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2407 - The Year of Discovery

Stardate Event
7.0322.1 The Feynman class starship USS Newton (see NPC Vessels) as been dispatched on a three year mission to map the area known as The Cocoon, extending into the Alpha quadrant behind Bajor.
A large area of dense dark matter and several nebulae, both impenetrable at warp speed, have long resisted exploration of what was behind that veil, the Newton was the first vessel to find her way inside from our side on Stardate 7.0419.0
They discovered a civilisation, the Juun, humanoids and most likely descendants of the early Bajorans. It quickly became clear that their small empire was a qualified candidate for Federation membership and a valuable addition as well, that should not fall into Cardassian hands if at all possible. Under the sponsoring hand of Bajor and Vulcan negotiations very quickly led to an association treaty with the Federation and the Juuns' submission of a formal request to become a memberworld.
7.0613 USS Fenris crew completes mission: Ogano Nebula
7.0903.1 The Federation Council accepted the request and Juun took it's place at 304th Federation member. Starfleet Command, Juun and Bajoran Militia put a small fleet together to protect the area from Cardassian incursion and a possible invasion through infiltrating Dominion forces.
The Starfleet engineering corps dispatched 1400 engineers and construction crews to Demeter, moon around a uninhabited yet life supporting world in the system at the entrance to the cocoon. In restless effort they built the headquarters of what is inofficially called the Cocoon Fleet, Starbase Omega.
7.0912 USS Fenris crew completes mission: Risa Abductions

2408 - The Year of Building

Stardate Event
8.0101.0 Catherine Scott-DiFalco received orders to take command of this fleet and promotion to Admiral. Together with Ambassador Kal she will be representing the Federation in this remote corner of the galaxy.
8.0109 USS Fenris crew completes mission: Separate Ways
8.0115.1 Admiral Scott-DiFalco arrived on Starbase Omega with her staff and officially took command of the Cocoon Fleet.
Current activities include the completion of the planetary defenses on Gaia and vast tasks of exploration and diplomatic activity throughout the cocoon to solidify the position of the Federation. A program to prepare qualified Juun with Starfleet Academy support has been started, four older frigates have been comissioned in the Juun Militia to enhance their self-defense capabilities.
Regular ship traffic with Bajor opened 8.0701. More Starfleet vessels are being dispatched as they get available; the USS Athene, USS Heracles, USS Regulator, USS Fenris, USS Phoenix, USS Curie, USS Horizon, USS Sagan and USS Katana are the major Starfleet vessels in operation. Outpost 721 is guarding the deeper areas of the Cocoon while Starbase Omega is the fleet headquarter located in the Gaia system. The USS Harpy* is controlling the entrance and provides helmsmen to guide arriving ships into the cocoon; just inside the battlecruiser USS LaFayette* is on patrol. Deep Space 101 acts as a neutral site between the once-warring Dergrad and Vurtedion - an unsteady peacefire exists as the station attempts to put in place a lasting peace whilst establishing links deeper into the Cocoon.
8.0608 USS Heracles crew completes mission: The Romulans, The Shadows, The Maquis and Us
8.0810 USS Athene crew completes mission: Alien Encounter of the Closest Kind
8.1015 USS Phoenix crew completes mission: Missing Signals
8.1214 USS Athene crew completes mission: DreamTime

2409 - The Year of Conspiracy

Stardate Event
9.0220 USS Phoenix crew completes mission: Sabotage & Deceptions...
9.0712.0 Commodore Datun Yanten succeeds Commodore Calvin Scott-DiFalco as Fleet Executive Officer of Cocoon Fleet.
9.0712.1 Continued expansion of the Cocoon Fleet leads to the creation of three squadrons, dividing the fleet between three Commodores. They are Antelope Squadron, Beaver Squadron and later - Condor Squadron.
9.0925 USS Heracles crew completes mission: The Vurtedion
9.0928 USS Loki crew completes mission: Delos II
9.1027 DS 101 crew completes missioin: Hidden in the Depths
9.1031.0 The Klingons declare war on the Federation following the apparent assasination of Klingon and Cardassian Ambassadors by CinC Starfleet at a meeting to resolve the Klingon/Cardassian conflict. CinC Starfleet's vessel was destroyed by the Klingons as the war began. Starfleet divisions are all searching for evidence that CinC Starfleet was framed for the murder of the Ambassadors. Also See: USS Clark Mission: Prelude to War
9.1103.0 Admiral Saishan succeeds Admiral Catherine Scott-DiFalco as Fleet Commander of Cocoon Fleet.
9.1110.0 The USS Fenris leaves the Cocoon to be replaced by the newly commisioned USS Roanoke a flagship to the Cocoon Fleet.
9.1206 DS 101 crew completes missioin: The Mystery Man
9.1208 USS Loki crew completes mission: Hamas
9.1211 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Conspiracies and Genocide

2410 - The Year of The Battle

Stardate Event
10.0108 USS Athene crew completes mission: Illegal Smuggling
10.0113.0 The USS Athene, USS Curie-A, USS Heracles, USS Horizon, USS Katana, USS Loki, USS Roanoke and USS Xerxes are the major Starfleet vessels in operation. The USS Clark-C serves as a top secret Special Operations tactical vessel, deployed near the Klingon border. The USS Sagan-A is under construction. The USS Yeager, USS Phoenix and USS Regulator are drydocked for emergencies or staffing
10.0313 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Unveiling the Holack
10.0414 Commodore Yaardack Stanfelth is killed in a parallel universe by the Borg. On the return of his flagship, the USS Roanoke, with the news Commodore Bagamibatoo, Beaver Squadron Commander, is assigned as his replacement.
10.0513 A Klingon battlefleet, making it's way to take the Cocoon, is intercepted by 12 Starfleet vessels, led by the USS Horizon. The 12 ships succeed in knocking over 600 Klingon warships out of warp using the newly developed Verteron Torpedos. With their systems malfunctioning, just over 100 Klingon vessels are destroyed or disabled by the 12 Starfleet vessels. The Klingons soon started to recover, however, and 6 of the Starfleet vessels were lost before the HORIZON's task force got away.1
10.0620 An advanced party of the reinforcement 10th Fleet arrive and help the HORIZON's task force reach the Portal. There a fleet of 110 Starfleet vessels - the majority of the Cocoon Fleet - are gathered to defend the Cocoon from the coming Klingon attack.
10.0629 The Klingon Battlefleet reach the Cocoon and begin their attack. The 10th Fleet are still hours away from the battle. The Cocoon Fleet become aware that this group of Klingons is not acting on the orders of the High Council - but are a renegade group consisting of houses from the Cardassian Occupied zone. The battle is long, and their are heavy casualties on both sides, but it soon becomes evident that the brave Cocoon Fleet are fighting a war they cannot win.
10.0630 Cardassian Forces move in on the Occupied zone, retaking their worlds in the absence of strong Klingon defenses.
10.0723 The Starships of the 10th Fleet Arrive just after the Fleet CO's ship, the USS Avalon*, is destroyed protecting a Medical Frigate. The USS Sagan arrives with the 10th Fleet and communicates a message to the Klingon forces detailing a conspiracy between the leaders of the houses of the Occupied Zone and the Cardassians. Many Klingon Commanders turn their attention to the lead vessels of the Klingon Battlefleet, joining the Starfleet forces so as to regain their honour. The Joint Cocoon, 10th and Klingon forces soon defeat the renegade Klingons and their leader is taken by Klingons to Qu'nos for 'questioning'. The 10th Fleet and Cocoon Fleet head through the portal to SB OMEGA to begin repairs.
10.0726 Commodore Yaardack, of the 10th Fleet, is assigned as Fleet Executive Office to the Cocoon Fleet. Commodore Bagamibatoo is promoted to Fleet Admiral, and assigned as Fleet Commanding Officer to the Cocoon Fleet. Three newly built starships are dispatched from SB KAPPA to the Cocoon to be commisioned as the USS HORIZON, USS PHOENIX and the USS XERXES. These ships replace the ships of the same name destroyed in what has become known as 'The Battle for The Cocoon'.
10.0730 Rebuilding of the Cocoon Fleet begins. Ten of the ships of the 10th Fleet are transfered to the Cocoon Fleet. The Fleet was reduced from 120 ships to 35 during the battle. Engineers estimate one and a half years before the Fleet can once more reach it's former strength.
10.0801 The 10th Fleet leave the Cocoon to fend for itself. At this time the USS HORIZON, USS XERXES, USS PHOENIX, USS ATHENE, USS GRYPHON, USS DURHAM, USS ZAHAL, USS IBUTHO and USS KRIEGER are the major Starfleet vessels in operation within the Cocoon. The USS KATANA is missing, apparently having 'disappeared' during 'The Battle for The Cocoon'. The USS CURIE is also missing, though a mysterious Ensign Peregrin, with a light-brown stain on his pants, has confirmed that the CURIE and it's crew are alive and well 50,000 lightyears from DS 101. Deep Space 101 has begun rebuilding following it's ordeal with the Nebulla Dwellers and the Keeper.
10.0802 Unrest on the Dergrad Homeworld leads to an attack by rebels on the Federation Embassy on their planet.

2411 - The Year of…

Stardate Event
11.0130 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Mission of Mercy?
11.0530 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Fire and Ice
11.0801 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Where Loyalties Lie
11.1010 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Vagra III

2412 - The Year of..

Stardate Event
12.0214 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Juun Mysteries
12.0814 The USS Horizon along with other delegates converged for a Summit hosted by the Hetgarot. By early 2413 the results of the Noo'Ach Peace and Trade conference are showing measurable effects as the Federation is currently considering three new civilization's applications to the UFP. Continuous trade routes have been established with the Malvedians and the Zillimese. Members of the Sori'arian race have set up commercial outlets on DS101 and are still negotiating for a more active trade with the Federation. Also See: Horizon Mission The Hetgarot Summit
12.1104 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Hope and Despair

2413 - The Year of…

Stardate Event
13.01302 The Federation/Na'Chem Ceasefire is still in effect. Although, the Na'Stiu faction continues with efforts to upset the Ceasefire. StarFleet vessels have been dispatched to attempt to negotiate with the Na'Stiu and provide peacekeeping defense. The USS SELEYA is currently pursuing negotiation efforts while the XERXES and ZEUS have been patrolling areas of intense Na'Stiu activity.
Diplomatic relations with the Juun are still considered to be in 'a tense period' and talks have been initiated to resolve the situation. Captain Mara Nemec, Juun StarFleet officer, has been assigned to the Juun homeworld to attempt to repair the situation which has recently escalated after riots in the Vu'rain province and the trial of several doctors believed to be responsible for the Genetic Experimentation scandals. This news comes only 10 months since a team led by Captain Alyza of DS 101 uncovered evidence that the Juun Union was indeed developing a weapon of mass destruction. The lives of many Seekers were lost during the investigation which ended on SD 12.0501. The recent temporal anomalies prevalent in the Cocoon seem to have waned, although official reports are still unavailable at this time.
Recent departure of Admiral Fergal McKewan has caused restructuring in the Cocoon Fleet Command. McKewan has been replaced on interim basis by field-promoted Fleet Admiral Fuschia Tino. Captain Elisabeth Davies, recently made Head of Cocoon Fleet Intelligence has been given a field promotion to Admiral and named as interim Fleet Executive Officer. All Squadron Commander positions are currently unfilled and the interim brass is in process of searching for successors. Captain Ardeous Brockman will be in command of the continuing clean-up of SFIntel in the Cocoon and Commander Foster Ryan has been assigned as new Chief Training Officer for the Fleet aboard USS Destiny.
Fleet yards across the Federation have been putting in extra efforts and brought the capacity of Starfleet's Fleet's back up to what they were. The ship yards are now slowing their production of starships and focusing on developing new designs that require less personnel, as what Starfleet lacks now is the personnel to staff the ships. All Starfleet Fleets have regained their strengths.
The new Tecumseh class battle cruiser, the first ship to be produced exclusively in the Cocoon has been retitled the USS ATHENE, in honor of the previously destroyed ATHENE. Although the ATHENE's current mission is TOP SECRET, Command has confirmed that the majority of the mission will take place outside of the Cocoon. All eyes in the Federation are awaiting results of the Tecumseh-class' maiden voyage, as production may begin at non-Cocoon shipyards.
13.0220 OP108 has completed installation of its orbital docking platform and commercial and Fleet activity continues to grow in the area. Due to extenuating circumstances, the USS COCHRANE has been recalled from its mission to investigate missing ships in the area of the wormhole. Fleet Administration is currently evaluating the situation and a new mission to investigate will begin soon.
13.0227 Captain Mara Nemec has been somewhat successful in establishing a working dialogue with leaders of anti-Federation factions. Progress is slow but noticeable.
Official reports on the temporal anomalies in the Cocoon have been released to upper administration, but remain highly classified. No further information will be presented on this matter.
Actions to relegitimize SFIntel are proceeding. Recent rogue SFIntel activity aboard the USS HAMILTON has been contained, and investigations will continue on all levels of SFIntel.
13.0316 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Dark Matter
13.0518 USS Nightingale crew completes mission: Trial of a Betazoid
13.0825 USS Horizon crew completes mission: One Stardrive Section, Slightly Used
13.1014 USS Horizon crew completes mission: Pursuit of Happiness

2414 - The Year of…

14.0714 USS Nightingale crew completes mission: Under the Cover of Winter

2415 - The Year of…

*See NPC Vessels

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