Admiral Tergin is the Fleet Commanding Officer of Starfleet Operations in the Cocoon known as Cocoon Fleet. He is an El-Aurian male over two centuries old. He has been in active Starfleet service for over a decade, the majority of which being in the Cocoon Fleet.

His serene presence and calm manner make Starfleet personnel of all ranks feel at ease in his presence. He is mild mannered yet forceful in his mastery in getting fleet business done. As Coocoon Fleet Commanding Officer (and co-chair of the ships' design project board), he has secured 3 Threin class Capital Starships to boost the fleet of primarily exploers and cruisers.

He has been Fleet Commander of the Cocoon Fleet since Stardate 19.0520, presiding over all fleet operations, including expanding Starfleet exploration and the virtual cold war with the Telmarc Combine. Previous to Commanding the Cocoon Fleet, Tergin served as Fleet Commander for Emerald Fleet Task Force, a tactical task force that was vital in defending the Cocoon in "The Telmarc Battle of 2416".

Basic data

Name: Tergin
Rank: Fleet Admiral (FO-5)
Assignment: Cocoon Fleet HQ SB OMEGA, Cocoon Fleet
Position: Fleet Commanding Officer
Race: El-Aurian
Ht./Wt.: 1.65 meters /58.9 Kg
Hair: Black, worn short or long as dreads
Eyes: Brown
Age: 210 standard earth years
Skin: Brown
Service Number: E-3742-257-JCOU
Physical appearance: Terran male in his twenties.
Special abilities: [See entry SFTR: CS#11225]
-Can sense beyond the normal linear space-time continuum
-Partially Empathic (can sense basic moods)
-Some senses or special skills may be present but have not made
themselves apparent

Personal Brief

POB: unknown to Starfleet
Siblings: unknown to Starfleet
Parents: Lina (mother, deceased)
Rigan (father, Federation diplomat deceased)
Partner: Ambassador Or'Nonya Matala
Children: None


Ka'Tcha military academy, Qo'nos 2320(4 yrs)
-Skills in Klingon Martial arts
-Skills in Espionage

Daystrom Institute 2356 (4 yrs)
-Majored in Cybernetics
-Minored in Astrophysics, Quantum physics

Starfleet Academy (4yrs)
-Majored in Xenobiological Studies
-Minored in Basic Command Skills, Starship Tactics

Flight Qualifications:
-Starfleet Shuttlecraft
-Starfleet Runabout
-Starfleet Starship


Tennis, Mok-bara, jujitsu, anbo-jitsu, listening, (earth) trombone,
practice with Klingon weapons


Bat'telh, d'k tahg bearing the crest of the Lu'ChaT family, Mek'leth
(all lost with the destruction of the USS HORIZON NCC-61883)


In the Universe of being

Languages spoken:

Federation standard, Klingon, El-Aurian, Andorian, Vulcan, Ferengi, limited Romulan


Excellent, cleared by Starfleet Medical for active duty - last physical SD: 20.0110 - SB OMEGA


people who don't want to help themselves, people who judge, people who stereo type


Smiles a lot


The Borg

Service Record

Stardate Event
05.0522 Tergin enters Starfleet Academy
09.0715 Tergin graduates from Starfleet Academy
09.0725 Tergin is assigned to the Cocoon
09.0730 Advanced Training Omega Training Center
09.0820 Graduates from OTC
09.0824 Assigned as CSciO aboard the USS Horizon NCC 61883 under command of Captain Cassandra Threin
09.0824 Reports for duty aboard the USS Horizon
09.1207 Tergin is promoted to Full Lieutenant upon the Completion of the Juun Conspiracy mission.
09.1211 Tergin is promoted to First Officer of the HORIZON NCC-61883 now under the command of Commander Asa Garn.
09.1215 Tergin Passes the Standard Bridge Command and Command Grade Tests
10.0719 USS HORIZON NCC-61883 Destroyed in the Battle for the Cocoon a battle with Klingons.
10.0728 Crew of the USS HORIZON assigned leave to SB OMEGA while awaiting new orders and assignments.
10.0803 Remaining Crew of the Former USS HORIZON NCC-61883 assigned to USS HORIZON NCC-825002, a newly designed TRYFAN class Modular Crusier.
10.0803 Tergin Promoted to Lt.Cmdr by Captain Asa Garn, USS HORIZON
11.0326 Tergin and the HORIZON crew are forced to leave Captain Asa Garn stranded in another universe and take the HORIZON back in time to repair the damage that was done to the time line.
11.0522 Lt. Commander Tergin is unofficially given command of the USS HORIZON NCC-825002 by the orders of Fleet Executive Officer Admiral Dmitrii Ivanov - who also orders him to run a blockade of SB OMEGA, in hopes that Dominion operatives on the station will not be able to escape.
11.0810 Lt. Cmdr Tergin is promoted to the Rank of Captain with all the rights and privileges there of. Officially given Command of the USS HORIZON under Fleet Admiral Wynton Spires.
11.1022 Tergin resigns his Starfleet commission and leaves the USS HORIZON to become a teacher at the Daystrom Institute, on Earth. He transfers command of the ship to Cmdr. India Baker. However, after a brief rendezvous with his old friend Kieran Joram aboard the USS ELIZABETH BLACKWELL, Tergin makes the decision to return to the HORIZON.
11.1030 Tergin Resumes command of the USS HORIZON. Captain Tergin goes on to successfully command the HORIZON on the following Missions: Juun Mysteries, The Hegarot Summit, Hope and Despair, Dark Matter.
13.0328 Admiral Elisabeth Davies, Fleet Executive officer, awards Tergin the Picard Medal of Honor for outstanding leadership and service to his crew, his fleet and the Federation. Captain Tergin Commands the HOIROZN on three more Missions: One Stardrive Section, Slightly Used, Pursuit of Happiness and Head Games
14.0202 After being cleared in the investigation by Ambassador Vhesha P'Nehbuddar into the death of her daughter and the HORIZON’s former first officer Dhalit P'Nehbuddar.
14.0204 Captain Tergin is promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (FO-2 Star) and assigned Fleet Commanding Officer, Emerald Fleet Taskforce, and ordered to leave the Cocoon Fleet and transfer to headquarters on the USS AUDRE LORDE and modular mobile Starbase SAPPHIRE. EFTF Fleet Assignment: Border Patrol, SB SAPHIRE stationed near the Cardassian Border.
14.0301 Classified work. Admiral Tergin along with Admiral Threin take over as chairs of Project Aurora. Serious work begins at SB SAPPHIRE Engineering Yards, on a new modular starship design that would later become the THREIN class starship.
14.0612 Emerald Fleet Task Force is assigned to the GAMMA Quadrant in attempt to assist Federation allies the Meparchkans; in the defense of their secluded worlds from the Dominion. Tergin’s partner Ambassador Or’Nonya operates as the primary dignitary between the Federation and Meparchkan government.
14.0411 Sasha Kali of the HORIZON becomes Captain and CO of the USS AUDRE LORDE, EFTF’s and Admiral Tergin’s Flagship.
15.0701 Lt. Commander Bel Shaane of the Cocoon Fleet becomes Admiral Tergin’s assistant and a Senior Engineer on the Aurora Project.
15.0909 Promoted to Vice Admiral (FO-3 Star) by Starfleet Command.
16.0720 Emerald Fleet Task Force assigned to operate a Defensive line within the Cocoon in Response to Telmarc Aggression, triggered by an attack on USS HORIZON.
16.0924 First Threin Class starship launched. This ship later becomes recommissioned USS HORIZON.
16.1124 Tergin serves as a witness in The Trial of Nathan Cady
17.0105 EFTF engages with Telmarc forces.
17.0308 Cmdr. Bel Shaane leaves Tergin’s service to take over as Gaia Fleet Yard Commander at Admiral Tergin’s recommendation.
17.0702 The Federation starships Harlem, Skysurfer and the badly-damaged USS Audre Lorde arrive at Starbase Sapphire, in orbit of Salestte IV between the Cadi and Negdren sectors. They rescue survivors of the disastrous clash with Telmarc forces; all of Battlegroup Fortress have been destroyed but for the salvageable starships Optimus and Jakarta. Admiral Tergin meets with Admiral Tandro in the command hub of Starbase Sapphire to discuss the loss of the Barai VI observation post, and is informed of Admiral Elizabeth Davies' successful mission at the Telmarc slave world in the Hepobi system, Saishan sector.
17.0710 USS AUDRE LORDE is taking out of commission due to heavy damage. Newly Commission USS AURORA NCC-369002, the second THREIN class starship to be built will replace the LORDE as EFTF Flagship. The crew of the AUDRE LORDE transfer to USS AURORA under command of Captain Sasha Kali. Admiral Tergin works with Cocoon Fleet Captain’s to devise a strategy to retake Outpost 721.
17.0725 Starfleet forces battle to re-take Outpost 721. The Horizon leads Battlegroup 91.1, including the Scarlet Star, Thunderstar, and Aurora. The USS Renegade leads Battlegroup 91.2, including the Ontario and Sitting Bull. Other participating vessels include the Santana, Robert E Lee, Carnation, Avatar, Zeus, Guerro, Cerberus, Indigo Mane, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dakota, Alexandria, Abernoth, Warsaw, Amber Raven, Thor, Uttica, Montana and Esperanto; many of which will be destroyed. Telmarc Admiral Cheep Dollor commands hostile forces, as does Senior Admiral Kaash Tatandra, seventh heir of the Corporate House of Mothers
17.0910 EFTF is engaged in the defense of the Deb’Brill System, with the allies made by the USS HORIZON the Gironians. The system is held, but EMFT suffers more losses.
18.0410 The Remnants of Emerald Fleet Task Force and SB SAPHIRE return to duty outside the Cocoon. Due to his experience commanding fast response fleets, Admiral Tergin is ordered to remain at SB OMEGA to develop an Fast Tactical Medical Response Task Force to deal with disasters deep inside the cocoon, before returning to SB SAPHIRE.
18.411 Tergin is Promoted to Admiral (FO-4 Star) by Starfleet Command. Tergin continues to oversee the rebuilding of Emerald Fleet.
19.0520 Admiral Tergin is promoted to Fleet Admiral, (Flag Officer: 5-Star) and ordered to take over as Fleet Commander of the Cocoon Fleet.


Stardate Award
09.1223 Awarded the TerraFormers award (player award)
10.0310 Tergin is Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (Star) for exceptional valor, ingenuity and command responsibility during the Holack Veil mission
10.1219 Awarded Golden Nebula for Valor on HORIZON's last mission, in which he nearly died, taking the Saucer section up against renegade Juun militia ships and surviving until the Stardrive could arrive in the Stalus III mission. (See Medical Entry: MD3459)
13.0328 Admiral Elisabeth Davies, Cocoon Fleet Fleet Executive Officer awards Tergin the Picard Medal of Honor for outstanding leadership service to his crew, his fleet and the Federation.

Disciplinary Record

No Record to Date

Notes and Letters of Recommendation

Psychological profile:

SD: 09.0102
Tergin is mentally stable, more so I would say than most humanoids. He is hardly ever distressed. He is wise and has great knowledge of the galaxy. He can deal particularly well with stress. Gentle with all human beings, soft spoken but can give great ideas, and will make himself heard when the need arises. The only thing that we can find that scares Tergin is the Borg. He is also very secretive when it comes to his people. Overall Tergin is an outstanding Cadet.

Counselor Nara Letra, Starfleet Academy

Regarding: Hand to Hand Combat Training

Instructor: Cmdr. Hudson
SD: 06.1128

Tergin shows superior hand-to-hand combat skills. He can best me anytime and shows a great sense of awareness when it comes to ambushes. His grace on his feet is unmatched as are his skills in Jujitsu. His gentle touch is not to be taken for weakness for underneath that gentle exterior is a warrior's heart.

Commander Phillip Hudson, Starfleet Academy

Subject: Sciences

Instructor: Prof. Gene
SD: 07.0209

Tergin shows great knowledge in his Science skills. His theories on some of the xenological studies are far more advanced then anything I've read of from a second year cadet. He would be wasted anywhere but at the science station on a Starship.

Professor Vela Gene, Starfleet Academy

Subject: Command Training

Instructor: Captain McFinny
SD: 08.1125

Tergin has great potential for command, he is able to listen to suggestions of other crew members and make appropriate decisions based on that. He also has a great way of handling stress while under pressure, although I feel that if ever faced with the borg, as in a Simulation done here at Starfleet Academy, where the USS YORKTOWN was put into battle, where Cadet Tergin acting as the ships First Officer, nearly got the crew killed as he tried to take out the Borg cube without following orders. Had it not been for the smart thinking of Cadet Lynn the simulation would have been lost. No formal
report was put on this file, but it is something to be aware of when
thinking of him for command positions, which I know he will be candidate for.

Captain Susan McFinny, Starfleet Academy

SFTR: CS#11225

SD: 07.0106
Subject: Cadet Tergin

It is unknown the extent of El-Aurian abilities. As measure with the few El-Aurians serving in Starfleet and those that we have been allowed to test, we can make the assumption that most if not all El-Aurians are slightly empathic. On a minimal level allowing them to 'hear' if you will moods. Nothing compared to a full Betazoid or even Haliian for that matter, but the empathic ability is still there. The most fascinating thing we found about El-Aurians is their keen sense ability for shifts in the subspace time continuum. There have been several reports of El-Aurians that have been able to sense this shift, though we have yet to record the data for ourselves.

Dr. Bruce Valentine Starfleet Research

MD: 3459

SD: 10.1006
Physician: Dr. [[Kieran Joram]]]

I was able to save Lt. Cmdr. Tergin's life by activating Sickbay's Deep
Freeze Procedure and thus temporarily freezing him. This was a risky
procedure but gave us time to save his body while the Counselor saved his mind. The counselor used what he calls a 'Dream Scape' or level on a telepathic plain to contact the subject and ultimately return brain activity while I was able to save the body. The procedure of Deep Freeze is very risky and I would not recommend it except in the most dire circumstances.

Lt.Cmdr. Kieran Joram M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Personal History and Information:


2210.0605 Tergin is born to his father Rigan (562) and Mother Lina (458) In 2293 Tergin was rescued by the Enterprise-B when their refugee ship was caught in the Nexus. Mother wasn't beamed over with Tergin and Rigan to the Enterprise-B it is assumed she is still in the Nexis. In 2302 Tergin moved to Qo'nos with Rigan, who had become a Federation Diplomat. Tergin grew up learning Klingon ways. In 2304 Rigan is Killed while at the Embassy on Qo'nos in a terrible accident. Following Rigan's death Tergin was adopted into the family of Lu'ChaT. In 2320 Tergin attended the Ka'Tcha military academy with the other Sons of Lu'ChaT. Tergin felt he needed to see more of the Galaxy, as his people had, and in 2350 Tergin moved to Earth. Tergin began learning the ancient Japanese martial art of Jujitsu. Tergin wanted to further his education and in 2356 he attended the Daystorm Institute. After spending time on Earth and graduating from the Daystrom institute, Tergin felt he needed to find more of his people. In 2375 Tergin begins searching for more of his people and travels the galaxy. Failing to find any other El-Aurian survivors, Tergin
returned to Earth where in:
2405 SD: 05.0522 Tergin enters Starfleet Academy
2409 SD: 09.0715 Tergin graduates from Starfleet Academy


Tergin was assigned as Chief Science Officer to the USS HORIZON NCC-61883 upon his completion of advanced training at the OMEGA Training Center. His first Mission is one where his scientific abilities are utilized to the maximum as they explore some findings on Debraxa III [classified information].
His keen ability for command catches the eye of his CO as the mission winds down she puts in a nomination for Ensign Tergin to begin command training when they get back to OMEGA. He is also promoted to full Lt. upon the completion of the mission and his findings are given to Starfleet Command. Juun Conspiracy] Lt. Tergin completes CGT training with very high scores, his empathy for other officers allowed him unbridled respect. Due to a shortage of Command Officers and his extremely high scores he is offered the position of First Officer aboard the HORIZON. He accepts with some hesitation but ultimately finds his niche in command.

His second mission under Commander and then Captain Asa Garn were relatively uneventful. He received the Distinguished Service Star [Cross] during the Holack Veil mission for his hard work and dedication to upholding the morals of Starfleet.

The Klingon war started shortly after the completion of the Holack Veil mission and the HORIZON was ordered to the front lines leading a pre-emptive strike. The task-force included 13 ships, during this time Lt. Tergin served as the Task-force Coordination Officer. The HOOD-Class HORIZON was destroyed in the battle for the Cocoon with many casualties but over three quarters of the crew surviving. Lt. Tergin was promoted to Lt.Cmdr. after this mission.

The next mission was one to Stalus III in which the new HORIZON (TRYFAN-Class) sustained many casualties. Tergin dies in this mission [See Medical Entry MD: 3459] but is revived. For his valiant sacrifice of his own life to save the Saucer Section he is awarded the Golden Nebula. Tergin has had experience with time travel. After repairs at OMEGA the HORIZON set off on a mapping mission of the Iggonus Sector. They encounter some anomalies that take them back into time to earth in 1999. [Fire and Ice] During this mission Captain Garn is lost onto an Alternate HORIZON and Lt.Cmdr. Tergin is forced to leave her and his CMO in the alternate timeline and return with the HORIZON to OMEGA. During the time after the Klingon War, the Dominion was making its move on the Cocoon Fleet.

Lt.Cmdr. Tergin is given temporary command of the HORIZON and is asked to lead a Blockade of SB OMEGA, which leads to several Dominion Operatives being captured. Following the success of the blockade Fleet Admiral Spires promotes Tergin to the Rank of Full Captain.

On Stardate 11.0101 Tergin met visiting Dignitary and Acting Ensign
Or'Nonya Matala of the Meparchkan race. Matala was part of an officer
exchange that Starfleet was doing. Tergin and Matala became romantically involved but when Tergin was forced to take command of the USS HORIZON and consequently became Captain, it was decided that the relationship should end, as it was unethical for a Captain to be dating a member of his crew. Matala later resigned his position as acting Ensign and went to Earth to help with the Meparchkan consulate on Earth. Upon his return to the Cocoon Matala was head of Meparchkan diplomatic relations in the Cocoon and joined the HORIZON's crew when they returned to OMEGA and has remained with Tergin since.

On Stardate 11.1002 Distraught by the loss of his former CO and the way in which he achieved his command, Tergin briefly resigns his commission from Starfleet with the intent of taking a teaching job at the Daystrom institute. With some convincing from old time friend and original HORIZON Chief Medical Officer Kieran Joram Tergin decides to return to Starfleet and is quickly reassigned as Commanding Officer to the USS HORIZON NCC-825002.

As the Captain of the HORIZON, Tergin works to instill a sense of unity and family within the crew of the USS HORIZON. According to most of the crew they would say he has done a good job.

Tergin was invited to attend a Conference on the Hetgarot Planet of Noo'Ach as a Starfleet and Federation representative along with the USS HORIZON.

Captain Tergin along with the USS HORIZON played an instrumental role in setting up trade alliances with other Cocoon worlds as well as exploring many unexplored systems.

While captaining the HORIZON, Tergin has come to serve as a sort of father figure to Lt Nathan Cady while Cady served aboard the HORIZON. When Cady was reassigned to Deep Space 101 Tergin fought very hard to keep him aboard the HORIZON because he knew that the HORIZON was where he felt at home, and that Cady was a vital part of the community he strived to build aboard the USS HORIZON.

For his exemplary leadership and dedication to the crew of the USS HORIZON, Fleet Executive Officer Elizabeth Davies awards the Picard Medal of Honor Tergin.

The HORIZON was assigned to go on a rescue mission to the Andromeda Galaxy through a wormhole discovered in 2411. On the way back from that mission the HORIZON passed through the wormhole into another timeline. [Further Information Classified. TI Index 3256546agb]


-SD. 14.0202: Tergin is promoted to the rank of Admiral and assigned to Emerald Fleet as Fleet CO

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