Shadow Pirates

Shadow Pirates was a mission carried out by the USS Heracles, NCC-92001, between stardates 8.0210 and 8.0502.

Mission orders

To: Commander Votrich Lenin, CO USS Heracles
From: DiFalco, Calvin Alexander, Commodore, FXO


You are to leave the Cocoon and patrol the space lanes between Bajor and the outside of the Portal. Evidence of pirate activity has been found, most likely explaining the loss of a transport with construction material. Recently another, unsuccessful attack has been reported by two tank ships while unloading deuterium at the automated refueling station in the Karbera system.

Locate the pirate base and discontinue their activity.

— DiFalco, Commodore, FXO

G1 Report Cmdr. Tulok:
Their ships seems to be of classic Maquis style, small, fast and moderatly armed. It is not clear whether the pirates are Neo-Maquis, real privateers or hired by some third party. It is advised to be cautious in case the latter applies.

Senior staff

Commander Votrich Lenin
LtCmdr Turek
Lt Robert O'Donnell
Esn Clifford Newell

Mission summary

The crew of the USS HERACLES succesfully completed the shakedown mission. We were orderd to investigate, and destroy if possible, a pirate base at Cacoon's border.

Marcus Lorenzo, Lt. O'Donnell's arch enemy escaped from Mars Penal colony. The base was discovered, cloaked from view with an ancient Klingon cloaking device, and hidden from our sensors by the intense electromagnetic and gravitational forces. Two shuttles were sent to investigate. They discovered the base, and were taken hostage.

They managed to overtake the pirates, which were discovered to be the Shadows. Marcus Lorenzo was recaptured, and is now in custody, along with thirteen other pirates that seeked refuge after the destruction of the base. They will be taken to SB OMEGA where they will be handled by the authorities.

Investigation of the the pirate base revealed a great amount of stolen data, including the partial retrieval of information regarding the Genesis device. It is unknown what data the Shadows still have.

The base was destroyed before any further information was retrieved.

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