The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 17.0413 and 17.1224.

Senior staff

CO: Captain Alyza
2O/aFO: Lieutenant T'al
CEO: Lieutenant JG Lucas Brooks
CSO: Lieutenant JG Qoensal
OPS: Lieutenant JG Tim Burton
CSciO: Lieutenant JG N'Borga
astCSO: Lieutenant JG Teel'a
FCO: Lieutenant JG Tekan Rotilar

Mission summary

written by Doug Saffel

At the request of the Vurtedion embassy, and in light of the recent Telmarc incursion, Captain Alyza called for the USS CURIE, under the temporary command of Commander Galia Bitzalel. The CURIE and its crew was asked to explore the edge of the former Vurtedion security zone and place sensor buoys to act as an early warning system in case of future Telmarc attacks.

Captain Alyza took command, with Cmdr. Bitzalel as First Officer and Lt. T'al as Second Officer, but in charge of away missions. DS101's crew combined with the skeleton crew of the CURIE's compliment and set out for the misnomered Vertudion sector on stardate 17.0420. Soon after departure, Lt(jg) Qoensal, DS101's CSO, came down with a mysterious illness that left him in sickbay, placing Lt(jg) Teel'a at tactical. Other DS101 crewmembers, Lt(jg) Lucas Brooks, Lt(jg) Tim Burton, and new science officer Lt(jg) N'Borga with counselor Stan the Man made up the senior staff.

Soon after releasing the first round of sensor buoys in Vertudion sector space, the CURIE stumbled upon a tachyon disturbance, which seemed to be the work of a cloaked ship, but turned out to be the opening of a temporal gate. The gate was operated by two future Kwani Coppell and Bajj. This gate, created by a race known as the Kwani, went back in time to destroy their future enemies, the Mayarians. The Kwani and Mayarians shared the Vishner solar system, and for many years, worked together. But in the future, they become enemies, resulting in the near genocide of the Kwani. The remaining Kwani seek revenge by using their time travel technology to destroy the barely space born ancestors of the future Mayarians.

While the CURIE's crew attempted to ascertain the intentions of the future Kwani ship, they saved a Kwani pilot named Gudi. CSciO N'Borga and Counselor Stan learned more about the Kwani by establishing communications and gaining the trust of the female Kwani astronaut.

The CURIE and crew interfere with the upsetting of the timeline, and the future Kwani ship, the Armada Cruiser, attacked the Starfleet modified Magellan class starship. In an effort to save the CURIE, CEO Brooks and OPS Burton devise a plan to send ionized particles into the enormous Kwani attack vessel's shields and weaken them, allowing a runabout to penetrate the shield and launch a torpedo. This torpedo, aimed at the warp core, would begin a chain reaction that would destroy the future Kwani ship before it could finish its mission. However, the Budapest runabout Kiev, piloted by Lt. T'al and Lt(jg) Teel'a, was obliterated upon entering the hole in the shields created by the CURIE's ionized particle emissions. T'al and Teel'a beamed to the alien ship, where they successfully destroyed the Armada Cruiser from within, barely escaping by way of a stolen Kwani space fighter.

For nearly a week and a half, the crew of the USS CURIE worked diligently to repair the ship well enough to continue the mission, however, both T'al and Teel'a suffered major injuries that kept T'al sidelined for a week, and Teel'a in a coma for much of the journey, until she recovered enough to make a return trip to SBOMEGA. T'al improved and returned to semi-active duty as the CURIE remained in the Kwani/Mayar system finishing repairs.

Soon, a delegation from both Kwani and Mayar joined Yiostra Goedoe of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corpse, along with Stan the Man who agreed to stay behind. They would work out an agreement in a neutral location so that the CURIE could be on its way. The goals of the meetings would be to prevent the future war as well as rebuild trust between the Mayarians and Kwani of this time after the future Kwani attack.

They left a few days later and continued to place sensor buoys at key positions and chart new space along the way. During this time, the CURIE intercepted a standard Bolian freighter distress call, and despite the CURIE's mission orders of communication silence, opted to answer the call.

When the CURIE reaches the Bolian freighter, Burton finds the ship powered down, life-support, and gravity off, and no sure signs of life. N'Borga discovers the ship to be the BMS NEMAX, a cargo ship lost three years ago in the Gaia sector near SBOMEGA.

Despite apprehension, Captain Alyza approves an away mission led by Lt. T'al and consisting of N'Borga, Brooks, and Burton. They transport to the dark ship and soon discover that the Bolian crew was trapped in a trans-dimensional time warp. The energy creating the shifting emanated from a mysterious artifact in the freighter captain's quarters. Tensions mounted as the away team discovers that they too, are trapped in the trans-dimensional time shifting and they and the desperate crew of the CURIE work diligently to bring the away team back and possibly save the Bolians.

The away team soon lost contact with the CURIE as the Bolian freighter disappeared into a black fog of a tear in time-space. Lt. T'al struggled to remain conscious when his EVA suit lost oxygen and had to depend on his fellow officers for a supply. Lt(jg) Burton discovered a source of information as to the NEMAX's fate as he played back a log recording of the events that led to the disaster. The team continued to work on the problems as they divided to tackle multiple issues, like regaining primary power and collected the mysterious green dust that came from the artifact. When Burton returned the green dust to its container, the ship and away team began merging back with real time and space, but the Bolians remained out of sync.

Finally, CEO Lucas Brooks and team found a way to channel more tachyon particles at the artifact, aiding the ancient device into repairing the rip in the fabric of time and dimension. Seconds later, the Bolian ship and crew disappeared, presumably back to three years in the past when they were first lost, and the CURIE crew found themselves floating in space. Luckily, they were still wearing their EVA suits, and the CURIE picked them up momentarily. With the CURIE continuing their mission to explore the Vurtedion sector and set out sensor buoys along the way, the Starfleet vessel discovered a new cloud of dust and gas aptly nicknamed the "N'Borga Nebula."

While the CURIE mapped the area and the stellar scientists studied the nebula, Burton, Brooks, N'Borga, T'al decided to take a few hours off in the holodeck. The recreational activity turned scary when an unknown electrical interference from the nebula interfered with the holodeck simulation. Trapped in the holodeck without a way to communicate with the outside world, the program would turn the crew's imagination into reality. They finally found a way to terminate the program by transporting back to the Constitution class CURIE and resuming course, just as Burton designed it to work.

Lt(jg) Tekan Rotilar arrived from SBOMEGA to help fill spots left on the senior staff. He was assigned to flight control at the morning meeting after T'al, Brooks, Burton, and N'Borga escaped from the holodeck program. Also at the meeting, the crew learned that Lt(jg) Qoensal was going on special security assignment, and that for the time being, T'al would take care of the security/tactical duties. Using the CURIE's Delphi array, the team learns of a planet in their path that they will visit following their study of the N'Borga Nebula. Additional results from the array show other planets nearby for future missions.

Before the CURIE could complete its scans of the nebula and move on to the planet for an archaeological away mission, a shockwave rocks the ship. Reports said it came from an explosion from within the N'Borga Nebula. Unknown to the CURIE crew, the turbulence came from a Telmarc troop transport that exploded due to a warp core breech caused by the nebula's strange properties. A plasma storm, an after affect of the core breach and a mix of the nebula's special composition, hit the CURIE next and contributed to further damage.

While the CURIE's crew worked to repair the damage, the ASSP picks up information about a natural disaster that hit hard the northern continent of a sub-space travel people of the planet Chemalyev. Captain Alyza is forced to make a decision to aid these people and risk violating the prime directive in the process. However, Cmdr. Bitzalel encourages helping the Chemalyev victims because of her foreknowledge of Telmarc intervention in the sector, and a team of six, after some physical alterations, take the shuttles USS Le Grange and USS Copenhagen with supplies to the planet.

On the planet surface, the group finds a local fisherman named Georgi. Thinking the Starfleet officers are from a mountain province across the sea, he guides them to a fishing village where the team makes their first rescues and gives relief. The team splits up and begins rescue operations, since saving lives was the most critical first step in what would prove to be a long, hard away mission. Unfortunately, the horrible storms continued, reeking havoc to the people and land its path. The team was powerless to save anymore than a handful of people, and the Chemalyev civilization found itself set back in progress due to the not-so natural disaster.

Before the CURIE could reach the away team, the T'al worried that the Chemalyevians would not get aid in time, and N'Borga and his group found themselves trapped in a cave in. Eventually, all the away team were found and brought back to the CURIE after rendering what aid they could.

Meanwhile, Commander Bitzalel, CEO Lucas Brooks, and his reluctant assistant, Lt. S'Pol work to get the CURIE back together after its ordeal at the edge of the Nebula. But S'Pol, a Vulcan, has an emotional breakdown on a trip to the holodeck. Brooks finds him, and after a scuffle, they resolve their differences, but are trapped on the holodeck. Soon after, Lt(jg) Tim Burton, long-time OPS officer, was suddenly recalled to SBOMEGA.

After the last sensor buoys were placed, the USS CURIE began the return trip to DS101. First, however, they made a stop at a planet nicknamed Archane III where the now primitive planet appeared through long range ASSP scans to have a one-time advanced civilization.

Although the mission began normally enough, things went from strange to unbelievable as the long deceased remains of T'al and N'Borga were discovered along with a wrecked Danube class runabout. They appeared to have killed one another.

After some investigation, T'al and his assistant Chief Betty Washington find that most of the planet's population was wiped out due to G547-T, a viscous lab engineered viral agent that was created for the sole purpose of introducing to a planet, wiping out its humanoid inhabitants in a matter of days, then self-destructing, leaving the planet and all its material free for the conquering. While the "why" remained a mystery, the remains of this agent was accidentally uncovered by Washington who found herself sealed in a room with an unopened container. She inadvertently started the program that would release the viral agent which killed her within the hour as T'al watched helplessly on the other side of the transparent wall.

Once N'Borga and the rest of the away team arrived in the underground building, T'al assembled them for final survey efforts and they beamed back to the CURIE with little interest left in the archaeological survey they began. The CURIE then set course back to DS101, but as soon as it went to warp, the ship hit an interphasic rift which sent the alternate universe CURIE back in time 83 years. The alternate CURIE, a member of the evil Empire of Planets, was responsible for releasing the biological agent as well as the remains of T'al and N'Borga found on the planet surface.

Once repairs were completed, the CURIE set course back to DS101. The restless crew looked forward to finishing their mission and going home. The return trip reflected such. The trek ended with a celebration/reception in the officer's mess.

Finally, the tired USS CURIE and her noble crew docked with the giant ancient space station. The Starfleet contingency unloaded, officially ending the nine month mission.


Lieutenant T'al: promoted to Lieutenant-Commander and first officer
Lieutenant JG Lucas Brooks: promoted to Lieutenant and second officer
Lieutenant JG N'Borga Vandenbergh: promoted to Lieutenant


Zefram Cochrane Medal: Lieutenant Lucas Brooks
Roddenberry Ribbon for Science: Lieutenant N'Borga Vandenbergh
Surak Medal: Lieutenant JG Stan the Man
Wounded Lion: Lieutenant JG Teel'a
Star of Hope: Master Chief Petty Officer Betty Washington

Terraformer Awards: Ben Madsen and Marc Boon
Blue Ribbon: Marc Boon
Starfleet Medal of Promise: Doug Saffel

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