Michael Carter

Basic Data

NAME: Michael Samuel 'Sam' Carter
RANK: Lieutenant Commander
POSITION: Chief Medical Officer, USS DEMORA-SULU
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
WEIGHT: 180 lb
PLACE of BIRTH: Chicago, USA, Earth
AGE: 39


Brown hair, short all over. Blue eyes, normally light, seem to darken at will. Many small scars on his hands and forearms from traditional Klingon weapons. Usually clean shaven, however has been known to 'forget' for a day or two, this normally happens if working on something challenging.

Personal Data

HOBBIES/SKILLS : Carter is a beginning student of the use of Klingon bladed weapons and three years of mok'bara and about a year of tal'shaya.
Enjoys early 20-22st century movies, books. Likes to sit and people watch.


MOTHER : Patricia Carter, M.D.
FATHER : Joseph Carter, M.D.
SPOUSE : Ex-wife, Sherri
CHILDREN : Brandon, 13

Personality Profile

Michael has the appearance of an easygoing man, but underneath the surface, if angered, he is not the person you'd like to be in the same room with. He seemed to lose focus when his wife (now ex-wife) took his son away, claiming that his son Brandon would be better off with her in a more stable 'dirt-bound' environment. He sees his son when he can get leave, and makes sure he sends him a message every day, just to say hi if nothing else. Since his son became a teenager, Michael seems to have a much better relationship with Brandon. At times when he is with his son, there is laughter most of the time.

Michael does wish that he could cultivate the same easy friendship with his shipmates. He does tend to try to inject a little humor (some would say very little) into whatever situation he's in. Friendships with women however, are rare as he feels he's been burned quite enough and closely guards his true feelings. Tends to read quite a lot, and he reads actual books, not padds.

Service Record

Stardate Event
2399 Enters SF Academy
03.0615 Graduates SFA
03.0808 Enters Starfleet Medical Academy
07.0503 Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy
07.0503 Assigned to Starbase Montgomery as Ensign
10.0319 Assigned to USS , Lt.(jg)
13.0701 Promoted to Lieutenant
14.0721 Assigned to the USS Valley Forge NCC- 43305
15.0412 Assigned additional duties as Medical Officer aboard USS Valley Forge
16.0910 Awarded Legion of Honor
17.0317 Promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Valley Forge
17.0429 Took Starfleet Command Grade/Bridge Officer Test (Passed)
18.1010 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (in theCoC), USS Valley Forge
20.0117 Took leave of absence from the 'Forge (personal/medical issues)
21.0901 Assigned to the USS DEMORA-SULU as Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Cmdr.
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