Thunderbolt Class


A Multi-Role Vessel, the STARCHILD Class starship was designed as a replacement for the ageing EXCELSIOR class ships. They entered service in 2400 and in the last two decades the versatile, fast and easy to construct and refit the STARCHILD become a central part of most of Starfleet's Fleets.

Basic information

Class Name: Starchild
Classification: General Duty
Type: Medium Multi Role Vessel (MMRV)
Model Number: II
Number in Service: 453
Primary Profile: Patrol, Peacekeeping
Secondary Profile: Rescue, Light Transport
USS STARCHILD (NX-200000/NCC-200000)
USS Destiny (NCC-200041)
USS Sitting Bull



Structural integrity field: Strong
Weaponry: Moderate
Shields: Medium
Sensors: Medium
Speed: Moderate
Maneuverability: Good
Size: Starship - Medium
Diplomatic capability: Class 2

Physical specifications

Length: 467 metres
Beam: 186 meters
Draft: 78 meters
Separation : not available


Total Standard: 350
Officers: 50 minimum
Crew: 300
Passengers: 80
Marines : Additional Staff 50 Tactical Operation or 50 Scientific
max life support: 2500

Command personnel: Commander (CO), Lt. Commander (FO), Lieutenant (2O)

Warp propulsion

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type: WN-400 MK XXII
Number 2

Impulse propulsion

Drive Type: IMP-390
Number: 4

Thrusters: Standard-Type MK XVII
Maneuverability rating: 7

Standard Cruise: 7.5
Maximum Cruise: 9.5
12 hours Sustained: 9.8
Emergency: 9.9
Core Breach: 9.955

Speed Rating: 8

Power systems

Main Reactor: M/AM-400
Secondary Reactor: FUS-590 Network


Phaser banks

Phaser Banks:
Phaser Type IXs (Stream)
Number : 6 Units
Range 300,000 km
Arcs: Total Coverage
Strength: 5

Photon torpedoes

Photon Torpedo, Mk V Seeking/Programmable
Number 2 tubes
Range: 3,000,000 km
Arcs : total ( 1 forward 1 aft)
Casings: 150 photon, 4 quantum
Strength rating: 7 (photon), 10 (quantum)


Multiphasic Deflector System, Type VI
Strength: 70

Structural integrity: Medium Field


Type: Standard Subspace Sensors Platform (SSSP), MK VIII
Strength rating: 80


Standard, 6-person: 4
Emergency, 16-person : 2
Cargo: 1


Shuttle Bays 1

Standard Embarked Craft

Shuttlepod :6
Personal Shuttle, Small : 2
Shuttle, D-Warp : 1
Cargo Shuttle : 2
Runabout : 0

Refit cycles

Minor: 5
Standard: 10
Major: 20


A Multi-Role Vessel, the STARCHILD Class starship was designed as a replacement for the ageing EXCELSIOR class ships. Design concepts began early 2398, following the same basic hull design concepts with upgraded systems and a different saucer section, the STARCHILD began
service in 2400. Since then the retiring of the EXCELSIOR and the integration of the STARCHILD has taken full effect.

A versatile ship, the STARCHILD can serve anything from diplomatic envoy to front line battle duty. Low construction costs, and design flexibility have made the STARCHILD Class the backbone of the
Federation's Starfleet.

The STARCHILD was designed to last, and ten years on vessels are still being made as the primary stock of Starfleet's Fleets.

The names for the Starchild Class Vessels are picked from previous Starfleet vessels. The Naval Construction Codes from the Starchild Class Vessels follow the form NCC-200xxx.

STARCHILD Class Deck plans

Deck Major Feature (Saucer)
1 Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
2 Sensor array control, Senior Officer's quarters
3 Impulse drive, transporter rooms 1 & 2
4 Impulse reactors, residential apartments
5 Science Labs, holodecks
6 Computer core, transporter room 3, gymnasium
7 Forward Lounge, residential apartments, counseling office
8 Sickbay, medical labs, junior officers quarters
9 Lifepods, maintenance
Deck Major Feature (Stardrive)
9 Nacelle pylons
10 Main engineering
11 Junior officers quarters, secondary life support systems
12 Shuttlebay (aft) deflector
13 Shuttlebay (aft), arboretum, holodecks
14 Volatile storage pods, emergency batteries
15 Life support systems, transporter room 4
16 Cargobay, cargo transporter

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