Reetaw'agah is the chief medical officer(CMO) aboard the Threin-class USS DEMORA-SULU
[as of 21.0525 (which is RL May 25, 2009)]


Name: Reetaw'agah

Name breakdown: Reet = feminine prefix
Aw = half-clan name
Agah = personal identifier

Height: 6' 2" (approx. 1.88m)

Weight: 96 lbs (approx. 43.545kg)

Coloration: primarily white with black flight and tail feathers as well as an orange-brown crest

Sex: female

Race: Reestee

Race description: similar in appearance to the Terran Secretary Bird, the Reestee are primarily carnivorous with very limited capacity for consuming plant derived foods and an unwavering moral standard against eating sentient creatures

Traditions: privately observes all Reesteean festivals in a limited fashion

Age: equivalent of 34 Terran years as of 20.0916


  • earned MD-equivalent degree on Reehest
  • earned MD on Earth
  • OTC graduated
  • CGT

Beliefs: slightly expanded from Reesteean standard she is more tolerant of isolation than is common and less possessive

Hobbies: plays the mrehleh (a Reesteean forked flute)

Quirks: enjoys Orange Juice (w/o Vitamin D)

Parents: Reetaw'adeb

Siblings: Rawlaw'etur

Place of birth: hatched on the Awlaw estate 13.6 km from the Reebmahl Capital Complex

Home Planet: Reehest

Spouse: Rawlaw'erun

Children: Reetaw'alew

Ambitions: to significantly contribute to the safety and/or longevity of peaceful sentient beings

Annoyances: people who are self-destuctive or, worse still, reckless with their own AND others' lives

Service History:

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