The Reestee are an avian race of humanoids which colonized an M-Class planet in the Metrall sector of the Cocoon. Their homeworld, Sahtrey, is actually located in the Gamma Quadrant. The colony world was named Reehest and has one large moon, Hewleh. No planet in the Cocoon was their original destination, but after their Wanderer-class colony vessel blundered through the Veil [possibly creating the Portal] they were unable to escape the Cocoon in their damaged ship and eventually settled. Their ships were, at the time of contact, more advanced than SF vessels in defensive capabilities such as shielding, sensors, structural integrity, inertial dampening, and warp drive. They remain slightly more advanced in these areas as by far the majority of their research goes into such systems. Their offensive capabilities lag by 40 or more years. No interest has been shown in upgrading these systems by studying or obtaining SF standard equipment.

Reehest is governed by a primarily female meritocracy. The three branches of government are the Seat of Decision, the Representation Assembly, and the Courts of Judgement. Replacement of an individual may be attempted at any time, though accomplishing such a replacement can be a lengthy process. A No Confidence Referendum must pass by 70% to remove an individual from their postion. All Reestee of at least 25 years in the individual's area of responsibility are asked to vote, both on NCRs and anything the official may wish to bring before them.

A peaceful encounter between the Federation Survey ship USS STAR MAGIC and the Reesteean Defender MOON CLAW 9.0827 was Starfleet's introduction to the species. A meeting between the Reesteean Decidor and a Federation Ambassador was arranged shortly thereafter. A Federation Embassy was opened on Reehest 10.0213. Personnel exchange between the Reesteean Guard and Starfleet was initiated 10.1105. A Reesteean Embassy was opened on SB OMEGA 11.1004. The first Reestee graduated from Starfleet Academy 13.0427. Reehest opened to "casual visits" by tourists, researchers, and others 15.0318.

Very similar in appearance to the Terran Secretary Bird, Reestee are a study in contradictions. Most of their plumage is a shining white; except their flight and tail feathers which are a sooty black and their crests. They have low body-mass, females are 40 - 48kg and males are 45 - 52kg, yet they are extremely muscular and can deliver quite a powerful kick. Reestee have needle sharp talons on every finger and toe as well as a predatory beak, yet they are non-aggressive. They have tough, elastic skin on most of their body which becomes armor-like on their legs and feet, but they back away immediately (in most situations) when physically threatened. Reesteean crests are red-brown in females and bluish-purple in males, with the eyes a paler shade. The crest shifts to brilliant red in females and solid true-blue in males during the breeding season(early spring).


Those genetically related are split into half-clans by sex (eg: the Awlaw clan splits into the female half-clan 'Aw,' and the male half-clan 'Law.') After fledging, males infrequently see their mother except in public or clan venues as their continued training is handled by their father. The reverse is true for females as well; they infrequently see their father after growing their flight feathers because their training is handled entirely by their mother. The subjects a juvenile studies depends, traditionally, on their aptitudes. The interest the young shows in one subject or another has, in recent decades, become rather important as well. No individual is barred from an area of study or other pursuit based on family history. Each is judged based on their personal accomplishments. Females win their mates in contests ranging in intensity from pushing matches to all-out battles and are thereafter very possessive (making it inadvisable for females of any race to enter a Reesteean roost or any room a paired male may be alone in.)

Because of the continual presence of the Awwwgh predator, no festivals are conducted outside the protective shelter of the residence caves. The number of holidays on the Reesteean calendar is, nonetheless, astounding. In Spring alone, the major celebrations include: Frost Break, Snow Toss, Free River, High Song, Heart Challenge, Bonding, Sprout Peek, Budding, Leaf Spread, and Flower Rain. Special vertical caverns with connections to many clan caves are used to house the celebrations. Another tradition of social import is the Great Hunt, in which a young Reestee can earn the Hunter distinction by tracking down and killing each of a number of dangerous prey animals within a single year. No weaponry other than that a Reestee is born with is permitted.

Sentient life is highly prized by all Reestee. They will inevitably refuse to eat the flesh of an intelligent being regardless of circumstance. Reestee most often refuse to fight with non-Reestee sentients as well and will, in fact, inexorably come to the aid of any in distress even if it costs their own life. The one exception is those known to selfishly or cruelly take the lives of other sentients. The Borg, for instance, receive no sympathy whatsoever from Reestee and are, in point of fact, vehemently loathed by the peaceful avians.


Reestee are universally deadly allergic to Vitamin D. The resulting toxemia displays symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication, but worsens without the counteragent until the avian dies. They are primarily carnivorous, with extremely limited tolerance for plant derived foods. Reestee have a higher than average metabolic rate and must be certain to consume sufficient calories each day. They are flight capable, given gravity up to 112% of Earth normal and atmospheric density at least 74% of that at Earth's sealevel, and flying is an energy draining activity.

The talons on a Reestee's hands can be very precisely positioned, making them very dextrous. The length of the 'arm' segment of their wings gives them a longer reach than most species of the same height. Females range from 1.75m-2.3m high and males are typically 1.5m-2.05m. Most impressive, however, is the speed at which they move. Reestee could easily handle Terra's cobras and other quick-striking creatures.

The cells in a Reesteean's body are of entirely unique construction. One benefit is utter immunity to viruses Humans and similar races can be infected with. Bacteria and other disease-causing microbes which do not enter the cells are capable of infecting both, but viruses cannot cross to or from Reestee.

Reestee are susceptible to potentially lethal Seperation Anxiety. If removed from a supportive group, a Reestee becomes steadily more agitated and driven to seek friendly individuals until overstimulation leads to tachycardia and, eventually, cardiac arrest.

The rarest death among Reestee is from old age. Permanent loss of feathers (atypical molting) is the primary sign of this most unusual mortal condition. There is some evidence to support the hypothesis that this fact is what leads to the odd reverance Reestee show toward bald Humans.

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