (npc) - Wounded Lion

SD: 20.0901 - Janet Gist - Starfleet Medal of Promise
SD: 20.0901 - EJ - Starfleet Medal of Promise
SD: 20.0901 - John - Wingman Award

Lt<jg> Reeko Blackadder -> Lt.
Ensign Ro Jarrod -> Lt.<jg>

Personnel Transfers
Lt.Cmdr. Reetaw'agah -> USS DEMORA SULU, CMO


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1. summary compiled by Robert and edited by the Olympus Mons crew.
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