Ultimatum was a mission carried out by the Threin-class USS Horizon, NCC-396001, between stardates 17.0717 and 17.0925.

Mission orders

To: Captain James T. Burke, CO, USS Horizon
CC: Fleet Admiral Erin M. O'Connor, Fleet CO, Cocoon Fleet
From: Admiral Tergin, Fleet CO, Emerald Fleet
SD: 17.0710


The objective of recapturing Outpost 721 or Cocoon One has been a goal ever since it was captured in the Telmarc attacks of 2416. We now feel that with the help of the newly formed Gironan Defense Force, we are in a strategic position to take it back. The USS Horizon will lead a attack force of nearly fifteen ships, supported by the USS Renegade leading a strike force of five ships.

Detailed plans will be presented at tonight's meeting on the USS Aurora.

Good luck,
Admiral Tergin
Emerald Fleet Commanding Officer

Senior staff

CO: Captain James Burke
FO: Lieutenant-Commander Nova'Song
CSO/2O: Lieutenant Vymora Einicrox
CSciO: Lieutenant Kallesin 'n Galeda
FCO: Lieutenant JG Epona O'Leary
CEO: Lieutenant JG Samuel Dwight
OPS: Lieutenant JG Robert O'Brady
CMO: Lieutenant Ingel Rademach
SOCO: Lieutenant Arkanis
SOXO: Lieutenant JG Nathan Cady

Mission summary

Not yet written.



Awards received

Silver Nebula Award: Lieutenant Vymora Einicrox
Wounded Lion: Lieutenant JG Epona O'Leary

Blue Ribbon: Simon Jackson
Gold Ribbon: David Martens, Susanne Trentin, Susanne Dubrov

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