Mission Summaries

A mission summary is compiled at the end of each mission conducted by a Starfleet unit operating in the Cocoon.

Deep Space 101

SD. 09.0901-09.1027: Hidden in the Depths
SD. 09.1028-09.1206: The Mystery Man
SD. 09.1207-09.1222: Shortages
SD. 09.1223-09.1230: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
SD. 10.0102-10.0201: A Romulan Murder Mystery and More...
SD. 10.0202-10.0608: Death and Gratitude
SD. 10.0609-1X.XXXX: The Keeper
SD. 12.0525-12.0814: The Hetgarot Summit
SD. 12.0602-12.1019: The End?
SD. 12.1020-13.0225: Friends after All
SD. 14.0310-14.0714: Under the Cover of Winter
SD. 17.0413-17.1224: The Outer Rim

USS Athene

SD. 08.0211-08.0810: Alien Encounter of the Closest Kind
SD. 08.0807-08.1214: DreamTime
SD. 09.0520-10.0108: Illegal Smuggling
SD. 10.0226-10.XXXX: New Worlds, New Civilizations

USS Clark

SD. 09.0824-09.1031: Prelude to War

USS Fenris

SD. 07.0301-07.0613: Ogano Nebula
SD. 07.0613-07.0912: Risa Abductions
SD. 07.0913-08.0109: Separate Ways

USS Heracles

SD. 08.0210-08.0502: Shadow Pirates
SD. 08.0210-09.0608: The Romulans, The Shadows, The Maquis and Us
SD. 09.0609-09.0819: Mission Suppliment
SD. 09.0820-09.0925: The Vurtedion

USS Horizon

SD. 09.0824-09.1211: Conspiracies and Genocide
SD. 09.1218-10.0313: Unveiling the Holack
SD. 10.0314-10.0517: Extensive repairs at SB Omega
SD. 10.0518-10.0801: Against All Odds
SD. 10.0801-11.01XX: Mission of Mercy?
SD. 11.0212-11.0530: Fire and Ice
SD. 11.0601-11.0801: Where Loyalties Lie
SD. 11.0821-11.1010: Vagra III
SD. 11.1013-12.0214: Juun Mysteries
SD. 12.0525-12.0814: The Hetgarot Summit
SD. 12.0821-12.1104: Hope and Despair
SD. 12.1202-13.0316: Dark Matter
SD. 13.0509-13.0825: Found: One Stardrive Section, Slightly Used
SD. 13.0826-13.1014: Pursuit of Happiness
SD. 13.1102-14.0302: Head Games
SD. 14.0302-14.0812: Gateway to Success
SD. 14.0908-15.0306: Joye Nova
SD. 15.0428-16.0220: Horizon Squared
SD. 16.0411-16.1206: Death of a Lady
SD. 16.1206-17.0411: Waving the Flag
SD. 17.0411-17.0626: The Screaming Planet
SD. 17.0717-17.0925: Ultimatum
SD. 17.0925-18.0331: L'Orizzonte
SD. 18.0506-18.1104: When Giants Once Ruled

USS Loki

SD. 09.0824-09.0928: Deios II
SD. 09.0929-09.1208: Hamas

USS Nightingale

SD. 13.0307-13.0518: Trial of a Betazoid
SD. 14.0310-14.0714: Under the Cover of Winter

USS Nova

SD. 06.0324-06.0510: Supporting the USS Olympic
SD. 06.0510-06.0620: Sirius VI Plague
SD. 06.0620-06.0711: Extensive ship repairs and shore leave
SD. 06.0711-06.1201: Magna Roma and the Cloaking Device
SD. 06.1201-07.0301: Elterapi and Laramie Bros.

USS Phoenix

SD. 08.XXXX-08.1015: Missing Signals
SD. 08.XXXX-09.0220: Sabotage & Deceptions...

USS Xerxes

SD. 09.0824-09.1031: Prelude to War

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