USS Demora-Sulu

The USS Demora-Sulu, service number NCC-369008 is a Threin Class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2420. [1]

The USS Demora-Sulu is part of a small group of Starships and Starfleet Personnel that has been ordered deep into the Cocoon by Fleet Admiral Tergin to continue Starfleet's mandate of exploration. However, two years into the mission, and having successfully established a Colony in the Drake System and the Outpost Cocoon 2 the USS Demora-Sulu is the only Starship that remains able to continue on the exploration mission, and continues on alone.


Crew and Personnel

Current Crew Complement - 2421

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Captain DarrChuh Male Mov
FO Lt.Cmdr. Ro Jarrod Male Bajoran
CSciO/ 2O Lt.Cmdr. Kallisen n' Galeda Male Android
CMO Lt.Cmdr. Michael Carter Male Human
CEO Lt. Lucas Brooks Male Human/Acamarian
OPS Lt. Reyan Jolan Male Romulan
CNS Lt.<jg> Jack West Male Human
CSO Ens. Moe Howard Male Human
FCO ? ? ? ?

Additional Crew

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species Status
Spec. Ops CO Lt.Cmdr. Vymora Enicrox Female Andorian npc

Civilian Crew

Position Character Name Gender Species Status
Free Trader Leona Robinson Female Betazoid npc
Lounge Keeper William Winder Male Human pc

Former Command Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species Year
CO LtCmdr. Dennis Hanson Male Human 2420
CO LtCmdr. Layton Warfield Male Human 2421

Original Crew Complement - 2420

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO LtCmdr. Dennis Hanson Male Human
FO Lt. DarrChuh Male Mov
CEO/2O Lt.<jg> Narvorr M'Tress Male Caitian
CSO Lt. Lan'Tzu Male Vulcan
OPS Lt.<jg> Reyan Jolan Male Romulan
CSciO Ens. T'Lin Female Vulcan
CNS ? ? ? ?
FCO ? ? ? ?
CMO ? ? ? ?


The USS Demora-Sulu is a Threin Class heavy deep space exploration modular cruiser. Boasting a crew compliment of over 1000 and equipped with a Deep Space Exploration Mission Pod, the Sulu is well posed to spend many years exploring the depth of the Cocoon without needing to resupply.


Structural integrity field: Heavy
Weaponry: Heavy
Shields: Heavy
Sensors: Good (very good with Augur sensor array mission pod)
Speed: Very good
Maneuverability: Good
Size: Starship Cruiser-Large
Diplomatic capability: Class 5


Standard personnel: 1,350
Officers: 150 minimum
Crew: 800
Civilians: 400 passengers/scientific
Marine: 50 (military duty only, 100 maximum)
Maximum life support: 4,500
Command personnel: Captain (CO), Commander (FO), Lieutenant-Commander (2O)

Full Specs

Full Specifications for the Threin class Starship on the Ship Specifications page.

Special Notes

  • Note 1 [1]

Mission Summaries


Mission 1 Brief [1]

SD: - position character - Character Award
SD: - player - Player Award

Character -> New Rank

Personnel Transfers
Rank Character -> New Vessel or SB Omega (if left game), (use own ship name if new arrival)


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1. USS Demora-Sulu Post Archive #
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