Risa Abductions

Risa Abductions was a mission carried out by the USS Fenris, NCC-800, between stardates 7.0613 and 7.0912.

Senior staff

Captain Calvin A. DiFalco
LtCmdr Daniel Laramie
Esn Tzak-Rathri
LtCmdr. Alium von Ail
Lt <jg> Elizabeth Dixon
Esn Loret Hakajun
Esn Moira Morton

Mission summary

The USS FENRIS is asked to go on a mission for Starfleet Security. On Risa, the famous holiday planet, a number of female Federation citizens and natives vanished. It is assumed that they have been abducted by a white slavery organisation presumed to be controlled by Ferengi.

In the mission briefing it is decided to observe the organisation from various angles. Two female crewmembers, Dr. von Ail and Lt Dixon volunteer to pose as tourists and bait, specifically requested by two other officers, LtCmdr Laramie and Esn Tzak-Rathri, who will pose as customers. Head nurse Morton will pretend to be a bodyguard for hire to get into the organisation itself while acting Ensign O'Rourke will show up as private investigator to distract from the real investigation.

After preparing backgrounds for the teams they start to Risa on separate ways while the Fenris pretends to cartograph nearby systems with the DELPHI array. Soon Morton meets with a Miki Zooli, a playboy on the outside, psychopathic drug abuser and chief of the local white slavery ring beneath.

Laramie, under the alias of Silas Grenshaw, and his 'bodyguard' Tzak alias Ftessh quickly make contact with one of Zooli's men with the help of a friend Laramie made on his way to earth to attend his trial. They walk around town to mark the women of their choice, picking Dixon and von Ail. Meanwhile O'Rourke starts to investigate the disappearance of two Bajoran tourists, trying to attract the organisation's attention. Tzak discovers that he and Laramie are under observation and manages to catch the observer, a Sivaoan P.I. called Riverlights. He and Laramie convince her to have them meet her employer, the leader of the Risaan Women's movement, Darieth S'Illeide, who promptly fires her investigator for her incompetence. Laramie and Tzak reveal themselves to Darieth as Starfleet officers to get her reluctant support.

Ayisha finds out about two suspects, the two met with Grenshaw the first evening. The next morning Alium and Elizabeth are injected with a radioactive isotope and beamed away, using that as a marker, in an unobserved moment to Zooli's depository, a heavily guarded fortress-like villa outside town. The suspects confront O'Rourke, one gets killed in self-defense and she deflects the suspicion of murder on the other to take them out of the game. A hypospray with a load of the isotope is among her discoveries, to be analyzed on the ship.

Meanwhile on the ship arises a problem as the computer malfunctions on a holodeck and traps the counselor and assistant CSO in a dangerous simulation.

By coincidence a third woman has been abducted that day: Riverlights. She fights Zooli as he comes to harrass and threaten the abductees into submission, his revenge leaves her crippled and severely injured. Dixon uses the distraction to implant a communications relay virus into Zooli's computer system, transferring a copy of all his communications to the Fenris. When O'Rourke sneaks into the hotel room Riverlights occupied, she discovers traces of the isotope and particle emissions indicating the way the abductions took place. Using the secretly placed transmitter Alium carries, the Fenris is able to locate the women.

A communication between Zooli and Mulva, owner of the ship that takes the women from Risa to their unknown customers, warns the Fenris about the pending transport of the abductees. DiFalco decides to try to free them in an ambush on the villa, covered by a mass transport of shore leave personnel to the planet. Unknown to his comrades, Tzak sneaks into the villa before the attack takes place and tries to kill Zooli, fallen in love with Riverlights and knowing about her abduction. Zooli survives but Tzak manages to beam out the badly injured and raped Sivaoan and escape without being identified. Preparing the attack carefully, it proves to be an empty strike, Zooli fled in time, warned by Tzak's stalk attack, the women are gone.

The same night Laramie and Tzak leave the planet to rendezvous with Mulva's ship Hooke to pay for the 'merchandise' and take them aboard their 'yacht'. An away team from the Fenris goes to the planet to secretly destroy Zooli's transporter system, now that it is known how it operates. The trade works and the four officers return to the Fenris which is pursuing the Hooke at safe distance, hoping for it to lead them to the black hat in the background after getting the news about the ambush on Zooli's installation.

O'Rourke manages to find Riverlights and take her to the relative safety of Darieth's Women's Movement headquarter, but Lt Mayfair, leader of the away team is shot by a sniper in Zooli's service and severely injured. The away team manages to catch the criminal and G'rendel intrudes into the transporter installation, destroying it, while the away team under Esn Hakajun rescues Mayfair to Darieth's place as well. The emergency call to the Fenris is answered and von Ail and Lt McArthur hurry back to Risa to bring medical assistance for Riverlights and Mayfair and prepare the headquarter for the expected ambush by Zooli's men, out for revenge.

Meanwhile the Fenris observes the meeting between the Hooke and an unknown ship. Deciding not to let them get away with their load of abducted women the Fenris moves in, beaming off all life from the Hooke and tractoring the other ship that turns out to be a Ferengi marauder. The Damon's attempt to destroy the evidence against him is stopped in a short fight and he and Mulva are taken into custody. The Ferengi ship is searched thoroughly and returned to the former first officer, to report back to the homeworld for an investigation by the Ferengi Chamber of Commerce DiFalco managed to initiate. The Hooke is taken over and after removing a dangerous booby trap, sent to Starbase Gamma under command of Lt Daniels and Lt Tzak.

The Fenris returns to Risa and picks up their crew and injured, including Riverlights. Her life can be saved through complicated surgery, but she will have to stay aboard for some time for further treatment. It is decided to let her work in 10 Forward during her stay. DiFalco transfers an amount of money that has been found as payment for the 'slaves' to Darieth's organisation for their help, then the Fenris heads back to Starbase Gamma as well, to return the rescued women and get new orders.

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