Ship Specifications

Cocoon Fleet Engineering Corps

The Gaia Demeter Fleet Yards and the DS 101 Fleet Yards are the two Starfleet Engineering Corps. facilities in the Cocoon. The Gaia Fleet Yards, are capable of producing two capital starships a year, and several other ones. The Gaia Fleet Yards house the offices of the Fleet Engineering Head Commander Bel Shaane.


Federation Starship Specifications

Federation Starships by Classification

Starships in use in the Cocoon Fleet.

Runabouts and Shuttles

Image Class Name/Description Brief Active HWF Units
budapestclip.jpg Budapest Class Runabout The Budapest Class was introduced to replace the aging Danube Class Runabout, most starships have at least one Budapest Class Runabout aboard. Support Craft Only
danubeclip.jpg Danube Class Runabout Implemented in 2365, the Danube Class runabout has changed little over the last half century. Several systems and spaceframe updates have allowed the Danube class runabout to continue service for far longer than the original planned operational life time. This older class is mainly used by civilians in the Cocoon. Support Craft Only
raptorclip.jpg Raptor Class Assault Shuttle In post Klingon-war times, the Cocoon fleet began investigating the need for planetary assault craft. As a result, the Raptor Class fighters have been introduced into the fleet. Support Craft Only

Corvettes & Escorts

Image Class Name/Description Brief Active HWF Units
mataray%20clip Manta Ray Class Escort Vessel Replacing older Escort and Support vessels the Cocoon Fleet began production of the Manta Ray Class after it emerged from the Klingon War.
samuraiclip Samurai Class Corvette The SAMURAI class is the standard vessel for patrol duty inside Federation space. It is widely used in several modified versions by planetary militas of Federation worlds as well as by Starfleet Security. It is the backbone of Federation insystem security. USS Durham, USS Ibutho, USS Zahal,

Frigates and Destroyers

Image Class Name/Description Brief Active HWF Units
gryphonclip Gryphon Class Light Modular Cruiser The GRYPHON-class Light Modular Vessel is designed as a smaller alternative to the Hood Class vessels, its purpose being to provide a similar flexibility to the Hood Class, on a smaller scale. USS Gryphon
magellanclip Magellan Class Medium Science Vessel The Magellan Class vessel is a medium range science vessel featuring the most advanced sensor platforms. USS Curie, USS Yeager
Mercury%20Clip Mercury Class Fast Response Vessel Primarily designed for fast emergency response, with enhanced provision for mass medical facility's but with enough firepower to undertake a holding action to protect an area whilst backup units are found. USS Hermes
MISSING Roman Class Medium Duty Vessel Designed as a cheap and effective replacement for the dated MIRANDA class, the ROMAN Class Medium Duty Vessel has become the mainstay of the Cocoon Fleet - patrolling all the major borders, and Federation space.
starchild%20clip Starchild Class Medium Multi-Role Vessel Designed as a replacement for the aging EXCELSIOR class ships, the STARCHILD class is a versatile ship, and can serve anything from diplomatic envoy to front line battle duty. USS Destiny

Cruisers and Dreadnaughts

Image Class Name/Description Brief Active HWF Units
hawkeye%20clip Hawkeye Class, Medical and Emergency Response Vessel A Pioneer Class Variant, reconfigured into a smaller overall starship. Many of the rooms are configurable into either staterooms for diplomatic use, or secondary med bays/sickwards etc. USS Nightingale
lib%20clip Liberator Class Light Cruiser An older class of starship using once cutting edge warp technology, many Liberator Class starships were once in service. They are now primarily in civilian use. USS Katana, USS Sagan, USS Regulator, USS Loki
pioneerclip1 Pioneer Class Dual-Role Vessel The Pioneer Class vessel is configurable heavy cruiser with two saucer options. The larger Science saucer is also home to civilians and family's. The smaller, tactical saucer gives the ship a greater power to weight ratio and makes the ship a formidable warship USS Cochrane, USS John Glenn, USS Hamilton
sovclip Sovereign Class Heavy Science Cruiser The first entry into service of the SOVEREIGN-class Explorer was 2409, after several years work on a ship to counter-measure the threat of the Borg and Dominion. USS Roanoke
sundancer%20clip Sun Dancer Class Deep Space Heavy Cruiser A heavy cruiser designed for long term deep space exploration. USS Sojourner Truth
MISSING Tecumseh Class Dreadnought The Tecumseh Class was designed as a direct result of the recent of the Klingon and Dominion threats in the Cocoon. Built to outclass even the best of Starfleet's Battle ships, the Tecumseh is unique to the Gaia Ship Yards as she was designed and constructed there. USS Athene
therin%20clip Threin Class Dreadnought The Threin class starship is a heavy deep space exploration cruiser that is capable of extended deep space missions. It was designed out of the success of the Tryfan Class and the need for a new deep space cruiser capable of modular mission pod customization. USS Horizon Ncc 825002, USS Demora-Sulu
tryfanclip Tryfan Class Modular Cruiser The Tryfan Class Modular Cruiser was designed to replace the aging Nebula spaceframe used on the Hood Class Cruiser. It is one of a few Starfleet starships to feature two hulls capable of individual warp-speed operation. USS Horizon NCC 396001, USS Olympus-Mons, USS Phoenix
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