Mission Suppliment

Mission Suppliment was a mission carried out by the USS Heracles, NCC-92001, between stardates 9.0609 and 9.0819.

Mission summary

The Heracles, as part of Squadron shuffling was transferred to the new Condor Squadron, based at Deep Space 101. While en route to their new base, the Heracles crew received urgent message from Lieutenant <jg> Platt, acting CO of DS101. The message stated that a small fleet of Dergrad Rebels were approaching the Station and the Heracles was needed urgently as support.

Although CEO Lt. Robert Berdel was on LOA at the time, Lt Stark Springs was able to rig the warp engines to make maximum speed to DS101.

Once there, as senior officer on scene, Captain Davies took command of the 'fleet,' including the temporary transfer of Cmdr Mogh Ryan (Heracles FO) to DS101 as acting CO of that location. Davies allowed Curie CO Cmdr Zahn Z'Dark to make contact with the Dergrad rebel commander, since he had had dealings with that person before.

Cmdr Z'Dark learned that the rebel fleet wanted political asylum and protection from the Dergrad government, or they intended to attack the station. While StarFleet could not approve their request openly without starting war with the Dergrad government, Cmdr Z'Dark proposed a plan that would make it appear that the Dergrad rebels had been destroyed in an attack on DS101, while they would actually be taken into asylum. The plan was successful and the soon-arrived Dergrad Military vessels bought the trick. No further incidents occurred that involved the Heracles.

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