The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 9.1028 and 9.1206.

Senior staff

Captain Alyza
Lieutenant Commander Johnathon Roberts
Lieutenant Taavek
Lieutenant Zachary Hogan
Lieutenant Commander Tinkerbell
Ensign Jake Edwards
Ensign Dionysus
Chief Petty Officer Romana Stewart

Mission summary

written by Kevin Thigpen

For a short few weeks, things remained quiet on Deep Space 101, until civilians began experiencing strange 'illnesses'. These 'illnesses' manifested in the forms of loss of memory pertaing to personal identity at first. Dr. Dionysus, station CMO, and his teams, began sedating these people, for their own safety. Shortly thereafter, people suffering from memory losses due to a prior incident totally unrelated to the unknown illness now on the station, namely Ens. Jake Edwards, station CSciO and civilian T'lek, began to regain their lost memories. Dr. Dionysus was unable to diagnose the illness, citing that he could find no cause.

Soon, over fifty percent of the station's population was affected by the unknown ailment which caused those infected to suffer from memory losses, or return of lost memories. The station's senior officers did make the observation that races native to the Coccoon were somehow unaffected by the illness.

As tension mounted on the station, with more civilians, and station personnel succumbing to the illness, the various embassys on the station assumed isolation protocols. The Vurtedions locked their embassy behind a protective energy shield, while the nervous Hetgarot moved their important personnel aboard their docked vessel the Shagrinu Four, which promptly left the station to assume a position some distance from DS 101.

Thus far, the mysterious illness had only caused memory losses, or gains; it had yet to become truly life-threatening.

The station's 2O, Lt. Taavek also fell victim to the mysterious disease, but the disease manifested itself in a far more deadly form. The illness made the 2O comatose with death only hours away for him. With no diagnosis, much less a cure in sight even though Dionysus and his teams work relentlessly, LtCmdr. Roberts and Ensign Jake Edwards, FO and CSciO respectively, began another scan of the station, this time focusing on power consumption. This scan showed an anomolously large use of power within the holodecks on the station. Detail scans revealed power readings similiar to recorded Ferengi mind control devices, particularly the one utilized on a Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise.

With a team, consisting of Edwards, and several Hetgarot engineers and security who volunteered, Lt. Hogan, station CSO, entered the holodeck only to find it empty…initially. As the doors prepared to close, an unknown program began running.

The program was a combat program involving a Klingon equipped with powered armor. Ordering everyone out, Hogan became trapped and fought for his life against the klingon as the holodeck safeties were off. During the battle, Hogan soon took note of a mysterious diminuitive human man also in the room.

LtCmdr. Roberts being apprised of the holodeck situation by Edwards, quickly developed a computer program which consumed all the processing power of the holodeck's processing unit. Resultingly, the holodeck shut down, ending the deadly program in which Hogan was trapped. The mysterious man meanwhile escaped through a ventilation shaft located within the holodeck.

During this, Lt. Taavek, on the verge of death, was placed in a Vulcan healing trace through a mind meld with Captain Alyza. Dionysus's prognosis was good.

A civilian locked in the station's brig also fell victim to the more deadly manifestation of the illness. Kronus Furlong fell into a coma at about the same time as Lt. Taavek, and was labeled in critical condition. LtCmdr. Tinkerbell, station's CNS, set out to aid the prisoner Kronus [in sickbay] as best she could, attempting to strengthen his resolve to live. This more deadly form of the illness, subsequently began spreading like wildfire through the station.

Lt. Hogan along with the Hetgarot security managed to track the mysterious man to Shuttle Bay Five, where during a short firefight, the mystery man was ejected into the cold, vaccuum of space, his identity still a mystery. Shortly thereafter, two spheres were found, one in the holodeck, the other was destroyed in the firefight in the shuttle bay. Ens. Edwards reasoned that the spheres were the cause of the strange illnessess affecting people all over the station.

Following the man's death, those affected by the 'illness' soon returned to consciousness and full health. Those affected by memory losses or memory gains also returned to their original states.

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