USS Curie

The USS CURIE, service number NCC-66004 is a Feynman Class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2408. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr. Simon Dapo Male Human
FO LtCmdr. Graeme Ruane Male Human
OPS/2O/FCO Lt. Will Blazon Male ?
CEO Lt<jg> Mavok Female Vulcan/Prestorian
CMO Ensign John Roberts Male ?
CNS Ensign Brian Spanger Male Human
CSciO Ensign Alyza Female Vulcan/Bajoran

Special Notes

  • The skin of the Feynman Class is non-reflective and appears black. It is like looking at a silhouette against a black backdrop of stars. This class is almost invisible in space and its surface is resistant to scans.
  • The USS Curie contains the new Delphi Array

Deck Layout

Deck 1 - Bridge
Deck 2 - Delphi Array Controls
Deck 3 - Delphi Array
Deck 4 - Delphi Array
Deck 5 - Senior Staff Quarters
Deck 6 -
Deck 7 - Lounge (7-Forward)
Deck 8 - Science Labs, Holodeck
Deck 9 - Sickbay, Science Labs
Deck 10 - Science Labs
Deck 11 -
Deck 12 -
Deck 13 - Holodeck
Deck 14 -
Deck 15 - Delphi Array
Deck 16 -
Deck 17 - Engineering

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0401 to SD:08.——

The USS Curie was sent to survey the Negdren Sector for uninhabited planets which could be inhabited at a later date. Just outside of the Negdren System in the Negdren Sector, they encounter two unknown vessels which are destroyed by a third unknown vessel. The vessel was designed to have no symmetry and was an absolute fortress. It retreated into the Nedgren System, and the USS Curie followed. Crew members from both ships decend onto an M-Class planet, where one of the Curie's crew fires a phaser unprovoked out of fear and kills one of the alien vessel's crew. All of the USS Curie's crew is transported into a court of law where they try to show that the Ensign fired due to emotion and rash thinking. They argue that he will be punished alone accorded to the Federation's rules. Ensign Zahn arrives to find that he is the aCO with the entire Senior Staff unaccounted for. [1]



Personnel Transfers
Ensign Mavok -> SB Omega
Ensign Tobias Zahn -> USS Fenris (CSO, Trill (joined))

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