Negdren Sector

The Negdren Sector is the home to Outpost 721 also known as Cocoon 1 in the Nedrex System.


Systems within the Negdren Sector

Negdren System

The USS Curie encounters the Kenarv within this system. It consisted of a strange nebula cloud engulfing a Class M planet. [2]

Nedrex System

General Information
There are three asteroid belts within this system. All the asteroids contain a measurable amount of duranium, which is also used in the construction of space vessels.

The USS Newton received a distress call from eight Juun vessels within the Nedrex System, some 14 lightyears across the boarder of the Juun Union. It responded but found only the debris of 17 vessels, however, four dozen hot energy signals were located within the asteroid belt. The Juun vessels had been lured into a well-set trap. It was recommended for the United Federation of Planets to construct an outpost within this system to take the pressure off of the Juun militia and serve as a supply post for expeditions further into unexplored space. [1]

Outpost 721 / Cocoon 1
It was recommended that Outpost 721, also known as Cocoon 1 be constructed within the second asteroid belt of the Nedrex System, as the Na-Chem pirates were thought to be hiding out within the first belt. Its function was described as protecting the Juun space lines between the Negdren System and the Andepax System from the Na-Chem, and to act as a bridge for deeper exploration of the Cocoon.

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