The Telmarc are a humanoid species from the Telmarc System, in the Saishan Sector homeworld of the Telmarc Trade Combine. They are currently in a cease fire with the Federation Forces in the Cocoon.

UPDATED: Stardate: 19.0305
UPDATED: Stardate: 20.1006

Home System Status

Location: Saishan Sector
The Telmarc System is a star system featuring eight planets: seven inhabited; one uninhabitable but orbited by massive ship building facilities. Telmarc Prime is where the capital of the Telmarc Trade Combine is located. An M class planet with six moons and technologically developed cities.

Territory Status

The Telmarc Combine controls a series of star systems currently extending out from its home system in the Saishan sector and clustered around the Malandros Nebula. The combine currently controls systems in the Saishan Sector, Jura Sector, Telma (federation unnamed), Telmar (federation unnamed) sector and Terrellian Sector. Most habited worlds that come under Telmarc control become subjugated through economic or military means. There are currently four known non-Telmarc species serving the telmarc combine.

Neutral Zone

Following the ejection of Telmarc forces from the Negdren Sector, Starfleet and Federation Envoys that included Admiral Tergin and Lt. Commander Gendry Lockhart negotiated a Telmarc-Federation Neutral Zone as a buffer area between the two forces.
For the most part, both sides have respected this Zone, until SD. 19.0301 when the Telmarc annexed the Deserte system just on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone.


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After the defeat of the Telmarc forces and losses of OP721, the Telmarc Board of Directors, the most democratic institution in Telmarc society, was absolved, and instead replaced by the Telmarc Combine Central Command. Very little is known about who or what houses are involved in or have control of the Telmarc CCC.

The Telmarc CCC has closed all diplomatic and economic connections with the Federation, Starfleet and Federation aligned worlds.

Social-Political Structures

A highly evolved hyper capitalist society, The majority of Telmarc life is controlled by Five Corporate Family Houses: The House of Water, the House of Fire, the House of Sky/Air, the House of Shadows and the House of Mothers; once, these feuding corporate houses that caused wars throughout their controlled territories. With no civilian governments the Telmarc are controlled by the Corporate Houses that govern their lives. Currently working cooperatively under the name Telmarc Combine, the Corporate House structure has given way to limited democracy in certain sectors, and a Combine Parliament in which each house has five senators. The Combine, formed shortly after first contact with the Hepobiites of the Hepobi sector, it grew to quickly become a Trade Empire for the Saiashan, Narjab, Jawiq, Seefoc and Yretsym sectors. See: Maps

A highly classist and divided society where the elite families (those controlling the corporate houses) have enough money to own and in fact do own many of the smaller planets in the system. The highly complex class system, lends to the creation of some of the worst poverty in the Cocoon.

Although until recently considered benign, and a low level threat, the activities last year, proved that to be highly mislead. The nature of they techno-hyper-capitalist society, requires for their very ability to survive and function, for their reach and control to expand as far as their reach can take them. This is historically proven and can even be said about the state of Earth right before the third world war.

Military Capabilities

Information Classified Level 3
Since the Cease Fire negotiations and establishment of the Neutral Zone very little is known about the Telmarc military capacity, however at the end of the Conflict, their ship making abilities out paced Starfleet’s in the Cocoon’s by two to one [Information unknown to the Telmarc CCC]

Tactical Disposition

While most Telmarc vessels have respected the cease fire, the Telmarc have a profiteer tradition in their military in which bounties are issued, in which certain commanders have been known to risk their ships and open war in which to collect these bounties. Several have been issued for Starfleet Officers.

[Information Classified Top Secret]
Confirmed reports of Telmarc bounties on Starfleet Officers:
Captain J.T. Burke, Commanding Officer, SB OMEGA, former CO USS HORIZON
**Commander Nova’Song, Commanding Officer, USS HORIZON

Tactical Data

Tactical Deployment as of Stardate
Attack on Deserte System

Known Starships

See Intelligence Document Secure File: Telmarc Starships

Relevant Mission Logs

USS HORIZON: Death of a Lady SD. 16.0411-16.1206
USS HORIZON: Waving the Flag SD. 16.1206-17.0411
USS HORIZON: Utimatum SD. 17.0717-17.0925

Historical Data File: History with Starfleet

As of Stardate: 16.0923

Telmarc Trade Combine economically conquered much of their section of the Cocoon long before Starfleet arrived. The Combine is made up of five political parties, controlled by Corporate Houses. Preliminary intelligence shows that two of these Corporate Houses, the House of Water and the House of Sky have officially opposed joint Portal operations. They are considered to be classified as potentially creating a formidable threat to Starfleet presence in the Cocoon. The House of Water and the House of Sky control two of the largest private para-military forces in the Cocoon. It is still uncertain how extensive their operations are, for they operate security and policing firms all over the cocoon and have recently expanded outside the cocoon.

The Houses of Fire and the House of Mothers are strongly allied with the Starfleet, and were at one point inquiring after petitioning to get the Telmarc entered into the Federation.

The Fifth Corporate House is the House of Shadows. Very little is known about the commercial and/or political operations of the Corporate House of Shadows

New Intel from USS HORIZON as of Stardate: 17.0411


The Federation Embassy was attacked and overrun by SD: 16.0821, in what at first to be the effort of disorganized radicals, it has later been thought to be a well planned attack on the Federation/Starfleet Presence on Telmarc and the Cocoon Fleet's Flag ship.


The Telmarc Trade Combine Corporate board of Directors was dissolved after the assassination of the Directors from House of Mothers and House of Fire. At this time it is undetermined what form of governmental leadership structure is in place.

War Capabilities

Intelligence reports from several sources including the USS HORIZON cite a new class of war frigate, designated as PROFIT class. The capabilities of this vessel is still unknown, however a TRYFAN class vessel with a weapons pod was able to defeat at least one of these as of SD: 16.0902


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