The Hetgarot Summit

The Hetgarot Summit was a mission carried out jointly by the Tryfan-class USS Horizon, NCC-825002, and Deep Space 101 between stardates 12.0525 and 12.0814.

Mission orders

To: Captain Tergin, CO, USS Horizon
CC: Captain Alyza, CO, Deep Space 101
From: Admiral John M. Power, Fleet XO, Cocoon Fleet
SD: 12.0525

After many months of negotiations with the Hetgarot ambassador aimed at developing closer diplomatic links, they have finaly made a reciprocative gesture. We have been invited to send a delegaton to a peace and trade summit hosted by them on Noo'ach.

Of the other races in attendace, there are several whom we have yet to encounter and this will prove a chance to develop friendly ties that might otherwise take many years to achieve. As such, it has been decided that the Horizon, in its capacity as the flagship of the Federation's Cocoon Fleet will attend and administrate the main diplomatic efforts.

In addition, a team from DS101 will attend to act as Hetgarot liaison due to their familiarity and current general good will with members of the host race.

With a number of weeks before the commencement of the summit, you are hereby ordered first to SB Omega where the Horizon will undergo repair and refit suitable to display the Federation at its best.

Then to DS101 where their team will join you and brief you on the Hetgarot.

From there you will travel to Noo'ach along a route to be arranged with the Hetgarot embassy on DS101.

The diplomatic team falls under your direct command but matters pertaining directly to the Hetgarot hosts themselves falls under the liaison team.

The diplomatic priorities are to forge peaceful relationships with as many of the delegations as possible, including trade agreements and to garner as much fresh information on the unfamiliar areas of the Cocoon, locations and people as possible.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this, the first independant multi-cultural forum we have gained access to here. Nor the impact that success/failure here would mean to the current diplomatic standing of the Federation within the Cocoon.

My only wish is that I could join you.

Good luck,
Admiral John M. Power
Cocoon Fleet Executive Officer

Senior staff

USS Horizon

CO: Captain Tergin
FO: Lieutenant-Commander John Roberts
FCO/2O: Lieutenant Jarek Malaar
CEO: Lieutenant JG Fred Bordaq
CSO: Lieutenant JG Arkanis
CMO: Lieutenant JG Trinity Layne-Malaar
OPS: Ensign Nathan Cady
Trainee: Cadet California Douglas

Deep Space 101

to be filled in

Mission summary

written by Ruud Visser

On stardate 12.0525, the USS Horizon departs from DS101 towards a diplomatic meeting held by the Hetgarot on the planet Noo'ach. DS101's senior staff, except for captain Alyza, follow in the USS Hikaru. On the Horizon, the Federation ambassador Grayson is also present.

Races from all over the Cocoon are on their way to Noo'ach. Among them are the civil warring Suji'Ai, the asteroid dwelling Ichtanek, the ferret-like Furonians, the deaf Fraward of Kresawin III, the Ferengi-like Sori, and the feline Xilfans. Also present are the Vurtedions, and of course the Hetgarot themselves.

Upon arriving at Noo'ach, the Hikaru and Horizon receive a general distress signal, and the Hikaru goes out to investigate. They find that the Xilfan ship has been damaged by an unknown energy cloud. They rescue the Xilfans, and help them get their ship spaceworthy again. Soon, both ships head back to Noo'ach.

Meanwhile, the young lt. Cady (Horizon's OPS) leads his first away mission. They have to deliver a device to a scientific outpost on the Noo'ach moon. As it is believed to be a harmless mission, a group of young inexperienced officers is assigned to the team. Cady chooses his close friend cadet Cal Douglas to be the pilot for the mission.

Soon after takeoff, a sentient 'space storm' of unknown origin damages their shuttle and causes the team to crash land in the moon's cavern. Finding atmosphere, the team begins a journey along the cavern to the science outpost in order to contact the Horizon and complete the mission. While there, cadet Douglas trips a Hetgarot security training area called the Proving Grounds. Like a holodeck with no safeties, it creates scenarios of the worst fears of the team.

At the same time, the space storm that attacked the shuttle now attacks the Horizon, and it takes a lot of effort to counter the threat. They finally manage, creating a free path back for Cady and his team. A shuttle goes out to the moon to rescue them, and the entire away team makes it back safe.

Meanwhile, the first informal meetings have started. The Hikaru and the Xilfan ship arrive in team to join in. All delegates meet and talk with each other, and the first bases for future relationships are laid. Talks continue during the dinner later that day, and all delegates are very enthusiastic.

The actual conference begins the next day. The Hetgarot Shagrira opens the official meetings, and she is met with enthusiastic reactions. One by one, the delegates introduce their people, and the talks continue the entire day.

The following day, the closing ceremonies are held. The overall feeling is that the conference was a great success. Every race has made at least one new alliance or agreement for further communication, and most have made more. The conference ends with all delegates thanking the Hetgarot for making it all possible.

Later that day, the Hikaru and the Horizon go back, the first to DS101, the latter to SB Omega. Both crews agree the conference has been well worth their time.


Ensign Nathan Cady (USS Horizon): promoted to Lieutenant JG

Awards received

Roddenberry Ribbon for Medicine: Lieutenant JG Trinity Layne (USS Horizon)
Distinguished Service Medal: Lieutenant JG Nathan Cady (USS Horizon)

Starfleet Leadership Medal: Geoffrey Winder (USS Horizon)
Fleet Commendation: Ian Matheson (USS Horizon)
Blue Ribbon: Robert Stadnick (USS Horizon)

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