Shortages was a mission carried out by Deep Space 101 between stardates 9.1207 and 9.1222.

Senior staff

Captain Alyza
Lieutenant Taavek
Lieutenant Zachary Hogan
Lieutenant Junior Grade Bel Shaane
Lieutenant Commander Tinkerbell
Ensign Jake Edwards
Ensign Dionysus
Chief Petty Officer Romana Stewart

Mission summary

written by Kevin Thigpen

Following the incident involving the Ferengi mind control devices, LtCmdr. Roberts was recalled to SB OMEGA, high command feeling his 'talents' best utilized elsewhere in the fleet. Lt. Taavek assumed the positon of first officer, while Lt. Hogan took on the role of 2O. Both men retained their positions as FCO and CSO respectively.

During LtCmdr. Roberts leaving of the station, Captain Alyza experienced sadness, a brief loss of emotional control, which she attributed to her recent mind meld with Taavek's 'less disciplined' mind.

While having coffee with Taavek, Alyza recalled a passage from the prophets, part of her Bajoran heritage, a revelation soon revealed to her that the passage could be a prophecy concerning an impending confrontation with the now at war klingons over the Coccoon. She immediately forwarded a copy of the passage as well as her concerns to Commodor Yanten aboard the USS ROANOKE.

Kronus, a civilian aboard DS 101, held for attempted murder was released on parole. In addition, a recent murder on the station was solved. Two Nausicaans, former employees of the nefarious El Sombra, a shady trader aboard DS 101, were found dead. They were the murderers of another civilian on the station. Hogan surmised El Sombra had them killed to prevent them from turning on their employer. Of course, no evidence surfaced to prove this assumption.

Rissa, Lt. Zack Hogan's long time girlfriend, left the station for parts unknown. Hogan had made plans to propose to her, but… Naturally Hogan was crushed, and briefly allowed it to affect his job. His friend, and superior, Lt. Taavek reminded him of his duty to bring him out of his depression over the loss of Rissa.

A new OPs officer arrived on the station. Lt(jg) Bel Shaane arrived on DS 101 without incident and settled into his new job without hesitation.

A crisis then ensued on the station involving a shortage of raw materials used in replication, and other general uses. The BANGALORE was also recalled to OMEGA, and replaced with a newer Thunderbolt class ship, the USS HIKARU, NCC-87093. Soon after the arrival of the new vessel, the senior staff decided to retrieve the wreckage of the USS CURIE to use as raw materials to solve the station's shortage.

Prior to leaving onboard the HIKARU, Zack was contacted by his love Rissa, only to find out that she was somehow involved in a rescue attempt of the CURIE's CO. With the fact that his girlfriend Rissa would be returning soon, Hogan felt far better.

The USS HIKARU set out, with Lt. Taavek as commanding officer and Lt. Hogan, Lt(jg) Shaane, Ensign Edwards, Dr. Dionysus, and LtCmdr. Tinkerbell. Upon arriving at the scene of the CURIE's wreckage it was found infested with a swarm of unknown apparently sentient creatures. The creatures appeared to be feasting on the residual power contained within the CURIE's warp core. As the HIKARU moved in, the creatures then abandoned the CURIE's wreckage for a more delectable feast, the HIKARU herself.

Only through firing upon the creatures and some fancing flying by Lt. Taavek, was the HIKARU able to save itself from being drained of power by the unknown creatures.

After assessing their damage and cursorily studying the creatures, the HIKARU was recalled to DS 101, due to an emergency transmission from Captain Alyza. (See mission summary "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste".)

The CURIE's wreckage was towed into warp and then cut loose some light years from DS 101, allowing it's inertia to guide it to DS 101, in order to allow the HIKARU to get back to DS 101 faster.

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