Reyan Jolan

Basic Info

First Name: Reyan Loe
Family Name: Jolan
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Service Number: 17369-RGF-0116
Current Position: Chief Operations Officer, USS DEMORA-SULU
Race: Romulan
Sex: Male
Age: 26 Federation standard years
DOB: SD2394.0123

Physical description:

Skin: tan-grey
Hair: black, cut close
Eyes: very dark brown
Height: 1.7 meters (5' 7")
Weight: 58.96 Kg (130 lbs)
Distinctive Features: none- standard Romulan ears and face ridges
Though slight in appearance he has a solid compact frame that contains a great deal of strength. His eyes appear cold and sometimes seem calculating. He rarely smiles. Jolan’s skin is light tan-grey of most Romulans, and his overall complexion is described by some as cold; however his face is amazing symmetrical, making him very attractive to some beauty standards.

POB: Soulja Star City - Sisters Hope Federation Colony
Planet: S.Hope-6; System: SoulHope; Sector: Amorian


Soulja City Federation Colonial School System - Primary through Secondary School

Starfleet Academy (4 years)
Majors: starship engineering operations
Minor: starship operations management, starship theory

Accelerated Program, Federation Peace Institute: Galactic Politics;
Power and Command Theories; Civilizations and Power in Post Warp-Development;

Papers published in Starfleet Academy Journal:
“The Limits of The Command/Power Philosophy: Civilizations of Discontent in the Socio-Galactic Politics of Collective Cooperation”
“Liberty and Dissidents in the Galactic Post-Sovereign Era”

Personality Profile:

He is very academic in his approach to everything, including life. Jolan is quiet and like many Romulans, introverted. When he does speak it will be deliberate and relevant. Although he will partake in idle conversation, he generally listens more than contributes. He prefers to spend time alone, or with one or two others, and generally shies away from large groups social situations. He is highly intelligent and humble. His solemn demeanor often gives others the impression that he is angry, ill tempered or deceiving. His sense of humor is dry, and only surfaces with those he knows.

Family History

In 2376, the Jolan family are among the first settlers of a newjoint
Romulan-Federation colony in the aftermath of the Dominion War in the
Amorian sector. The Jolan Family is one of the founders of Soulja
Star City.

The Jolan’s are political and community leaders in the new peace
colony established in the Amorian sector. Their work includes
helping to coordinate an underground network to get political
dissidents from Romulus to safety. A beacon for the federation peace
movement between the Federation and the Romulan star Empire, the
colony grew quickly.

By 2399 Eill Jolan had become the Sector Representative to the
Federation Congress, leading a lobby for Romulan Federation Peace.
She has been unsuccessful, though relations have strongly warmed in
part to Ambassador Ruce Jolan and the federation peace mission in
Romulan territory.

There is a sense of shame that Reyan chose to join Starfleet instead
of pursue and academic or political career.


Father: Ruce Jolan– Federation Ambassador, Peace Mission Romulus
Mother: Eill Jolan– Sector Representative, Federation Congress
Siblings: Go Jolan (brother)– Mayor, SouljaStar City, Sister Hope Colony,
Sche Jolan (sister)- Colony Chief
Administrator, Sister Hope Colony
Partner: None.
Children: None.


Stardate: 12.0915 – Entered Starfleet Academy
Stardate: 16.0616 – Graduate Starfleet. Not selected for Advanced
Command testing and placement. Rank: Ensign
Stardate: 16.0618 – Frontier Assignment: Cocoon
Stardate: 16.0810 – Arrives Starbase OMEGA – HQ Cocoon Frontier
Fleet, reports to Fleet Personnel Officer for assignment.
Stardate: 16.0811 – Assigned USS CHUPACABA – O1 Engineer
Stardate: 16.0815 – Arrives USS CHUPACABRA. Assigned as Gamma Shift
Lead Engineer under CEO Lt. Singh.
Stardate: 17.0923 – CHUPACABRA is reported Missing In Action while
investigating as spacial anomaly in the Denalitis system in the
Metrall Sector. USS HORIZON sent to investigate.

[Official Debrief from Chupacabra Survivors Classified.]

SD 17.0907: Lt. Darwin of the USS Chupacabra records a personal log
entry that will later be jettisoned aboard a buoy and discovered by
the USS Horizon.
SD 17.0912. Lt. Darwin of the USS Chupacabra records another personal
log entry that will later be jettisoned aboard a buoy and discovered
by the USS Horizon.
SD 17.0925: Captain Burke announces the USS Horizon's next mission to
his senior staff; under Admiral Tandro's orders the Horizon is to
proceed to the Metrall sector in response to a distress call sent by
the USS Chupacabra, NCC-812008. The Chupacabra, commanded by Captain
Forsyth, was last known to be monitoring the collision of two neutron
stars in the Denalitis system. The Horizon is fitted with an Augur
Sensory Array Pod before getting underway.
SD 17.1024: As the Horizon approaches the Denalitis system, a message
buoy from the Chupacabra is discovered and transported aboard.
Analysis reveals several log entries by Lieutenant Darwin, the
Chupacabra's chief science officer, describing the vessel's run-in
with a rogue gravitational field phenomenondubbed a "bumper"
resulting in a narrow escape from destruction.
SD 18.0315: The USS Horizon returns home from 15th-century Earth,
arriving at Point Havoc. Upon returning to the Cocoon Portal, the
senior staff are interrogated by Starfleet's Temporal Operations
Security Department, led by Commander Gr'Well. It is learnt that the
Chupacabra's journey into the past was deliberately instigated by
Julius Scipio.]

Due to Ensign Reyan Jolan's actions when the ship was breaking up
lives were saved. The HORIZON’s mission rescues Jolan and several
other survivors of the CHUPACABRAS crew back in time.

Stardate: 18.0414 – Promoted to Lt.<jg>. for his actions on during the
Chupacabra's break up, Reyan Jolan is assigned to USS HORIZON as O-2
Stardate: 18.0418 – Lt.<jg> Jolan assigned as Acting CEO by Captain Burke.
Stardate: 18.0602 – Cmdr. Davis Porter Assigned as CEO. Jolan
assigned as assistant CEO. Jolan is given much autonomy by Cmdr.
Porter, who will focus most of his time on research.

[From LOG HOZN - SD 18.0813: Ensign Abden Roy, Ensign Taraa, Ensign
Wandu, Chief Gabby Smith and PO Gillich are among the Horizon's crew
up to this time. Abden Roy is possessed by P'ronflRr'ecx while part of
team accessing the Horizon's systems via Jeffries tube. The possessed
Roy is responsible for killing Gillich with a phase welder as Reyan
Jolan and crewman Garcia struggle to apprehend him. Elsewhere on the
ship, Lucy Freeman detects the possession with her
mild empathic abilities.]

Stardate: 19.0228 – Assigned Assistant OPS Officer, USS HORIZON
Stardate: 20.0329 - Assigned Chief OPS Officer, aboard newly
commissioned USS DEMORA SULU, a Threin Class Starship under CO Lt.
Commander Dennis Hanson
Stardate: 20.0901 - Assigned Chief OPS Officer, USS DEMORA SULU under
CO Lt. Commander Layton Warfield.
Stardate: 21.0929 - Assigned Chief OPS Officer, USS DEMORA SULU under
Captain Darr'Chuh

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