Seoul Geo

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Basic data

Name: Seoul Geo
Rank: Lt. Cmdr. (O-4)
Assignment: USS Destiny, Advanced Training Vessel, Cocoon Fleet
Position: First Officer, Instructor
Race: Human
Hair: Short, Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 26 standard earth years
Parents/ Family:
Father: BongGun Geo (Starfleet Commander, dec.)
Mother: KayLim Geo (Starfleet Lieutenant Commander, dec.)
Siblings: Many

Physical Description:

Average human appearance, light brown skinned, slightly Asian in appearance, black hair and brown eyes, 1.8 meters in height average athletic build.

Physiological Profile:

Academy Profile:
Seoul Geo is highly intelligent, mild mannered and competent for service. Studious and assertive, he has obviously been raised by Starfleet Officers and grew up around Starship systems. He seems particularly geared towards mechanical and engineering problem solving, he may prove to be a well-qualified operations manger. Unfortunately in his third year at the Academy both of his parents were lost on the USS IPHIGENIA, when it was declared lost after being missing for six months. Although this seemed to place a heavy toll on him, he never failed any of his junior year studies.

Commander Malvo
Starfleet Academy
Psychological Analysis

Additional Profile:

Command Profile:

Lt. Seoul Geo is a forceful and intelligent leader with a milde manner of leadership style. His performance in CGT crisis situations were superb. His calm manner allowed him to keep his cool and execute well thought out commands. Those under his command may find him cold, but they should know his decisions will be based on sound judgment.

Cmdr. Dratis Drake,
Advanced CGT, OMEGA Training


Graduates SD: 14.0501
Double Major: Starship Flight Control; Security and Tactical Operations
Double Minor: Engineering and Starfleet Operations

Service Record

Stardate Event
10.0801 Enters Starfleet Academy - Earth
14.0501 Graduated from Starfleet Academy - Rank Ensign
14.0604 Assigned as assistant flight control officer, USS BEIJING
15.0105 Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer.
16.0217 Transferred to Cocoon Fleet, Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned assistant Operations Officer, USS Sojourner-Truth.
17.0511 Assigned Chief Operations Officer.
17.1230 Promoted to Second Officer.
18.0201 Promoted to Full Lieutenant.
19.0115 Temporary Reassignment, SB OMEGA, projects managing engineer, Starfleet Cocoon Fleet Yards.
19.0413 Assigned as Advanced Training Instructor on USS DESTINY, Cocoon Fleet Training Ship.
20.1130 Promoted to Lt. Cmdr. by Fleet Admiral Tergin. Assigned as First Officer.
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