Unveiling the Holack

Unveiling the Holack was a mission carried out by the Hood-class USS Horizon, NCC-61883, between stardates 9.1218 and 10.0313.

Mission orders

To: Commander Asa Garn, CO, USS Horizon
From: Commodore Datun Yanten, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 9.1218


The USS Horizon is ordered to continue research started by the USS Loki. The Loki has data on an extinct empire—the Holack—whose old territory is immune to sensor scans. A veil hangs over the entire Holack sector preventing subspace communications and sensor scans—warp drives are also affected—the maximum warp speed is warp 3 within the veil area.

The USS Horizon must determine the source of the veil within the sector and attempt to eliminate it. This is an important mission for the continued existance of the Cocoon Fleet. The entire sector contains exceptionally rich deposits of dilithium crystals required for continued production of Starships at the Gaia shipyards, and for trade to increase the Federation's bargaining power within the Cocoon.

At maximum warp the Holack sector is two weeks away from SB Omega.

Nothing is known about the Holack sector except that several vessels have gone missing—including a mining starship sent by Starfleet to investigate the dilithium prospects.

It is possible that there are pirates operating within the Holack system—which is the most likely possible explanation for the disappearance of ships within the sector.

The power of the veil is unknown—several probes were sent in and came back with absolutly no information—all they could establish was that the veil had a massive effect on all subspace systems. D-Warp shuttles must not be used in the Holack sector and the Horizon is to proceed deeper into the sector with care.

With that said, good luck Commander,
Commodore Yanten
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer

Senior staff

CO: Commander Asa Garn
FO: Lieutenant Tergin
OPS/2O: Lieutenant Kaitlyn Page
FCO: Lieutenant Caleb Wills
CEO: Lieutenant JG Cyrix Brakos
CSO: Ensign Ian MacKenzie, replaced by Ensign Banor T'Orell
CSciO: Ensign Thomas Finn
CMO: Lieutenant-Commander Kieran Joram, replaced by Ensign Zachary Comstock

Mission summary

After saying goodbye to many friends, and a successful last mission, the crew of the Horizon set out again, this time with a new CO and FO at the conn. Commander Asa Garn, former first officer of the USS Horizon assumed command with Lt. Tergin (former science officer) at her side as first officer.

The crew attempted to find out what little was known about the unusual energy source surrounding the Holack system. Although their information was limited, they did have the benefit that the USS Loki had been collecting information on this system prior to the Horizon's being assigned to it.

The Horizon headed towards the Cadi system, one bordering the Holack system, at maximum warp, during which time Dr. Kieran was approved for the transfer to Starbase Omega as chief medical officer for the Cocoon Fleet. The new medical officer Ens. Comstock arrived via D-Warp shuttle soon after Kieran's departure. The new doctor seemed to have a previous relationship with the Captain, Commander Garn.

The Horizon arrived in the Cadi system where there were two inhabited yet unexplored planets on which information, that may be valuable to Starfleet in taking down the veil, may be found: Geltan III in the Cadi system and Ullar Prime in the Holack system itself.

Garn, deciding to take a risk, chose to head directly for Ullar Prime. Tergin took an away team down to the planet to see what could be discovered about the veil from the inhabitants of the planet. They found much useful information on the planet, regarding the history and location of the veil generators, but they also found some unfriendly natives.

After a brief fight on the planet in the Ullar system the Horizon's away team returned to the ship. However, not without casualties, as MacKenzie had been stabbed with a rapier and it was later discovered that it was poisoned. MacKenzie was in a coma awaiting transfer to SB Omega.

In reply to MacKenzie going into a coma, Admiral Saishan was quick to assign a new CSO to the ship. Ens. T'Orell arrived shortly thereafter. The Horizon then went into the veil that they were supposed to investigate. They found that the ship was only capable of warp 3, one of the unknown properties of the veil.

While exploring, the Horizon discovered one of the Juggernaut ships that was supposed to guard the veil. This one was inactive so an away team consisting of Lt<jg> Brakos and Doc Comstock beamed over to investigate. They discovered that the crew of the ship consisted entirely of robots that resembled ancient Earth cybernetics.

Lt. Kaitlyn Page beamed over to the Juggernaut to help explore it. She found what appeared to be the bridge of the ship and a computer terminal. She discovered that she could not access it so she turned her attention to the big robot that was standing behind her. After a brief inspection she discovered a rod on its forearm that looked as if it might fit the computer terminal. She inserted it and the ship sprang to life. Page proceeded to download the computer core into her tricorder.

Brakos and Comstock were surprised by the ship when the lights came on. However, moments later they noticed power loss in their communications, lights, and environmental suits. They immediately requested a beam out.

This all happened while T'Orell was reporting to Commander Garn, and their conversation was cut short. The beam out was successful after some trying, and Brakos and Comstock were returned to safety. Lt. Tergin panicked when he realized that Lt. Page was still onboard the Juggernaut, he let his true feelings about her be known. Shortly thereafter she was aboard and he could relax.

Shortly thereafter the Juggernaut began tracking on the Horizon and initiated combat. In an attempt to escape, the energy resonance frequency of the Horizon was set to that of the Juggernaut ship. This got the ship to stop firing, but in turn it began to bring the ship into its hull for repairs.

In a desperate attempt to escape this the Horizon fired with all weapons at the source of the tractor beam and escaped. They made some distance between the two ships and were able to lick their wounds.

In the meantime an idea on how to destroy the Juggernaut ship was proposed. It involved using a probe modified to emit the resonance frequency of the Juggernaut, and a large tri-cobalt bomb.

While a map of the veil was discovered Caleb Wills had some time to himself and began his meditations. During one of his probes he discovered a sentience onboard the ship that he had previously not seen. He informed Commander Garn of this. Garn decided to return to the Juggernaut to investigate this.

Garn decided to return to the Juggernaut in case the ship did have a life form on it, and maybe help as the presence felt by Wills was intermittent.

The away team, lead by Tergin, headed towards the Juggernaut, and by recreating the frequency on which its drones operated made the ship think the shuttle was one of its drones, and take it in.

Once onboard the away team was attacked by drones which were controlled by the Juggernaut ship itself. Ens. Banor saved the first officer's life by taking a hit from one of the robots instead of the first officer.

The doctor heroically pulled the wounded security chief into the shuttle and saved his life, using some old fashioned medicine. Meanwhile Wills and Tergin were searching for the presence that Wills had felt Wills being Betazoid finally made contact with the presence. It was the conscience of a long dead Holack warrior Chaun-Chia, imprisoned in the ship and controlling it. He finally overpowered him and the Juggernaut shut down.

The Horizon then set course for the Satiee system, where they found the veil was generated. Once entering the veil, the Horizon was limited to warp factor three, and had to rely on the Augur array for visibility, as the conventional sensors didn't function.

As they approached the planet, they were attacked by Juggernaut ships guarding the home of the veil. It soon became apparent that the Horizon was no match for the superiorly classed ships. The Horizon tried to outrun the vessels yet they were still too much. Their weapons beat the Hood class ship relentlessly. Using the weapons worked on by Ensign Banor, the Horizon managed to destroy all of the ships, but not without taking damage herself. The explosion caused a shockwave that severely crippled the Horizon.

The Augut sensor which had been the ships only source of navigation was prematurely ejected by the chief engineer. Although this caused some problems in the beginning, it didn't inhibit the mission, as the engineer thought of a way to reconnect to the pod using data uplink transfer beams.

The Horizon, now in orbit of the planet, began repairs. Soon the ship was fixed up enough to continue with its mission. Commander Garn chose to lead the away team to the planet, to the surprise of her first officer and crew. After confirming that there was no life on the planet, she and the team were beamed up and their orders were carried out.

Using shuttles as drop ships, a series of shuttles was deployed above what were found to be the generators of the veil. Once synchronized the shuttles dropped torpedoes on the generators. With a tremendous explosion the generators exploded, and the veil around the rich dilithium mines went down.

The Horizon slowly limped home, to begin extensive repairs.


Commander Garn: promoted to Captain
Ensign Banor T'Orell: promoted to Lieutenant JG

Awards received

Distinguished Service Star: Lieutenant Tergin
Wounded Lion: Ensign Banor T'Orell

Fleet Commendation: Nelson Bartley

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