Ma'kauran is the commanding officer(CO) of the Marine Forward Operating Post C2 (Cocoon 2) on Drake IV in the Drake System.

BIO - General

Name: Ma'kauran
Nickname (used ONLY by close friends): Maka
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Search and Rescue Chief (SAR Chief)
Sex: Female
Service Number: 241700
Height; 5'7"
Weight: 115 lb

Species: Kentren [UNCLASSIFIED]
Age: Unknown, but she counts 35 years
Place of Birth: Unknown
Family: Unknown

Ma'kauran has waist long, perfectly straight, jet black hair without bangs. She usually wears it down but at times of necessity it is tied back and wound into a long tight braid. Her skin is deeply tan and it retains that golden brown color year round. Between her eyes, on her brow line, is a teardrop shaped silver mark. From the tip of the teardrop, which faces upright, flows two silver lines that arch over her eyes and run towards her ears, eventually wrapping around them. Her eyes shine a deep purple color, which are clearly visible from across the room. At the center of the iris is a silver starburst that sparkles and catches the light. She is usually found wearing a long sleeved uniform and rarely is seen in anything with short sleeves. This is due to massive scars that run down her right arm. The palm of her left hand also contains a silver marking… a star.

Ma'kauran is very shy and wary of those trying to befriend her. An abusive relationship during her Starfleet Medical Academy years has sharpened her defenses and put a general distrust of men into the back of her mind. Though once someone proves themselves to her, she is furiously loyal to them and trusts them with her life. Basically Ma'kauran seems to have a pole up her ass. She is a stickler for detail, professionalism, and formality. She is respected but not well liked by many individuals. She never smiles. NEVER, EVER, EVER call her Maka unless she gives you permission first, for it is very informal.

The following individuals have been permitted to call her Maka:
Scarlett Foxx, Paly’n McCuen, Pol Canon, Daniel Stuart, Darr’chuh, and Ro Jarrod


Medical Degree:

Focus on-Hematological Analysis
- Genetic Coding
- Emergency Surgical Procedures
- Pathology and Victim Identification

Medical Programming Skills-
- Cyclic Pattern Buffers
- Emergency Transporters
- Fire Suppression Systems

Marine Rescue Degree:

Focus on-Advanced Rescue
- Extrication Specialist
- Hazardous Materials and Substances Specialist
- Confined Space Specialist
- Rescue Ropes Technician
- Rescue Diving Specialist

Advanced Infiltration SERE School:
- Survival
- Evasion
- Resistance
- Escape


  • 01.0901 : Entered Starfleet Academy
  • 05.0901 : Graduated Starfleet Academy as an Ensign with a Medical specialty
  • 05.1001 : Entered Marine Academy
  • 09.1101 : Graduated the Marine Academy with honors as a Rifleman with specialties in Search and Rescue
  • 09.1120 : Assigned to Starbase Olympus as Second Lieutenant with the Marine Search and Rescue Division
  • 10.0623 : Promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant for the rescue of the Talionian Ambassador's ship
  • 11.1224 : Transferred back to Starfleet
  • 11.1224 : Assigned to the USS DESTINY, a STARCHILD-class, as a Cadet Instructor
  • 12.0315 : USS DESTINY Cadet Simulation Program malfunctions killing several cadets
  • 12.0813 : Transferred to the USS NIGHTINGALE as head of Search and Rescue operations
  • 13.0518 : Awarded Silver Nebula Award by Cmdr Canon, Commanding Officer, USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 15.0211 : Awarded Distinguished Service Medal by Capt. Canon, CO, USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 15.0211 : Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 15.0211 : SAR Department officially created on the USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 19.0619 : Began Advanced Infiltration SERE School at the Barai VI Observation Post in the Irimada Sector
  • 19.0915 : Completed Advanced Infiltration SERE School and returned to USS NIGHTINGALE
  • 20.0312 : LOA from Starfleet and recalled to Active Duty as a Marine Major
  • 20.0312 : Entire SAR Department reassigned as the Rapid Response Unit for the USS OLYMPUS MONS
  • 20.0525 : Reassigned as First Officer, USS OLYMPUS-MONS, maintains both ranks simultaneously (Marine – Major; Starfleet – LtCmdr)
  • 21.0222 : Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by Fleet Admiral Tergin, Cocoon Fleet
  • 21.0507 : Established Cocoon 2 (C2), Marine Forward Operating Post with Civilian Colony
  • 21.0925 : Transferred to SB Omega Intensive Care Unit
  • 22.1227 : Reinstated to Light Active Duty, full reinstatement by recommendation of command CMO


Ma'kauran was found as a child in a stasis chamber upon a damaged probe found adrift in space by the USS KRATIS. The probe was of an unknown alien species and is still under investigation with all information concerning it classified. Ma'kauran was found sealed in a cyrofreeze stasis chamber with the markings of what is thought to be her name inscribed on the surface. All other attempts at deciphering the inscriptions have failed. As a child of the laboratory, she grew up among the scientists and researchers that were attempting to study her. Her exact age and date of birth are unknown, but she goes by the amount of years she existed after being removed from the stasis chamber, which is 33.

When she was young she demonstrated an ability to heal herself rapidly when she tripped and fell, breaking her left arm. Ma'kauran's body is able to repair and regenerate itself to a degree on its own. When she was 12 (12 years after being removed from stasis) a scandal erupted within the laboratory that she called home. There had been several break-ins and numerous security breaches. Dominion operatives broke into the lab and attempted to abduct the small girl. Ma'kauran hid while the operatives destroyed the lab and killed all the scientists, in search of her. Luckily they never found her, but in anger they burnt the lab down. The fire trapped the small girl and almost killed her, but rescue teams found her just in time.

[MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [With severe burns all over her body, she began the long road to recovery. Her ability to heal herself amazed the rescuers and her body completely healed itself within a matter of weeks instead of months or even years, except for her right arm which bears the scars of that fire from her shoulder blade to her wrist. This is why she never wears short sleeves.]

The mentality of the rescuers who risked life and limb in order to save one life intrigued Ma'kauran and she applied to Starfleet Academy in Medicine.

During her years at the Academy, Ma'kauran excelled in her studies, though she was teased endlessly by her peers about her completely unknown past. Graduating seventh in her class, Ma'kauran won a sponsorship into the Marine Academy. She graduated from there with top honors as was assigned to Starbase Olympus as a Second Lieutenant-Marine Search and Rescue with a medical specialty. She was promoted to First Lieutenant after assisting with the recovery of the Talionian Ambassador's ship, which had been struck by several meteors and crashed into a nearby planet.

Commander Ashet Williams recommended Ma'kauran to return to Starfleet for active duty yet still remain on the Marine books. After two long years stuck on an outpost, Maka decided to return to the Fleet and was assigned to the Cocoon. She completed Command Grade Testing (CGT) on SB OMEGA and was given the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant.

She served aboard the USS DESTINY, a Starchild class ship, as a cadet instructor. She advised both medical and science cadets throughout her tenure as an instructor. On SD: 12.0315 a Cadet Simulation Program was found to contain a virus which dangerously changed the parameters of the program. The program malfunctioned causing several cadets and the ship’s First Officer to be killed. The rest barely made it out alive. An inquiry into the event resulted in the majority of Senior Academy Instructors being reassigned. [MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION: BETA] [After the incident, Ma’kauran was diagnosed with severe depression. It was also noted at this time that nightmare’s plaguing the lieutenant began to get worse.]

On SD: 12.0813 Lt. Ma’kauran was transferred to the USS NIGHTINGALE to coordinate a Search and Rescue Team and evaluate the need for a full department onboard the medical ship. The USS NIGHTINGALE was christened at SB OMEGA and set out for its maiden voyage. [MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION: BETA] [It was during this time that one such nightmare caused a mental outburst that overwhelmed every PSI on the ship. Lt<Cmdr> Marcol Narai was able to reach into her mind to shut off her consciousness and disabled her dream center. Ma’kauran has not had the nightmare since this time. This incident was never fully resolved.]

On SD: 13.0127 Lieutenant Commander Canon was on trial for the death of a Romulan by the name of Selnan. Ma’kauran and First Officer Daniel Stuart carried out a covert operation on board the Romulan ship TIRIX. There they uncovered a treacherous plot to disgrace Canon. Selnan, herself, was also found aboard the TIRIX very much alive. Her exposure caused all charges to be dropped against Canon. Ma’kauran received the Silver Nebula for her actions on SD 13.0518. It is during this mission that Ma’kauran and Paly’n become close friends. He even taught her several tricks of the trade, as well as gave her a covert operations pack as a gift. [SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [This pack contains all the substances for use to the Bodyslide, a highly dangerous and secret technology, as well as several other custom devices designed by the legendary Borahhas himself.]

On SD: 14.0923 while on an away team mission to Qun, Ma’kauran, and the rest of the team, were forced through bioscanners. Ma’kauran unique physiology caused the scanners to not be able to detect her. The Qun insisted on a search of the SAR lieutenant, however FO Daniel Stuart stepped in and refused. The team was kidnapped, but subsequently escaped. What they didn’t know was that Alexandria Thayer had been replaced with a Qun agent called 216. 216 was a Gen Shifting Infiltrator; a new type of soldier able to mimic most humanoid individuals. Once back aboard the ‘gale, 216 was discovered and forcibly taken into custody. Ma’kauran and Stuart lead two missions to recover what was stolen from them; Lt.<jg> Thayer and [SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [the Bodyslide technology]. Ma’kauran was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander for her actions on SD 15.0211.

On SD: 18.0522 the Frian vessel STARBIRD was destroyed by an unknown enemy vessel just off the port of the NIGHTINGALE. This was the second Frian vessel to be damaged in such a fashion as the SILVER SWAN lost containment leading to multiple hull breaches. Unlike the SILVER SWAN which had multitudes of survivors, the STARBIRD was completely destroyed with all hands onboard. Up until this point negotiations with the Frians under Ber Comyal and Ber Dorgan were floundering and heading nowhere. The Search-and-Rescue teams recovered and identified the fragmented remains and helped to provide a much needed act of goodwill that jumpstarted negotiation between the two parties once again.

On SD: 19.0619 Ma'kauran was offered the chance to complete an Advanced Infiltration SERE school offered with the Marine Detachment at the Barai VI Observation Post in the Irimada Sector. During this intensive three month course, Ma'kauran was replaced as the Chief of the Search-and-Rescue Department onboard the USS NIGHTINGALE by Lt<jg> Darr'chuh. Upon successful completion of the school, Ma'kauran returned to the USS NIGHTINGALE to retake control of her department.

With her new training completed, and the assignment of the USS NIGHTINGALE, a medical response vessel, to patrol the Telmarc Neutral Zone, Starfleet Command felt that the presence of a Marine Rescue team would be better suited as part of the Deep Cocoon Exploration effort. The presence of a Marine Barracks and Command Center within the proposed settlement as well as a rapid response team within the sector would be highly beneficial to both the exploring Starfleet Vessels and the sector at large. Lt<Cmdr> Ma'kauran was tasked with providing such a response team aboard the USS OLYMPUS MONS while a similar team was dispatched to the USS DEMORA SULU. To provide Ma'kauran and her team with the most flexibility to accomplish her mission, she has been given a Leave-of-Absence from Starfleet and recalled to Active Duty within the Marine ranks. Her rank has subsequently been converted to that of Major as of SD: 20.0312.

Due to additional shortages of personnel throughout the Cocoon Fleet, Ma'kauran's Starfleet rank was reinstated and on SD 20.0525, she was reassigned as First Officer of the USS OLYMPUS-MONS. Shortly thereafter, the OLYMPUS-MONS was caught in the shock wave of a planet exceeding it's Roche Limit. This explosion created a subspace anomaly referred to as a TimeEater's Web. This anomaly crossed both spatial dimensions and time servings as a portal for a race of invaders, the TimeEaters, to enter into our reality. The invaders were pushed back, but it has been suggested that only cooperation of several time lines allowed for this success to occur. Temporal Investigations will not comment on this event, though on SD 20.2008 Ma’kauran learned that in one of the possible future timelines that she and Lt<jg> Reeko Blackadder were married.

Ma’kauran mentore Lieutenant Ro Jarrod in CGT during a rescue to recover Marine Corporal Allison Mason being held hostage by Starfleet Intel Rouge Morand, who had previously plagued the fleet in all sorts of nasty endeavors to sell secrets to the highest bidder. Over this experience as well as additional occurances onboard the USS OLYMPUS-MONs, Maka grew to respect Jarrod, and at his graduation from CGT, she shared with him all known information about the [SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [Bodyslide technology as well as provided to him all necessary schematics and materials necessary for Ro Jarrod to replicate the technology and for him to ultimately control it].

On SD 21.0222 Ma’kauran was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by Fleet Admiral Tergin and ordered to establish and take control of a Marine Forward Operating Post supporting a civilian colony. On SD 21.0507 Cocoon 2 (C2), was officially established, with Lt.Col Ma’kauran serving as the Marine Commanding Officer.

On SD 21.0925 Lt.Col Ma’kauran was transported from Cocoon 2 back to SB Omega in a comatose state to be treated within the Medical Dome’s Intensive Care Unit. She was transported by traditional warp as to not cause further damage, and finally arrived back at SB Omega on SD 21.1118 to begin treatment. . [MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION: BETA] [The Lt.Col remained in a coma for nearly seven months with a biomedical devise of unknown origin, found to be implanted within her spine at the base of her neck, being the only instrument keeping her alive at various points.] In time it was discovered that the cause of the sudden illness was due to two species of nanites created by an ancient civilization on Drake IV, the current location for the newest Marine Forward Operating Post and Federation Colony, Cocoon 2.



  • SD 87.0213 : Was removed from stasis after being found on a drifting damaged alien probe
  • SD 99.1124 : Trapped in laboratory as it burnt, found by rescuers in critical condition
  • SD 12.0813 : Diagnosed with severe depression
  • SD 12.0813 : Nightmares getting worse
  • SD 12.0824 : Nightmare causes Mental Outburst. Overwhelms all PSIs on ship.
  • SD 12.0826 : Marcol Narai shuts off consciousness and disables her dream center
  • SD 13.0524 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 14.0520 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 15.0614 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 16.0602 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 17.0430 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 18.0522 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD 19.0517 : Reports no Nightmares
  • SD20.0515 : While being treated for Triolic Wave Psychosis a Biomechanical Implant was discovered surgically attached to her spine. Unknown Function.
  • SD 21.0925 : Transported to SB Omega Intensive Care Unit in comatose state
  • SD 21.1118 : Arrived back at SB Omega due to avoidance of D-Warp travel
  • SD 22. 0625 : Revived from medically induced coma, speech and motor deficiencies noted
  • SD 22.0628 : Reports return of Nightmares, to be continuously monitored
  • SD 22.1221 : Significant gains in motor control and speech patterns, additional rehab recommended
  • SD 22.1227 : Reinstated to Light Active Duty, full reinstatement by recommendation of command CMO

[MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] Access: Paly’n McCuen, Pol Canon, Daniel Stuart, William Patton, Reetaw'agah, and current CMO USS COCHRANE

  • [Scars on right arm] [Compiled by CMO Paly’n McCuen]

[(‘Gale 467): She exhaled slowly and the equipment began to work. As it did, Paly'n talked. "Off the top of my head, I think that maybe your body's regenerative factor may be working against you. It's being held in check by something, and that may be the real problem. You may have another ailment that prevents the healing from occurring because the ability is needed elsewhere in your body." He paused and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "It may even be psychological in nature."]

[(‘Gale 488) "When your healing factor kicks in, there is a type of template that it follows in order to repair the damage. Imagine," he said as he picked up a piece of clay that had been shaped to look like an arm, "that your healing factor is a sculptor. Damage occurs." He slowly carved a deep gash into the clay. "Unlike other physiologies that repair at a slower rate, your physiology needs this template in order to make the repairs. So here's our template." He held up a photo of a smooth, unmarred arm. "The sculptor uses the photo to guide the repair and make sure that it's accurate." He smoothed away the gash
in the clay arm, and it was once again whole. "Follow? Okay, new injury. A nasty burn. Okay, let's repair…wait. Where's my template? Something happened to make me lose my template. I don't remember
what the original looked like now, so what do I do?" He picked up a small photographic device and printed out a photo of the scarred arm. He held it out to Maka, who blinked in understanding. "Make a new template," she said in wonderment. Paly'n nodded. "Make a new template. Something shocked your system around the time that you received that burn. That shock caused your regenerative abilities to forget what your arm needed in order to repair itself completely, so it started from scratch and now assumes that your arm *is* complete. That's why all the other medical attempts to reconstruct the damage have been unsuccessful. Your body considers the medical reconstruction to, in fact, be damage itself, and it takes the necessary measures to reset itself to what it believes to be square one." ]

  • [Biomedical Implant] [Compiled by CMO Reetaw’agah]

[(Olympus-Mons 100 ) “… a biomechanical device was implanted deep within her spine at the base of her neck. Ma'kauran had no memory of any implant being placed, and even more unnerving was the fact that it seemed that it had been there for nearly 30 years. The tissue and blood vessels run up to and in some cases practically through the device. The only thing that Reetaw'agah had been able to tell her about the implant was that it was producing some sort of chemical and releasing it into her bloodstream. More tests would have to be done to discover exactly what type of chemical it was releasing and what effect it had on her physiology.”]


There is only one known Kentren in existence. This is Major Ma'kauran of the Starfleet Marines. Location of a home planet is unknown as well as in which quadrant of the galaxy it may be found. This species seems to be characterized with an increased biological regenerative feature as well as distinctive markings upon the brow. No language or culture is available as Ma'kauran has no memory prior to her revival onboard the USS KRATIS.

[STARFLEET CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] Access: Pol Canon, Daniel Stuart, Paly’n McCuen, Darion Greymaukin, Darr’chuh, and current CO USS COCHRANE.

[The following was learned about Ma’kauran’s past through a meeting with Alsan of Narnia, a holodeck program used by Captain Pol Canon.]

[Planet: Kentra’alus]

[Ma’kauran is a Kentren. The eyes and the brow mark her as a Kentren, a Path Mender. It seems in the translation of the markings on the probe that found her, what was assumed to be her name was in fact her title. The silver star in the palm of her left hand also is a mark of that title. She is a Ma’kentren. The name Ma’kauran is very close and is probably due to a translation issue. Ma’kentren literally means “The Seed of Kentren.” ]

[According to Aslan: “To be seeded you were given a chance. Only those who are fully Kentren have the marking on the palm, and only they are the seeds. It is a pedigree to be proud of and one not to take lightly. There are very few Ma’kentren left and you have a great destiny to fulfill.”]


[SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [BODYSLIDE TECHNOLOGY] Access: Pol Canon, Daniel Stuart, Paly’n McCuen,, Rick Rescola and current CSO USS COCHRANE.

[The device had been discovered in an alternate reality at some point; not created or invented. The specs had been memories from that other reality. Its effects could be replicated on an advanced holodeck by one who had the complete specs. It is uncertain if one existed in this reality other than the one that Paly’n McCuen had recreated on the USS NIGHTINGALE’s holodeck.]

[The device had no official name. It had been studied extensively, but only its results and operation were understood. The device was a transporter of alien design, and it was notable in two ways. First, any living being who used it had to be injected with a specially prepared hypo that prevented a strange tendency of discorporation by saturating the transportee with a zinc and saline solution. Even more strangely, the injection became unnecessary after numerous transports. Second, the transporter could transport its user through shields at any level, distortions, dampning field, or cloaking device, and the transportee would be unseen by any sensors. Even so, only the most experienced operatives avoided a few days of debilitating sickness after using the device.]

[The equipment replicated within the holodeck requires an attendant to man a computer console kept separate from the USS NIGHTINGALE’s onboard computer. Incoming and outgoing messages could be sent using a toothtap designed by CMO Paly’n McCuen.]

[The Bodyslide zinc/saline sliding solution is carried exclusively by Paly’n McCuen, Ma’kauran, and Ro Jarrod.]

RELATIONSHIPS (with various RPG Characters)

  • 1. Scarlett Foxx:

Scarlett is Ma’kauran’s best friend. They are inseparable when stationed together. Scarlett loves to be the center of attention and she often tries to drag Ma’kauran into it as well. Scarlett loves to play the piano and sing in the lounge for all who want to listen. She thinks Ma’kauran has the sweetest and most pure voice she has ever heard and continuously tries to get Ma’kauran to sing. Maka usually heads her off at the bar and looks for a drink that would kill her voice. Ma’kauran has been known to drink beverages that leave her unable to speak for days at a time…

  • 2. Marcol Narai:

Marcol Narai is in love with Ma’kauran but she wants nothing to do with him. This section is best left to the words of Marcol himself.

(‘Gale 40) Marcol was entranced the moment he caught sight of her. The golden skin, strikingly radiant as framed by hair that fell with the majesty of a waterfall and the grace of a tiger. There was a glint of naive wisdom and impenetrable vulnerability flashing from the supernova in her eyes, and the aura of quiet confidence and deep longing drew him like a… damn. All the magnificent metaphor streaming through his three minds and he was so twitterpated he ended up with that hacked moth/flame line!

(‘Gale 44) Marcol gazed at her, wonderingly, softly. She was so amazingly perfect in her flaws. He could sense her flaws, of course. The scars she would never show him, the unique origin that kept her separate, the deep apathy and despair behind her magnificent eyes - all these things were reasons why he already adored her. Her beauty, her kindness, her intelligence - these were the things that made it difficult. For even as he understood her now, he could love her intimately, but it was those aspects that made him want to love her interminably that made it impossible. He could be her friend, be close to her, help her, and he would. However, he would end up falling hopelessly in love with her as well.

  • 3. Paly’n McCuen

Paly’n is one of Ma’kauran’s truest friends. He was the first onboard the USS NIGHTINGALE to earn her loyalty and over the years it has grown. They learn from each other during several covert operational missions. Paly’n was helping her discover the reason her body is maintaining the massive scarring that runs down her right arm when he was transferred off of the USS NIGHTINGALE. He has also given her a covert op pack, which includes a number of interesting toys including [SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: ALPHA] [the saline/zinc solution for the Transport Bodyslide], a hypo full of his memory-wiping elixir, a tube of ointment that would turn into the almighty toothtap device when applied to the back of one's incisors, and inserts to hide her diamond glitzed eyes. He almost exclusively calls her Maka.

(‘Gale 467) Paly'n blinked in surprise. Not just at her name suggestion, but at her smile, alien and unnatural on her features, as beautiful as an unexpected gift from an old friend. He felt privileged to be in its glow, and he realized that he had made a loyal friend. No creature that smiled that way could be anything but.

  • 4. Daniel Stuart

After Paly’n, Stuart is probably Ma’kauran’s closest companion on the USS NIGHTINGALE. She is amazed by how calm Stuart maintains during crisis situations. They have worked together on many missions and have a mutual respect for each other. Ma’kauran is not above playing practical jokes on Stuart. The last involved a drink that slurred Stuart’s speech for several hours.

Ma’kauran had feelings for Stuart once, but never acted on them, and never gave any indication that she thought of him in any other way, but friends. He took command of the USS ELIZABETH-BLACKWELL and left the USS NIGHTINGALE without ever knowing the truth. Ma’kauran thinks of him occasionally, and wonders what could have happened if she ever stopped hiding behind her stony mask of ice and allowed herself be vulnerable to another individual.

  • 5. Ro Jarrod

Jarrod and Maka became friends while working on the USS OLYMPUS-MONS. Ma’kauran served as his advisor and rater for his Command Grade Test, which included allowing him to prep and run a reconnisance mission to recover one of her Marines which had been taken captive by a Starfleet Intel rouge. Eventually she would learn that her Marine (Cpl Allison Mason) and the future FO of the USS DEMORA-SULU were involved. Maka gifted Jarrod with [the Bodyslide Techonology]

  • 6. Thomas Kelen

Kelen wears a bronze eagle on his dress uniform. It is a Marine decoration given to non Marines who serve with them under fire. It isn’t an official award as such, just a badge that states the wearer has been a valued member of a Marine battalion. Ma’kauran had not known anyone to wear one prior to Kelen. During an inquiry Ma’kauran learned that Kelen served with the 21st Beta quadrant, stationed at OP Sigma 5. The base was sacrificed to the Romulans including all the Marines stationed there in the name of peace by Starfleet Intelligence. One hundred and fifty Marines died that day. There were only three survivors who were left in a Romulan prison for 12 years and forgotten about. Kelen was one of them… the others? John Nash and Ian McGregor.

Both Ma’kauran and Kelen believe that people should not be measured by how many backsides they can kiss. They should be measured by the work they do and their value to the greater good. If you're not prepared to stand up and be counted, then you shouldn't be here. The pips on your collar have no meaning, only the quality of the work you do.

"To standing on that wall, and never forgetting why you are there."

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