USS Fenris

The USS FENRIS (previously the USS NOVA), service number NCC-800 is a __ class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2408. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Former Crew of USS NOVA

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Commodore Calvan D. DiFalco Male ?
FO LtCmdr. Hadassah Female ?
OPS/2O Lt. William G. Slater Male ?
CMO Lt. Alium von Ail Male ?
CSO/MCO Lt.Maj. Gary McArthur Male Human
CNS Lt<jg> Bella Navegar Female ?
CEO Ensign Russell Enfield Male ?
CSciO Ensign Wyatt Duke Male ?
FCO Ensign Michael Wallace Male ?

Additional Crew

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Head Nurse Lt<jg> Moria Morton Female ?
Capt's Bodyguard N/A Ayisha Female ?

Special Notes

A very large and valuable deep blue flag of Tir'ellia hangs in the Senior Staff Conference Room. It was a gift from the King to the former crew of the USS NOVA. [1]

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0101 to SD:08.0415

When the USS Newton reported 17 Juun vessels lost in the Nedrex System of the Negdren Sector, the Federation responded by agreeing to establish an outpost within that sector. The USS Fenris was assigned to support the construction. During a stop at the Juun homeworld, CEO Enfield was attacked/arrested for being within a military classified laboratory, but subsequently released. He learned that the Juun were working on a new shield generator. Captian Link and McArthur were arrested by Commodore DiFalco as they had bullied their way into General Tuing's office 'questioning him like a criminal and accusing the Juun of sacrificing hundreds of civilians'. It was determined that they acted in good faith, but by illegal means. The Federation issued an Official Apology and the Juun declared both Link and McArthur 'persona non grata' for a term of five years. This was seen as a very serious diplomatic incident in violation of the Federation Membership Treaty. During this whole incident, FO Dassah meets and adopts a Juun child with a serious heart defect which the USS Fenris was able to correct.[1]

SD:08.0415 - FCO Michael Wallace - Order of the Wounded Lion


Personnel Transfers
Captain Link -> Outpost 721
Lt.Maj. McArthur -> Outpost 721
Paddy Machree -> USS Fenris (to set up shop in Ten-Forward)

SD:08.0415 to SD:___

1. USS Fenris Newsgroup '96-'98 Archive
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