USS Hermes

The USS HERMES, service number __ is a Mercury class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2412, and officially was given active status on SD:12.0117. It's primary role is as a Fast Response Vessel to emergency situations. It is faster than any other ship within the fleet, save for the D-Warp Shuttlecraft. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2412

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO ? Av'ern Male Caitian
FO LtCmdr. Takoth Male Vulcan/Klingon
CEO/2O ? Asil Kurii ? ?
CSciO ? Lomas Jalen Male Bajorian
CMO Dr. Malcowski Male ?
CSO ? Thomas Kelen Male Human
CNS ? ? ? ?
OPS Lt. Tuvar Male Vulcan
FCO ? Voxx Female Bolian

Special Notes


Mission Summaries

SD:12.0101 to SD:12.0117

The USS Hermes responded to a simulated emergency to test the readiness of the vessel to enter full service. The shuttle Arjuna simulated a warpcore malfunction with radiation levels at a dangerous amount with the possibility of additional complications. Sensors were down, so as to not reveal the simulation nature of this emergency, and accurate readings on the vessel were not possible. There were no causalities reported, but multiple burns, both plasma and radiant were reported. All occupants were successfully beamed off of the shuttle., and shields were raised as the shuttle was hit with the deflector to push it out of range before detonation. The simulated emergency was successfully completed and the USS Hermes was declared fit for active status on SD:12.0107. [1]


Asil Kurii -> Second Officer

Personnel Transfers

SD:12.0117 to SD:

The USS Hermes responded to the E'ertu Sector as the Federation Science Station, Asteroid B1537 was over a week late to check in. The supply ship USS Nostramus had also not reported in on time. It was enroute that Q appears to Tuvar with an offer to join the continuum to teach them logic and Colonel Vinyard was dropped off at CC5 in the Metrall Sector. [2]



Personnel Transfers

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