Ogano Nebula

Ogano Nebula was a mission carried out by the USS Fenris, NCC-800, between stardates 7.0301 and 7.0613.

Senior staff

Captain Calvin A. DiFalco
Commander Careth Broll
Lt <jg> Thesonik
Lt Rick Slick
Lt <jg> T'Kara
Lt <jg> G'rendel
Esn Stee Jahns
Esn Elizabeth Dixon and
acting Esn Ayisha O'Rourke

Mission summary

The new USS FENRIS is ordered to enter the unique Ogano Nebula and make use of its advanced sensor system to study the protostar cloud inside. The nebula is surrounded by dense dark matter that is both inpenetrable to signals and ships at warp speed, the only entrance is guarded by a star system with extreme gravity forces that only will allow a starship to pass every 37 years without tearing it apart.

After successfully penetrating the nebula, the Fenris discovers that beside the protostar filaments it contains a planetoid and artifacts. Upon closer investigation they turn out as automated guardian ships, preventing the Fenris from carrying out its mission. It is decided to try to exhaust their firepower with empty torpedo casings aimed in their direction and to use the short time the ships need to collect energy to board and disable them. At the same time an away team is sent to the planetoid to set up an unmanned observation station to collect long term observation data on the protostars as well as to investigate on strange signals, maybe of sentinent origin, from the planetary body.

The ship team encounters resistance from robotic guardian systems inside the leading ship, but manages both to disable the systems and gather valuable informations about its function before they return to the Fenris. Another guardian vessel is vaporated from a final blast fired at the away team's shuttle, piloted riskily by Lt <jg> Thesonik, from the third guardian ship.

The planetoid team discovers a giant bay cut into the surface of the planet, but is caught by a tractor beam and hauled in without a chance to escape. After managing to get into the corridors of the building cut into the stone of the planetoid, they realize they are in a prison, long given up by whoever was using it, but still inhabited by a society that formed from the descendants of the abandoned original prisoners. Dixon manages to decode the strange communications and sets up a translator database.

The team decides to split. Lt <jg> G'rendel and Ensign Dixon search and discover the controls for the tractor beams and manage to disable them, encountering a group of children belonging to the 'engineers'. Captain DiFalco, Counselor Jahns and some security explore the corridors and encounter another group acting as 'wardens'.

Meanwhile the Fenris is avoiding to be destroyed by warden ships that have been attracted from deeper inside the nebula by the destruction of the guardian of the planetoid. Playing dead they orbit the planetoid in safe distance to the tractor beam, taking passive scans of the protostar cloud to fulfill their mission. Soon, however, the time before the entrance closes is running out and there is no sign of the planetoid team to return.

Commander Broll decides to take the ship out as ordered by the Captain. Leaving the cloud they notice that they are pursued by two unknown vessels. As they approach during the dangerous passage through the closing channel between the stars, they can be identified as the away team's shuttles, each carrying a cargo container full of refugees from the prison slung under their hulls.

Under the assault of the merciless gravity they threaten to be destroyed, but the Fenris manages to beam out everyone in time before the Galileo explodes. Apart from radiation burns the crew and passengers are ok, the Fenris sets course to rendezvous with the USS Horizon to hand over their guests.

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