USS Heracles

The USS HERACLES, service number NCC-92001 is a Frigate, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2408. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr. Votrich Lenin Male Human (Russian)
FO LtCmdr Turek Male Vulcan/Betazoid
OPS/2O/FCO Lt. Robert O'Donnell Male Human (Irish)
CSciO Ensign Caine Sagis Male ?
CSO Ensign Byron A. Thomas Male ?
CEO Ensign Clifford Newall Male Invitro ?
CNS Ensign Mithrilian Kinn Female ?
CoB WO Marie Vautour Female ?

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0101 to SD:08.0410 Shadow Pirates

The USS Heracles was assigned to patrol the area of space, Outside of the Cocoon, between the planet Bajor and the Portal. It seems a Federation vessel was lost due to Pirate activity in the area. Their mission was to locate the Pirate's home base and to destroy it. Near the automated refueling station in the Karbera System of the Portal Sector, the USS Heracles engaged a group of pirates. Three of the vessels ran, but they were easily followed to the Jalaco System of the Portal Sector. There, a cloaked station was discovered in the LaGrange Point of the Binary Star. After an ensuing battle, the station was destroyed and the leader of the pirates, Marcus Lorenzo, along with 13 additional pirates, were taken into custody and transported back to SB Omega. [1]


Byron Thomas -> Lieutenant<Junior Grade>
Caine Sagis -> Lieutenant<Junior Grade>
Mithrilian Kim -> Lieutenant<Junior Grade>
Clifford Newell -> Lieutenant<Junior Grade>

Personnel Transfers

SD:08.0101 to SD:08.0410

The USS Heracles returned to duty outside of the Cocoon and flew to Bajor where they took on a delegation headed by Vedek Mandraal. The delegation was to be transported back to SB Omega while escorting three transports carrying civilian specialist and equipment for the Juun colonies. [1]

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