Portal Sector

The Portal Sector is located outside of the Cocoon and is part of the Alpha Quadrant near the Bajoran homeworld.


Systems within the Portal Sector

Karbera System

This system is half-way between the Portal and Bajor. It is home to an automatic refueling station. The USS Heracles engaged a group of pirates in this system. [1]

Jalaco System

This is an insignificant binary system, that the USS Heracles tracked three pirate vessels to, on SD08.0321. The twin stars rotate around each other at an orbit of 12.5 billion kilometers with no known outposts located within this system. Contact was lost with these vessels upon entering the system, and a hidden base was located within the LaGrange Point between the two stars in the gravity well overlap. The base was located and destroyed on SD:08.0410. The criminal Marcus Lorenzo and 13 additional pirates, all members of The Shadows, were captured and transported to Starbase Omega. Pirate activity in the Portal Sector has been reduced by nearly 20% with the destruction of this base. [1]

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