Sabotage & Deceptions...

Sabotage & Deceptions… was a mission carried out by the USS Phoenix, NCC-61850, between stardates 8.1XXX and SD 9.0220.

Mission orders

To: Mar, Dalia, Captain, CO USS PHOENIX
From: DiFalco, Calvin Alexander, Commodore, FXO


Outpost 721 received a distress call from the Federation transport ship SS CONAKRY from the Irimada sector. Since the outpost is not capable to assist at this time, you are to meet with the corvette USS BANGALORE in the Sagan system and conduct a search and rescue mission.

— DiFalco, Commodore, FXO

G1 Report Cmdr. Tulok:
The SS CONAKRY is suspected to be on an illegal prospecting expedition, financed by a criminal syndicate on Juun, which is under investigation by SFSec.


The Irimada sector is largely unexplored and recently has seen increasing Na-Chem activity. Also the USS HERACLES has been severely damaged by a mysterious space phenomenon in the same vicinity.

Caution is clearly advised.

Senior Staff

CO: Captain Dalia Mar
FO: Major/Lieutenant Scott Lancia
CNS: Lieutenant JG Tinkerbelle
OPS: Lieutenant JG Julian Tifflor
CSciO: Lieutenant JG Edgar Johnson
FCO: Ensign Jason O'Neal

Mission summary

The USS Phoenix was dispatched from Starbase Omega to the Irimada Sector in search of the SS Conakry. The Conakry (a civilian freighter of questionable registry and believed to be involved in smuggling) had issued a distress signal, last position unknown. To aid the search for the freighter, and investigation into her disapperance, the Samurai Class Corvette USS Bangalore was also assigned to the mission.

Upon arriving at the appointed rendezvous co-ordinates in the Irimada Sector, the Bangalore was found adrift, and did not respond to any hails. An away team was assembled to investigate, including the Phoenix's first officer, Operations Officer, Counselor, and Flight Control Officer, as well as five starfleet marines.

Immediately after beaming aboard the Bangalore, all contact with the away team was lost, and attempts to recover them via transporter failed. The cause of this was determined to be a dispersion field created around the Bangalore from on board the corvette. The away team, seperated during transport, found that the Corvette had been captured by Na-Chem operatives, and a fair portion of the crew killed. Several phaser battles were fought when Phoenix personnel encountered Na-Chem, with one identified leader fleeing the scene of one such battle.

The away team was successful in deactivating the dispersion field and retaking the corvette. The Bangalore, now in the temporary command of Phoenix's first officer, and the Phoenix set about pursuing the escaped Na-Chem, travelling to a previously unexplored system containing a strange dust shell.

Immediately upon arrival, the Phoenix and Bangalore came under fire from several Sparrow Class Na-Chem gunboats, coming from within the dust shell. The enemy vessels were destroyed, and the decision to investigate the shell and its contents made. Attempts to penetrate the shell with sensors, even those included in the Phoenix's AUGUR Array, were unsuccessful.

The Bangalore was about to proceed inside when all contact was lost once again. The activation of a device that appeared to be a Romulan designed cloaking device resulted in the complete shutdown of all navigation, propulsion, and communication systems, and also triggered a countdown. Upon closer examination, the device proved to be an experimental explosive of extremely high power, centered on a balladium core. Disarmament of the bomb was made possible when the Phoenix's Counselor successfully obtained the countdown abort codes from Starfleet Intelligence.

Following a close examination of the weapon, it and another like it were determined to have been stolen from a highly secret Starfleet Intelligence facility. It was suggested and later proven by interrogation that the orginal Na-Chem plan was to capture the Bangalore using a distress signal from the SS Conakry as bait.

Once in possession of the corvette, the Na-Chem proceeded to steal the two experimental balladium explosives. Their plan was to then take the Bangalore to Federation Outpost 721 (Cocoon One), and detonate one bomb, thereby destroying the facility. (See related files on Na-Chem activity concerning Outpost 721).

Having been prevented from carrying out this plan by the intervention of the USS Phoenix, the Na-Chem switched to their backup plan. Crew members from the USS Bangalore taken hostage and held inside the dust shell were 'allowed' to escape aboard the SS Conakry. Unbeknownst to the escaping starfleet personnel, the Conakry contained the second balladium explosive and a hidden vanguard of Na-Chem, including the previously observed leader. (Later identified as one 'Neema.')

Predictably, the escapees headed for the nearest Federation base - Outpost 721. Using a runabout, the crew of the Phoenix performed a rapid mapping of the interior of the dust shell, confirming that the Conakry and the Na-Chem leader had indeed departed. The Phoenix's captain ordered a maximum sustainable pursuit, and sent a subspace communique direct to Outpost 721, warning of the impending danger.

The USS Phoenix and USS Bangalore caught up with the Conakry just as the freighter reached the 15 light year combat space patrol (CSP) line established by the outpost's resident fighter wing. The Phoenix proceeded to disable the freighter with the assistance of Cocoon One fightercraft, removing the immediate threat.

Transporter discrimination was used to safely evacuate the starfleet personnel aboard the freighter. The Phoenix's first officer then boarded the freighter, using special operations techniques to neutralise resistance, and disarm the second weapon. During his actions, the officer encountered and confirmed the death of 'Neema.'

Having neutralised the potential threat, the Phoenix attempted to tow the Conakry to Cocoon One. However due to unprecedented stress caused by the tractor beam, the Conakry's structural integrity was breached, and the ship (including the balladium bomb) exploded.

At this time, the mission objectives have been deemed to be completed. The SS Conakry's involvement and subsequent fate has been determined, and the threat to Outpost 721 removed.

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