Security Codes

General Security Codes

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Illegal Access of Security Codes

The easiest method to illegally access security codes is to hack them out of the main computer; however, there is ALWAYS a trail. The difficultly in detecting that trail depends on how well they covered their tracks, but there is ALWAYS the ability to detect the hack. [1]

  • WARNING: It has been reported that physically removing the gel pack and then analyzing the cellular decay within that gel pack would leave no trace in the main computer of the activity. This is a very slow method as the perpetrator would need to remove the gel pack, hook it up to a PADD Interface Card, and use a Decryption Sequence. The decay patterns of the gel packs are like fingerprints to every piece of data that has flown through them. The only evidence produced with this method would be in the gel pack itself and the PADD, both of which could be destroyed without causing much suspicion. [1]
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