The Portal

The Portal is the only known entrance into the Cocoon. It is the thinnest area in the wall, also known as The Veil, is the portal being approximately 70,000km in thickness. Most areas of the veil area in excess of 500,000km in thickness, though there are two other known areas with thicknesses ranging from 350,000km to 400,000km. This supports the Two-Folded-Areas formation theory. [1]

There is a very bright reddish glow from the Cocoon as seen from direction outside of the Portal. [2]

For a more detailed look at the actual walls please refer to The Veil.

Effects of Ships Entering the Portal

There is a build up of polarization fields within the walls that set up massive energy storms. The ship acts as a lightning rod and attracts the discharges. There are some indications that the ionization discharges that occur during these storms are causing small subspace anomalies within the wall itself. The lightning activity seems to increase as the thickness of the wall increases. [1]

Warp Field Effects Inside the Portal

While in the Portal, the warp fields attract every charged particle within a million kilometers. (It is bad enough under impulse power.) Vessels are unable to create a subspace field as all of their reactions slow as warp is approached. Navigation has to be more precise as the slowed reactions leave less time to react to objects within their path. [2]

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