USS Athene

The USS ATHENE, service number NCC-unknown is a unknown Class vessel, which joined the Cocoon Fleet in early 2408. [1]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Cmdr. Michael Gabriel Male Vampire
FO LtCmdr. Gabriel Savage Male Vulcan
OPS/2O/FCO ? Galen Savage Male Vulcan
CSciO Lt<jg> Devlin Seto ? ?
CMO ? Rodger Fitzpatrick Male Vulcan/Human
CSO Ensign Biggs Hanson ? ?

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0211 to SD:08.0811 Alien Encounter of the Closest Kind

The USS Athene was sent to Sector AD19 to explore the area for artificial energy waves and/or transmission anomalies reminiscent of low frequency communications. The sector was reported to be devoid of life and their mission was to investigate and report back their findings. As they entered orbit around Fiorna 161, they learned that the atmosphere did not support life and the transporter would not function. An ill-timed virus puts 150 crew members into a coma. Taking shuttles to the planet's surface, the crew of the USS Athene discover it to have been previously used as a colonial penal colony. They also discover a cave containing hundreds of eggs, one of which hatches and attacks a crew member, who becomes a humanoid incubator for the hatchling. The creature is accidentally returned to the ship inside the injured/dying crew member. The creature multiplies at an alarming rate with many other crew being used as incubators. The creature's Queen is tricked into a shuttle and sent into the sun, causing all the other creatures to withdrawal. Another team is sent to the planet surface to retrieve some new dilithium crystals, as the Athene's were cracked in the battle with the creatures. Ensign Biggs Hanson is killed at some point in the battle, and Ensign Demetrius Simms arrives to take his place as Chief of Security. [1]



Personnel Transfers
Ensign Biggs Hanson -> DECEASED
Ensign Demetrius Simms -> USS Athene (CSO, Human)

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