Personnel in the Cocoon, or associated with the Cocoon Fleet.

You may locate the biofiles of all personnel assigned throughout the Cocoon Fleet by searching for their Full Name: (Exceptions are made for individuals only known by a single name)

Current Active Personnel Roster

According to Rank

Rank/Name Billet Race/Gender Status Player
Fleet Admiral Tergin Fleet Commanding Officer, Cocoon Fleet El-Aurian Male Active/Perm geoffrey
Admiral Misha Piper Fleet Executive Officer, Cocoon Fleet Human Female Active/Perm EJ
Captain James Burke Commanding Officer, SB Omega Human Male Semi-Active/Perm Don
Captain Alyza Commanding Officer, DS 101 Bajoran/Vulcan Female Semi-Active/Perm Aly
Captain Pol Canon Chief Counselor, DS 101 Betazoid Male Semi-Active/Perm Paul
Commander Bel Shaane Engineering Corps Head, Gaia Fleet Yards Bajoran Male Active/Perm geoffrey
Commander Reetaw'agah Chief Training Officer & Commanding Officer, USS Destiny Reestee Female Active/Perm Janet
Commander Ma'kauran Unassigned, USS Cochrane ?? Female Acive/Perm EJ
Commander Darr'chuh Commanding Officer, USS Olympus-Mons Mov Male Active/Perm Janet
Commander Nova'Song Commanding Officer, USS Horizon Mystic Female Semi-Active/Perm geoffrey
Lt. Commander Layton Warfield Commanding Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Human Male Active/Perm EJ
Lt. Commander Kallesin 'n Galeda First Officer, USS Olympus-Mons Android Male Active/Perm David M
Lieutenant Ro Jarrod First Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Betazoid Male Active/Perm Robert
Lieutenant Mercedes McCarter Chief Security Officer USS Artemis Human Female Semi-Active/Perm Kathy
Lieutenant Rick Rescola Chief Security Officer USS Olympus-Mons Human Male Active/Perm Don
Lieutenant Reeko Blackadder Chief Engineering Officer USS Olympus-Mons Human Male Active/Perm David G
Lieutenant Sandra Thyme Chief Operations Officer USS Horizon Human Female Semi-Active/Perm Don
Lieutenant<jg> Solari Incheon-Wayfarer First Officer, USS Artemis Human Male Active/Perm geoffrey
Lieutenant<jg> Narvor M'Tress Chief Engineer and Second Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Human Male Active/Perm John
Lieutenant<jg> T'Lin Chief Science Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Vulcan Female Active/Perm Marilyn
Liutenant<jg> Daniel Trilone Flight Control Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Human Male Active/Perm Robert
Ensign Se'vek Noozen Chief Security Officer, USS Demora-Sulu Romulan/Betazoid Male Active/Perm Kelly
Ensign Allynda ilm Warrqen Chief Science Officer, USS Olympus-Mons Akkadain Female Active/Perm Marilyn
Ensign Vanessa Adan Chief Medical Officer, USS Olympus-Mons Human Female Active/Perm Petra
Civ. Josh & Jayne Blackwell Chief Science Specialists, USS Artemis Human Male & Femaile Semi-Active/Perm Brittany
Civ. William Winder Barkeep USS Olympus-Mons Human Male Semi-Active/Perm Doug

An accounting of all Personnel (alphabetical order)

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A roster of all Criminals and Suspicious individuals

A roster accounting for all Criminals and Suspicious Persons encountered within the Cocoon.

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