The Vurtedion

The Vurtedion was a mission carried out by the USS Heracles, NCC-92001, between stardates 9.0820 and 9.0925.

Mission orders

To: Davies, Elizabeth, Commander, CO USS HERACLES
From: Scott-DiFalco, Catherine, Admiral


You are ordered to report with your ship to Captain Ruane on Deep Space 101 where you will receive a diplomatic mission, namely bringing the Vurtedion ambassador from the Vurtedion Empire to DS 101.

Captain Ruane will brief you on protocol questions and offer his advice with regard to the delicate political situation in the area.

— Scott-DiFalco, Admiral

G1 Report Cmdr. Tulok:
The Vurtedion and Dergrad have only recently ceased fire in a long raging war. Refer to the files available on DS 101 for details. The life of the ambassador might be endangered.

Senior staff

Captain Elisabeth Davies
Commander Mogh Ryan
Lieutenant Commander Arkanis
Lieutenant Commander Rick Falcon, MD
Lieutenant Stark Springs
Lieutenant Ryan Berdel
Lieutenant <jg> Marina Evans
Lieutenant <jg> Jay Jastar
Ensign Trina Torai

Mission summary

The Heracles left Deep Space 101, with mission orders to proceed to Vurtedion Prime, and pick up the Vurtedion Ambassador to the Federation, Talianara Nebrin.

The mission began smoothly, with very little unusual activity, other than the promotion of Lieutenant Stark Springs to Lieutenant Commander. And the departure of Dr. Falcon (CMO) and Ensign Torai (ACSO) caused little upset as Captain Davies had procured the services of Dr. Emianor Binires, a Vurtedion national, to act as CMO (no StarFleet MD was available), and a new ACSO, Ensign Kuvak, was already en route from Omega.

Once in Vurtedion space, the Heracles made contact with the Vurtedion Foreign Ministry's Security Director, General Enix Boram. He cleared the Heracles for proceeding to the Vurtedion Homeworld, and assured them that Ambassador Nebrin was prepared. Pick-up was clean, with the Ambassador and her staff of General Boram, three aides and four armed securtiy personnel, beamed safely aboard.

The crew hosted a reception in the 7-Forward Lounge in order to welcome the Vurtedion Ambassador and her party. Things quicky went awry, however.

Power was briefly cut and phaser fire noticed. When power was restored, it was apparent that an attempt had been made on the Ambassador's life. It had failed though, when one of her own aides took the fatal shot.

Arkanis, having previously smelled fear and nervousness in the Vurtedion guards, and also being aware that they were the only ones armed, began to attack them. He quickly disabled two of them, with Cmdr Ryan and LtCmdr Springs catching on and taking out the other two. However, General Boram, not believing that his men were guilty, attacked Arkanis. As Ark was pulling his knife to gut the General, Captain Davies threw herself between them, stopping the fight, but receiving a serious cut in her arm from throwing herself around Ark's knife arm. The skirmish ended, with the Captain taken to Sickbay, the Vurtedion guards placed under arrest and the Ambassador's aide pronounced dead.

After quick investigation, it was discovered that the Vurtedion guards had not acted alone, and that it was indeed Lt. Evans who had cut power and even arranged the incentive for the guards to commit their crime. She was apprehended, and it was discovered that she was not Lt. Evans at all, but a Dergrad operative. The real Evans had apparently been replaced while on DS101.

Soon afterward, Ensign Kuvak arrived and was named acting CSO.

Security was tightened and the remainder of the trip passed without incident. The Vurtedion traitors were sent back to Vurtedion Prime to stand trial and the doppelganger of Lt. Evans was transferred to holding facilities at DS101. The Ambassador and her remaining party were transported safely aboard DS101.

Auxiliary note: The Vurtedion low-warp fighter that was being tested as an escort to the Heracles was successful. It returned unescorted to Vurtedion space, presumably for further refinement and mass-prduction.

Roster changes

LtCmdr Rick Falcon - Transferred
Lt Marina Evans - Missing In Action
Ens Trina Torai - Transferred
Ens Kuvak - Assigned Assistant CSO, acting CSO


Lt Stark Springs to Lieutenant Commander

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