New Worlds, New Civilizations

New Worlds, New Civilizations was a mission carried out by the USS Athene, NCC-92002, between stardates 10.0226 and 10.XXXX.

Mission orders

To: LtCmdr. Demetrius Simms, CO - USS ATHENE
From: Comdr. Datun Yanten, Fleet XO HWF, CO - USS ROANOKE

Lieutenant Commander,

The ATHENE is ordered to undertake one of the most sensitive missions any vessel in the Starfleet ever has to perform. Recently, the USS AVALON has detected signs of basic warp technology in the Guishy System in sector 3 (the Pieri Sector). Federation scientists who have observed the culture have also confirmed that the race on the fourth planet in the system have developed primitive warp technology.

The USS ATHENE is to observe a warp flight as proof that this race are suitable for first contact. Then you are to make first contact with the planetary government.

This, as you know, is a highly sensitive mission. Our scientists report this race likely to be Xenophobic in nature, so every attempt must be made to prove that you will not halm them. Thankfully the race are reported to be peaceful too - hopefully they will not break from this nature to react to your arrival.

Recently the scientists have reported a large excess of natural resources on the planet - an over production of farm produce. If first contact is succesful this might prove advantaguous if we could buy food to supply our installations in the Cocoon. The war with the Klingons is slowly cutting off our outside supply routes making the procurement of alternative supplies a priority.

Good luck Lieutenant Commander.
Comdr. Datun Yanten

Senior staff

CO: Captain Demetrius Simms
XO: Commander Joanne Carters
CSciO: Lt<jg> Hanara
CEO: Lt<jg> Hi' Wee
CSO: Lt<jg> Jack Stone
CMO: Lt<jg> Yvette Delacroix
CNS: Lieutenant LaLonde Elanyi

Mission summary

written by Clark Goble

While en route to the Guishy System, the Athene's crew was infected with some sort of deadly virus. Upon learning that only the crew who were present on the last mission were effected, Doctor Delacroix started calling the disease 'Arogosmosis' after the evil entity the Athene encountered on it's last mission. The onset of the disease was slow, so Captain Simms ordered the Athene to hold it's position in the Guishy System and watch for a warp flight originating from the fourth planet in the system.

It was while holding the position, that the Athene was contacted by large, oval, warp Ship entering the system. The race on board the ship called themselves the Mitans. The aliens bodies were incredibly thin. Thier heads were flat and smooth, and bent down perpendicular to thier bodies. They possesed dark pink skin, beady eyes, and tiny mouths.

The Mitan Ships commander, Bortra Gar, informed Simms that they were just observing. He refused any friendly contact that was offered. Shortly thereafter, a Matter-Antimatter missile launched from the fourth planet in the Guishy System and destroyed the Mitan Ship. The Mitan vessel plummeted into the planet's atmosphere and crashed into the ocean. Meanwhile, communications intercepted from the planet indicated there were two warring factions on the planet. Apparently, their war had been expanded to include the Mitans. Preliminary reports that the planet was a peaceful one were proved to be false.

It was at this point that the ship's new CSO, Jack Stone, arrived via D-Warp shuttle. Upon his arrival, Captain Simms was overcome by the disease which was still running rampant on the Athene and taken to sickbay. There he joined the CSciO, Hanara, who had succumbed to the disease earlier.

As Captain Simms was being attended to by the medical staff, a second Mitan ship entered the system. It's Commander, Mesak Ru, accused Commander Carters of destroying it's "sister ship" and initiated an attack. The Athene's sensors devulged that the Mitan's were no threat to the Federation ship. This was the case as the battle began, but then the Mitan vessel fired with a weapon never encountered before. The Athene was struck with a blast from a "Anti Energy Reificator", or Anti Phasor. The Athene's shields were of no use against the weapon. Facing certain destruction, Commander Carters surrendered the Athene to the Mitans.

Meanwhile in sickbay, Hanara's condition seemed to improve. The improvement was accredited to her superior Boslic fortitude.

The Athene's crew, specifically Hanara, Hi'Wee, and Stone were able to modify the ship's shield (By charging it with Anti Protons) to work against the Mitan weapons. This modification allowed the Athene to defeat the Mitans and get them to talk. Hanara was able to provide the Mitans with a video feed showing them how thier "sister ship" had actually been destroyed.

Meanwhile, a delicate DNA transformation cured Captain Simms of the 'Arogosmosis'. After his success, Doctor Delacroix went about curing all members of the Athene's crew.

After waking, Simms invited the now friendly Mitans to talk with him on the Athene. The Mitans accepted his offer and before long a Mitan contingent including Keem Oda, the highest ranking Mitan, and Mesak Ru, the commander of the Mitan ship the Athene had defeated, were aboard the Athene. During this meeting, Simms learned that several Mitan ships were on the planet, now known to be called Osra. Some of the ships had crashed on the planet, and others had been given to the Osrans as presents. The inhabitants of the planet, were using those ships to learn about Warp technology. In fact, they had used a Mitan weapon to destroy the Mesak Ru's sister ship.

While negotiations with the Mitans were taking place, a dreadful accident ocurred. Doctor Delacroix was attempting to cure Hanara of Arogosmosis. Due to her extreme fortitude, Hanara had waited to be the last person cured. The proceedure, which included a transporter operation, went out of control. Somehow, Hanara was accidentally transported to Mesak Ru's Mitan vessel. Within seconds, the virus coursing through her veins infected the entire Mitan vessel. All Mitans on the ship were dead within minutes.

The Mitans visiting the Athene took the news rather well. In fact, Keem Oda somehow blamed Mesak Ru for the incident. Only Mesak Ru was infuriated. He quickly activated a personal transporter and transported back to his ship, where he planned to kill Hanara for her actions. Due to the Mitan ships shields, the Athene was unable to transport Hanara back. Keem Oda informed Captain Simms that only Mesak Ru's sister ship, which was currently laying at the bottom of Osra's ocean, was capable of transporting people through Mesak Ru's shields.

Meanwhile, an Osran military team which discovered the wrecked Mitan ship at the bottom of the ocean, managed to transport up to Mesak Ru's ship. They arrived shortly after Hanara killed Mesak Ru in hand to hand combat. Taking Hanara by surprise, they managed to take her hostage.

Keem Oda returned to his own ship, giving Captain Simms 15 minutes to find a way to resue Hanara. He explained that he would have to destroy Mesak Ru's ship rather than let it fall into the Osran's hands.

Simms sent an away team consisting of Carters, Hanara, and Stone down to the wrecked Mitan ship. From there, the away team was able to transport to Mesak Ru's ship and rescue Hanara, just before the ship was destroyed by Keem Oda.

Captain Simms has made the decision not to make contact with the inhabitants of Osra, as none survived who had knowledge of the Federation. He does feel that an alliance with the technologically advanced Mitans would be productive and has offered to escort a Mitan Ambassador back to Starbase Omega after the situation with the Klingons has been resolved. It is only a matter of time before the Osrans master warp travel. Captain Simms feels that thier war like nature and lack of understanding of the technology they have received will make them very dangerous in the future.

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