The Screaming Planet

The Screaming Planet was a mission carried out by the Threin-class USS Horizon, NCC-396001, between stardates 17.0411 and 17.0626.

Mission orders

To: Captain James T. Burke, CO, USS Horizon
From: Admiral Tandro Landi, acting Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 17.0409


The USS Horizon is currently engaged in diplomatic visits to a number of non-aligned worlds in the Seeffoc Sector. Recently, a situation has arisen on one of these worlds that requires the order of your visits to be rescheduled. I would ask you to bring your current visit to an end as soon as circumstances allow, and proceed directly to the Girona system. Arrangements are already being made with the worlds you were scheduled to visit first, so you and your diplomatic staff need not be concerned about that.

The inhabitants of Girona II are experiencing what they call "sounds in the sky". These sounds have been present for several weeks now and are gradually gaining in intensity. The Gironans have invited both the Federation and the Telmarc Trade Combine to join them on a scientific mission to explore the nature of these sounds; we were first to accept, and the invitation to the Telmarc has been revoked for the time being.

Captain, I must stress the importance of success in this matter. The Gironans are quickly developing into a race of some power and it would severely harm the Federation's position in the Cocoon if they were to align themselves with the Telmarc. Our standing with the Gironans would improve dramatically if you would not only discover the nature of these sounds, but if you would also find a way to either eliminate them or to protect the Gironans from them.

I trust your diplomatic staff will fill you in with more information about the Gironans and their society.

Good luck,
Admiral Tandro Landi
Cocoon Fleet Acting Executive Officer

Senior staff

CO: Captain James Burke
FO: Lieutenant Nova'Song
CSO: Lieutenant JG Vymora Einicrox
CSciO: Lieutenant JG Kallesin 'n Galeda
FCO: Ensign Epona O'Leary
CEO: Ensign Samuel Dwight
CMO: Lieutenant Ingel Rademach
SOCO: Lieutenant Arkanis
SOXO: Lieutenant JG Nathan Cady

Mission summary

Not yet written.


Lieutenant Nova'Song: promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and first officer
Lieutenant JG Vymora Einicrox: promoted to Lieutenant and second officer
Lieutenant JG Kallesin 'n Galeda: promoted to Lieutenant
Ensign Robert O'Brady: promoted to Lieutenant JG
Ensign Samuel Dwight: promoted to Lieutenant JG
Ensign Epona O'Leary: promoted to Lieutenant JG

Awards received

Outstanding Unit Citation

Zefram Cochrane Medal: Lieutenant JG Samuel Dwight

Blue Ribbons: Simon Jackson, Mark Slater, Susanne Trentin, David Martens, Susanne Dubrov, Geoffrey Winder

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