Rick Rescorla

Basic Data

Name: Rick Rescorla


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Security Officer, USS Demora-Sulu
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Terra Nova
Date of Birth: February 31, 2386
Age: 35 Standard Years
Height: 75 inches (1.9 meters)
Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)


Parents still live on Terra Nova. One brother, Two sisters.


Rescola has been described most often as a 'cold, unforgiving bastard' ever since his wife died in 2413. At the same time, his superiors in the TSPD heap accolades uponhis cases-solved and conviction rate. Even those that hatedhim during his time with the TSPD admired his sense of duty,honesty, and loyalty. During his tenure as ChiefInvestigator, unit efficiency, morale, and standards improved dramatically.

Similar reports were received from his commanders during his yearly Reserve service. Rescorla has never had less than a 4.0 efficiency report.

Rescorla tends to speak his opinion when he perhaps should have held his tongue. This tendency has been especially evident since 2413. On Tallien IV, he frequently angered his superiors and the politicians. The criminal element ofTallien's society both feared him and respected him. The general public of Tallien either loved him or hated him. There was very little middle ground. He is not beyond using guile and non-standard methods to accomplish his objective.

Service Record:

Stardate Event
04.0101 Admitted Starfleet Academy. Major: Security/Tactical Studies. Minor: Engineering/ Diplomatic Relations
08.1231 Graduated Starfleet Academy
08.0101 Assigned USS MARK BINGHAM, Security Officer.
08.0601 Promoted to Ensign and transfered to six month tour of duty at Starfleet Command and General Staff College.
09.0101 Promoted to Lieutenant<jg> . Assigned to Starfleet Counter-Intelligence Task Force, activities under Security Seal.
11.1201 Injury in line of duty requires amputation ofleft arm below the elbow. Fitted with android replacement which is indistinguishable from biological under most scanning techniques. Promoted to Lieutenant.
12.0101 Resigns from Starfleet Active Service. Assigned Starfleet Reserve for ten-year service. Continues to update his skills and Starfleet status by participating in yearly Active Starfleet Duty for 30 days each year.
12.0612 Immigrates to Tallien IV in the Armstrong Sector of the Cocoon. Hired as a member of the TSPD (Tallien Security & Police Department).
12.1009 Marries Sandra Brace, a recent immigrant to Tallien IV.
12.1229 Rick learns that Sandra is pregnant with their first child.
13.0107 Sandra Brace Rescorla dies in bombing of Tallien Department of Health Building. USS Nightingale Datafile Rescorla Continues to investigate — in conjunction with the crew of the USS Nightingale - the corporate paramilitary group responsible for unleashing a lethal virus upon Tallien IV's population and bombing of government buildings in an effort to destabilize the government and take over the planet's very productive Tri-lithium mining operations.
13.0915 Promoted to Chief Investigator TSPD.
20.0110 Recalled to Active Duty and assigned Chief Security Officer, USS Olympus-Mons
21.0930 Transferred and assigned Chief Security Officer, USS Demora-Sulu
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