Sirius VI Plague

Sirius VI Plague was a mission carried out by the USS Nova, NCC-1776, between stardates 6.0510 and 6.0620.

Senior staff

Captain Calvin A. DiFalco
Commander N'Jira Klaen
Lt <jg> Alium von Ail
Lt <jg> Daniel Laramie

Misison summary

After passing the USS Nova through the overhaul and getting her fully staffed on Starbase ALPHA, the ship is sent to Sirius VI to help to fight a mysterious plague that threatens to wipe out the population of this Federation member world.

On the voyage the ship prepares for the worst, but it is quicky superceeded by the truth they witness shortly after the arrival. Thousands are dying and the disease is spreading fast. Soon the suspicion arises that the plague isn't natural and the fact that it started in a number of places at the same time seems to confirm the suspicion. A meeting between Captain DiFalco and Counsellor Arris in the government palace ends with the counsellors death, killed by a bomb to prevent him from giving the Nova essential information. The medical department starts to work on a treatment, running against the clock while an away team is trying to collect more information from the planetary government. After a while they find out someone from within is trying to deceive them.

Finally both teams manage a breakthrough and it becomes clear that two other members of the planetary council engineered the lethal virus that killed hundreds of thousands to gain control of the government. A cure can be found, but the evildoers manage to capture the away team and try to wipe out their knowledge with another bomb. Just in time they can be rescued, the criminals arrested.

Meanwhile a brilliantly talented engineering Ensign, eaten up with jealousy of the CEO, sabotages the engine core. The only solution to save the ship and crew is to separate the hulls and try to prevent the engineering section from colliding with the planet. In the last moment the CEO's psi talents prevent the explosion and the ship can return to Starbase Beta for repairs and replacement of the port warp pylon at low speed.

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