The Romulans, The Shadows, The Maquis and Us

The Romulans, The Shadows, The Maquis and Us was a mission carried out by the USS Heracles, NCC-92001, between stardates 8.0210 and 9.0608.

Mission orders

To: Davies, Elizabeth, Commander, CO USS HERACLES
From: DiFalco, Calvin Alexander, Commodore, FXO


The pirate group known as "The Shadows" attacked and captured the SS GEMNEK, a deuterium tanker, on the way from Bajor to the automated refueling station in the Karbera system.

You are to leave the Cocoon with the USS HERACLES, retrieve ship and crew and put an end to the attacks.

— DiFalco, Commodore, FXO

G1 Report Cmdr. Tulok:
The destruction of the secret base and apprehension of the suspected head of the pirates during the first mission of the USS HERACLES did not show the anticipated success.

It seems that they are concentrating their efforts on the Kerbara refueling station, which is half way between the Cocoon and Bajor.

Senior staff

Commander Elisabeth Davies
Lieutenant Commander Mogh Ryan
Lieutenant Arkanis
Lieutenant Rick Falcon
Lieutenant Junior Grade Stark Springs
Lieutenant Junior Grade Robert Berdel
Lieutenant Junior Grade Marina Evans
Ensign Jay Jastar

Mission summary

The USS Heracles was restaffed upon the completion of its previous mission, by a new FO/XO Mogh Ryan, CSO Marina Evans, and CMO/CNS: Rick Falcon. Remaining Senior staff were CO Elisabeth Davies, 2O/OPS Arkanis, CSciO Stark Springs, CEO Robert Berdel and FCO Jay Jastar. This was the USS Heracles' third mission and their second meeting with the pirate group The Shadows, but CSciO Springs was the only crew member involved with the first mission.

The Heracles proceeded smoothly out of the Cocoon, where they picked up a warp trail. The Heracles followed the warp signature, until they found a Sydney class freighter, being used by the pirates. Lieutenant Junior Grade Evans shot to disable with the phasers, but the freighter was destroyed. A crew member commented that it was destroyed much too easily. The ship was apparently using a cloaking device, which made confirmation of the ship's destruction difficult. Lieutenant Junior Grade Springs pointed out that the debris looked like it was replicated. Later, he confirmed it was holodeck replicated.

The Heracles received an encoded transmission from a Maquis Raptor-class fighter, alerting the Heracles to it's presence.

Commander Davies received a coded transmission from Admiral Di-Falco, and subsequently took control of the bridge, ordering Evans to drop the shields at a certain moment (1820), let a person be beamed aboard, then raise the shields again.

Sensors picked up what might have been a cloaked ship.

At 1820, the shields dropped, a Romulan warbird de-cloaked, beamed someone aboard, then cloaked again as Evans raised the shields. The person beamed over was a Commander T'Prin, of the Romulan Empire.

Later, the Raptor class ship arrived, and one Nicole Boyd, and another Maquis were allowed aboard at the request of Lieutenant Junior Grade Berdel. The Maquis brought with them a micro-computer core that contained scanning frequencies used by the Shadows. It turned out that Berdel had asked the Maquis for help since he knew Miss Boyd. In fact, she was pregnant with his baby.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Springs hooked up the core. It was tested, and seemed to work. A Shadow ship de-cloaked and fired at the Heracles. The Shadow vessel subsequently blew up, without the Heracles firing a single shot. The warp trail of a possibly malfunctioning warp drive was detected.

The Heracles followed, and set off a cloaked mine. While trying to clear an apparent minefield, another Shadow ship was detected. It de-cloaked directly in front of the Heracles. It's engines were disabled, and it was tractored. The ship's crew was beamed aboard the Heracles, and all self-destruct devices were neutralized. Commander Davies okayed a small away mission to the ship, to find any information that could be used against the Shadows. The team was made up of Ryan, Arkanis and Springs.

After beaming aboard, Lieutenant Commander Ryan realized it was of Klingon design, although not actually made by Klingons. The away team moved to the bridge and secured it. Springs' tricorder kept picking up, then losing, lifesigns. The remaining people were thought to be behind force fields in the brig and in Engineering. A Major Corad, the FO of the USS Gemnek, was found in the brig. He was subsequently beamed to the Heracles.

The Captain and a few other crew members beamed over, with Commander T'Prin, to the Romulan vessel to observe a Maquis/Pirate exchange. Doctor Falcon was put in command.

The Away Team moved onto Engineering, and was attacked by four men with Klingon disruptor rifles. The team was stunned and taken hostage.

The pirates managed to escape from the brig, and a few security officers were killed. They shut down the warp core on the Heracles, and all power was lost.

Dr. Falcon went to sickbay, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Berdel was left in command. The pirates gained control of engineering, then the main computer core.

The Maquis got to the main computer core, and the Andorian member threatened and beat Ms. Boyd forcing her to try to break into the computer. Berdel came to the rescue, and killed the Andorian. He then sealed off engineering, the nonessential parts of the ship, and moved all ship's control to the bridge.

Miss Boyd was beamed to sickbay, just as the pirates gained control of the bridge, by transporting in. Berdel knocked out the transporters, and CWO-4 Hi'Wee used the transporters to help him sabotage the pirate's operations.

The Romulan ship followed the Maquis ship, and put both observed ships in custody, however The Shadows destroyed the Maquis vessel to eliminate evidence. Commander T'prin subsequently destroyed the Shadow vessel.

Berdel regained control of Engineering and took the warp and impulse drives off-line. He then freed the Heracles' crew from imprisonment, and security forces helped secure the ship. Dr. Falcon and Ms. Boyd regained control of sickbay. Berdel then rescued the away team. The Captain and Lieutenants Evans were picked up from the Romulan ship.

The Shadows' forces were apparently all destroyed, with three pirates taken into custody and delivered to StarFleet Security. Major Corad was returned to Deep Space 12, and Ms. Boyd was pardoned for her activities with Maquis.


Commander Elisabeth Davies to Captain
Lieutenant Commander Mogh Ryan to Commander
Lieutenant Arkanis to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Rick Falcon to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade Stark Springs to Lieutenant
Lieutenant Junior Grade Robert Berdel to Lieutenant
Lieutenant Junior Grade Marina Evans to Lieutenant
Ensign Jay Jastar to Lieutenant Junior Grade

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