Starbase Omega

Starbase Omega (commonly abbreviated to SB Omega) is located on the moon Demeter, orbiting the planet Gaia, in the Gaia Sector. It's strategic location serves to protect the entrance to Cocoon Space known as the Portal. The Station's Defense System utilizes multiple defensive turrets located around the moon. The moon once supported a vast array of life. Several specimens are on display in Omega's Reception Center. The artifacts were donated by Sebastian DiFalco.[1]

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Current Crew Complement - 2421

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Captain James Burke Male Human
CSO Lt. Lan'Tzu Male Vulcan

Fleet Administration

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Fleet CO Fleet Admiral Tergin Male El-Aurian
Fleet XO Admiral Misha Piper Female Human?
SFEng. Cmdr. Bel Shaane Male Bajoran
SFSec Cmdr. Be'Torra Female Klingon/Romulan

Starbase Design

SB Omega is constructed of multiple habitation domes including the …


Deck 2 - CO Office
Level 1 - Hanger Bay 3
Level 3 - Barber
Main Promenade - Main Dome, Security Offices
Command Dome - Level 38 - Briefing room 9
Omega's Reception Center ?

Medical Dome

The medical dome was designed to be the designated area for the shelter of civilians when the base comes under attack. Thick duranium doors seal off the dome from the rest of the station.[1]

Civilian Establishments

Gaia Incognito

Gaia Incognito began serving patrons during the construction of SB Omega. Its temporary home, during construction, was Corridor C, Conference Room 237. Part of the original description of this dignified bistro read »finest in Galactic cuisine, catering to the palates of…« It is a quiet social gathering place for civilians as well as crew members.[1]


Oraios is a multilevel bar, gaming hall, and entertainment center located in SB Omega's Main Promenade. It is run by Sarah King who is 'minding the store' until Ferengi owner Taig returns. Taig was reported missing on SD08.0209. Individual holosuites are located on the second floor, while the bar, dance floor, and casino are located on the main level.[1]

Orb Bar

As of SD 11.0101 the Orb Bar was the most well known and largest bar on station.[2]

Original Crew Complement - 2408

Senior Officers

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
CO Commodore Marius West Male Vampire
FO ? ? ? ?
2O ? ? ? ?
OPS Cmdr. Careth Broll Male ?
CSciO ? ? ? ?
CMO Lt. EMH MKII Female Hologram
CSO Lt<jg> J'Nar Male Jem'Hadar
CNS Ensign Robert Jacobs Male Human (Irish)
CEO Ensign Danny Escobedo Male Human
Marine CO Maj. Luce Male ?

Fleet Administration

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Fleet CO Admiral Catherine Scott-DiFalco Female ?
Fleet XO ? ? ? ?
SFSec Lt<cmdr> Reginald Dardick Male ?

Additional Crew

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Holodeck Trainer Lt. Da'choH Male Klingon
Quartermaster ? Aleta Fehrarh Female ?
Toxicology Lt. Melissa Ahearne Female ?
SFSec Officer Ensign HoHwI Male Klingon
SFSec Officer Ensign Luke Hunter Male Human

Civilian Personnel

Position Rank Character Name Gender Species
Gaia Incognito Owner Civilian ? ? ?
Oraios Proprietress Civilian Sarah King (Rhanan) Female Human (Grazuantus)

Mission Summaries

SD:08.0101 to SD:08.0507

One of the first major tasks to be completed by station's personnel included the installation of a Relay Beacon System between the stations located on either side of the Portal. Prior to this, communication into and out of the Cocoon was impossible. Large numbers of Bajorans began to fall ill soon after being stationed on SB Omega prompting a quarantine to be erected around the sick individuals. The Marines found a Jem'Hadar incindiary devise in the shipyards prompting a search for the saboteur on the station. The Jem'Hadar CSO was investigated for being in league with the intruder who turned out to be a Founder who's mission was to assassinate Fleet Commanding Officer Admiral Catherine Scott-DiFalco. The Founder had been controlling the CSO prompting him to fake his own death, setting a trap to capture the Founder. Unfortunately, the Founder was killed during apprehension. On a more positive note, Admiral Scott-DiFalco was discovered to be alive in her own elaborate scheme to draw out the intruder. [1]


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