Threin class

The Threin class is a heavy deep-space modular cruiser developed and used by Starfleet for deep space exploration.

Basic information

Class name: Threin
Type: Heavy deep-space cruiser
Origin: Federation
Primary mission: Modular deep space explorer; depending on mission pod
Secondary mission: Defense, tactical operations
Number in service: 8
Designations: USS Threin NCC-396000, USS Horizon NCC-396001, USS AURORA NCC-396002, USS Demora-Sulu NCC-369008



Structural integrity field: Heavy
Weaponry: Heavy
Shields: Heavy
Sensors: Good (very good with Augur sensor array mission pod)
Speed: Very good
Maneuverability: Good
Size: Starship - large
Diplomatic capability: Class 5

Physical specifications

Length: 750 meters (2,460 feet)
Width: 350 meters (1,150 feet)
Depth: 144 meters (470 feet) + 76 meters (250 feet) for pod tower and typical mission pod
Decks: 25 in saucer hull + 6 in pod tower; number of decks in pod depends on pod type
Separation: Not available


Standard personnel: 1,350
Officers: 150 minimum
Crew: 800
Civilians: 400 passengers/scientific
Marine: 50 (military duty only, 100 maximum)
Maximum life support: 4,500
Command personnel: Captain (CO), Commander (FO), Lieutenant-Commander (2O)

Warp propulsion

Drive type: ILN-501 Mk XVII
Number: 1
Standard Cruise Speed: 7.0
Maximum Cruise Speed: 9.4
Sustainable for 18 hours: 9.85
Maximum Emergency Speed: 9.95
Core Failure Imminent: 9.999995
Speed rating: 10

Impulse propulsion

Drive type: KRLT
Number: 1
Thrusters: ?
Maneuverability rating: 7

Power systems

Main reactor: FRAM-1700
Secondary reactor: FRIF-710 network


Phaser banks

Type: Pulse phaser, type XIV (stream)
Number: 12 banks
Range: 300,000 kilometers
Cover: Full
Strength rating: 7
Two phaser banks are located in the pod tower with full dorsal and forward coverage. One phaser bank is located in the pod tower with full dorsal and aft coverage. Nine phaser banks are located on the saucer hull providing full coverage.

Photon torpedoes

Type: Mk XXIII seeking/direct
Number: 6 tubes
Range: 3,000,000 kilometers
Cover: 4 forward, 2 aft
Casings: 325 photon, 36 quantum
Strength rating: 7 (photon), 10 (quantum)

Isokinetic cannon

Type: ?
Number: 1 cannon
Range: 300,000 kilometers
Cover: Forward, 45 degrees to either side of mid-line
Location: Saucer hull, dorsal mid-line
Bursts available: 10
Strength rating: 12
The isokinetic cannon currently causes the most damage of any weapon available to Starfleet. It is designed to penetrate heavy shielding and inflict serious damage with a single shot. The weapon must charge for a full minute between blasts and only ten blasts may be fired before the weapon must be fully recharged at a space station. Currently the Gaia Fleetyards and the shipyards at station DS101 are the only locations in the Cocoon with the ability to perform a full recharge. Advances in material science since the construction of the Tecumseh class have allowed more blasts to be available before recharge.


Hull: Heavy duranium/tritanium double hull plus 10 cm ablative armour
Shielding: Multiphasic regenerative projection type III, strength rating 100
Structural integrity: Heavy level field


Type: Standard subspace sensor platform (SSSP), Mk VIII
Strength rating: 120

Mission pods

It should be noted that while the mission pods of the Threin class are essentially based upon previous Tryfan class pods, the two are not interchangeable without special adaptation equipment.

Type 1a: Augur sensor array pod

Systems: Autonomous cooling system; dedicated Mk III computer core; FRAM-302s fusion reactor
Weapons: None
Sensor strength: 150

Type 2a: General weapons pod

Phaser: Type XIV
Number: 6 banks
Range: 300,000 kilometers
Cover: Dorsal, forward, aft, port, starboard
Strength rating: 7

Photon torpedo: Mk XXIII seeking/direct
Number: 4 tubes
Range: 3,000,000 kilometers
Cover: 4 forward, 2 aft
Casings: 75 (photon/quantum?)
Strength rating: 7 (photon)

Type 3a: Photon torpedo weapons pod

Photon torpedo: Mk XXIII seeking/direct
Number: 8 tubes
Range: 3,000,000 kilometers
Cover: 6 forward, 2 aft
Casings: 150 (photon/quantum?)
Strength rating: 7 (photon)

Type 4a: Phaser cannon weapons pod

Phaser: Type ?
Number: 4 cannons, fed from 4 banks
Range: 200,000 kilometers
Cover: 2 forward, 2 aft
Strength rating: 7

Type 5a: Pulse phaser weapons pod

Phaser: Type Xa
Number: 2 turrets of 2 emitters, each fed from 4 banks
Range: 200,000 kilometers
Cover: Dorsal, aft, forward, port, starboard
Strength rating: 7

Type 6a: Verteron torpedo weapons pod

Verteron torpedo: Mk II seeking/direct
Number: 2 tubes
Range: 1,000,000 kilometers
Cover: aft
Casings: 100
Strength rating: ?
The verteron torpedo, larger than the photon or quantum torpedoes, disables the subspace systems of any vessel within a 5,000,000 kilometer spherical diameter within 20 seconds of detonation. At warp 1 this should place the source vessel outside the detonation range. The pod is designed to prevent launch of the torpedoes below warp 1 unless an override code is given.

Type 7a: Colonization pod

Power supply: FRAM-302s fusion reactor
Weapons: None
The colonization pod contains modular quarters and has life support for 800 families. There is additional cargo space with life support for live stock. It has to be disassembled into housing and supplies upon arrival.

Type 8a: Medical pod

Systems: Universal docking port; advanced medical sensors, processor and database; three decks of dedicated medical labs; level 5 bio-containment lab and treatment facilities; major disaster response facility
Weapons: None


Total: 20
Standard, 6-person: 8
Emergency, 22-person: 6
Cargo: 6


Number: 3
Locations: two in the aft saucer hull, hold level, one on top of the other; one aft near the pod tower, dedicated to servicing the specialty craft

Standard embarked craft

Fighters: 2 (pod tower bay)
SpecOps vehicle: 1 (pod tower bay)
Shuttlepod: 6
Small personnel shuttle: 5
D-warp shuttle: 3
Cargo shuttle: 3
Captain's boat: 1
Scientific survey vehicle (SSV): 1 Investigator class, USS Shackleton
Emergency medical response vehicle (EMRV): 1 Hermes class, USS Leonard McCoy
Multi-terrain/multi-role (MTMR) vehicle: 1
Budapest runabout: 4

Diplomatic facilities

20 ambassadorial quarters at 100 square meters each
400 staff quarters at 15-25 square meters each
1 conference hall complex at 1,000 square meters for 450 guests
20 briefing rooms at 90 square meters each containing 25 seats each
20 independent communications facilities
15% of all facilities, including interconnecting corridors, capable of supporting H, K, or L class environments
Facilities for up to 50 members of the press

Refit cycles

Minor: 3 years
Standard: 6 years
Major: 15 years


The Threin class starship is a heavy deep space exploration cruiser that is capable of extended deep space missions. It was designed out of the success of the Tryfan class and the need for a new deep space cruiser capable of long extended range missions lasting up to several years.
Threin Class Heavy Deep Space Cruiser

Called Project Aurora, design began on the Threin class in early 2413, by a team of fleet veterans of the modular design. Two veterans of the Cocoon fleet, Admiral Threin of Starfleet Academy and Admiral Tergin of Emerald Fleet, both formerly of the USS Horizon, chaired the project.

The ship class was named for Admiral Cassandra Threin, formerly the CO of the USS Horizon NCC-61883, a Hood II class modular cruiser in the Cocoon Fleet. Construction on project Aurora was underway by late 2414, and the USS Threin NX-396000 was launched on stardate 16.0924.

Designed as a truly multi-purpose vessel, the Threin class commanded the awe of the Galaxy class upon her debut into the fleet. Featuring a huge hull, and using Meparchkan warp technologies to utilize a pylon free warp chassis, attached directly to the primary hull, the ship possesses an excellent speed and surprisingly high maneuverability for a ship of her size.

Outfitted with the latest science equipment, and fitted with a sensor pod, the vessel is an ideal deep space explorer, or with a colony pod, capable of taking colonies deep into the reaches.

Unlike her predecessors in the modular family, the Threin class is incapable of saucer separation. However, she boasts a broad array of defensive and offensive weapons, including a PGL type isokinetic cannon. Bolstered with any number of modular pods, the Threin can also become a formidable warship. She also carries a broad compliment of support vessels.

Project Aurora is a return to the Starfleet tradition of a formidable ship with an extensive crew. Versatility ever on the mind of Project Aurora's directors, the Threin class was designed for easy refit. Her extensive hangar bays can be refitted and stocked for fighter launching and maintenance, and easily she can become a fighter carrier and/or fleet command vessel.

THREIN class deck plan

Total Decks 31 (25 + 6 T level decks)
Classified as 5 distinct sections.


Tower Level (T Level)

Deck Level Major Feature
1 T1 Pod Control
2 T2 mission pod crew quarters
3 T3 mission pod crew quarters
4 T4 tower & pod shield generators
5 T5 shuttle bay 1, shuttle bay support, cargo bay 1
6 T6 shuttle bay 1, shuttle craft maintenance, cargo bay 2, pod weapons control, cargo transporter 1


Command Level (C Level)

Deck Level Major Feature
7 C1 bridge, captain's ready room, observation lounge
8 C2 officers quarters, officers garden, transporter 1, FO's Office, life pods, weapons locker 1


Primary Level (P Level)

Deck Level Major Feature
7 P1 transporter rooms 2 & 3, junior officer quarters, Isokenetic Canon, I-Canon Control, power distribution
8 P2 crew quarters, phaser control (upper) holodeck (1 and 2), life pods
9 P3 crew quarters, stellar cartography (labs 1, 2, 3, 4) shield generators (forward and aft)

Diplomatic Level (D Level)

Deck Level Major Feature
10 D1 States Room (large lecture or ball room), vip quarters, diplomatic suites, conference rooms (1-4), life pods
11 D2 diplomatic suites, conference rooms (5-8) CNS Office, life pods, transporter room 4, holodeck 1

Primary Level

Deck Level Major Feature
12 P4 main sickbay, medical labs (1 –8), CMO Office, transporter room 5
13 P5 science labs (1 thru 12), CSciO's Office, transporter room 6, isolation labs (1, 2, 3, and 4)[1], independent life support, life pods
14 P6 crew quarters, arboretum (upper), botany labs (1, 2, 3, 4), holodeck 2, hydroponics bays
15 P7 crew quarters, arboretum (lower)[2], botany labs (5, 6, 7, 8), Botany Office, hydroponics bays
16 P8 crew quarters, forward lounge, recreation facilities (gym, etc), holodeck (3 and 4), transporter 7
17 P9 security central, brig, main weapons locker, CSO's office, transporter 8, maintenance lockers
18 P10 crew quarters, long range sensor control, short range sensor control
19 P11 crew quarters, aft torpedo bay, life pods
20 P12 crew quarters, auxiliary life support, life pods
21 P13 computer core, impulse drives, power distribution
22 P14 main engineering (upper), warp core, crew quarters
23 P15 main engineering (lower), warp core reaction chamber, CEO's Office, transporter 9, crew quarters
24 P16 special ops core (upper), engineering storage, phaser control (lower), crew quarters
25 P17 special ops core, (lower), antimatter injection reactors, volatile storage pods
26 P18 antimatter storage, antimatter generator, deflector control, forward torpedo bays
27 P19 crew quarters, holodeck (5 and 6)
28 P20 waste management, matter storage facilities, mass/large replicators

Hold Level (H Level)

Note: H level decks are twice the height of normal decks.

Deck Level Major Feature
29 H1 shuttle bay 2, maintenance, cargo bay (2-6) cargo transporter 2
30 H2 primary hangar bay (upper), shuttle support, cargo bay (6-14), cargo transporter (3 – 5)
31 H3 primary hangar bay (lower), shield generator (port and starboard), cargo bay (15-20), cargo transporter 6
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