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The Andorians are a humanoid species from the moon Andoria, homeworld of the Andorian Empire, and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.

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The amber sun was setting over the rolling plains of Moropa Prime, setting the
clearing sky on fire with a fiery, red hue. Jarek Malaar gazed out over the
landscape, thinking of the last time he had seen it like this. It had been a
whole decade since he had left his home planet behind. He didn't know if he
would ever set foot on it again, but his yearning to see what remained of his

Jarek noticed that the sun had set completely now. He looked upwards and stared
out at the emerging stars. The first star to appear in the evening star was
H'Lorch, the Serpent Star; Jarek remembered being taught by his father, Jhon,
that that star was in fact Sol, the home star of planet Earth.
"Hmm," he thought aloud to himself. "Earth." Another planet whose surface he

Heading level 2

He spent a few more minutes out on the plains, remembering, wondering. Soon, he
felt it was time to leave.
"Computer," he stated, "end—" He froze as he suddenly felt a familiar tingling
sensation, the feeling that came just before being beamed to another location.
He tried to reach up to slap his commbadge, but felt the confinement beam take

Malaar materialised on a transporter pad inside a strange-looking ship. At
first it was unfamiliar, but then he realised it was a Starfleet ship, but it
was *old,* at least a hundred years old. He'd only seen anything like this is
technical manuals and historical records he'd seen at the Academy.

Heading level 3

As he glanced warily around him, two Starfleet security officers stepped
forward towards the transporter pad. They wore uniforms that were completely
unknown to him, but still certainly Starfleet by design.
The two yellow-collared men gestured him to step off the pad with their phaser
rifles. "You're needed on the bridge," the taller one of them said, a

well-built human with ebony skin and black, shaven hair. "The Captain is
expecting you."
Tentatively, Jarek complied, and was escorted out of the small transporter room
and into the corridor of the ship. His mind raced with questions as they
trailed beside him. Was he in some kind of trouble with Starfleet Security? Or

Heading level 4

He opened his mouth to ask a question, but decided it would be better to wait.
He had the strong feeling his questions would be answered soon. The three of
them entered a turbolift.
"Bridge," the dark human uttered. The Moropa guessed that he was the CSO here.
The lift whirred into motion.

After a few short moments of silence, the lift came to a halt and the doors
puffed open, revealing a starship bridge much more set in convention - fitted
with modern consoles and touchscreen panels, and a holographic viewscreen.
There were only three other officers here, comprising what appeared to be a
skeleton crew. The command chair, sitting on a high platform in the centre of

Heading level 5

The two security officers prompted him out of the lift. He stepped forward. The
command chair span round, and Jarek saw who was sitting in it.
His first reaction was one of bitter disgust, seeing his brother's face, his
brother's smirk. But then he saw the subtle differences in the face of the twin
that sat before him. His eyes were not cold and hard, but warm, as if he'd just

And then he saw the birthmark. The faint, triangular mark high upon his
forehead, partially hidden by his brow. Jarum Malaar did not have that
birthmark. Jarek realised who this person must be.

Heading level 6

"Finally," the older Moropa said, putting his hands on the arms of the chair
and pushing himself up to a standing position. It seemed to take quite an
effort for him. "I expect you have quite a few questions," he said, grinning
broadly. "Don't worry, they'll be answered, in due course." He extended a
friendly hand. "Welcome aboard the USS LYNX. As you'll have probably guessed by

Jarek gaped. He wasn't sure what to say. He shook hands with himself.
"…Pleased to meet you," he eventually said. He saw that the man facing him
was not in a Starfleet uniform, but in civilian clothing, which seemed a little
strange. *Another question to ask,* he noted mentally.

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